The Best Free Streaming APKs For Movies & TV Shows In 2021

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In this article, we have shortlisted the best free streaming APKs for Android mobiles and Tablets, Android TV based devices like FireStick, Fire Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, Firestick Lite, Mi TV Box, Mi TV Stick, Smart TV with Android TV, and all compatible hardware platforms.

Video Streaming is trending lately and people are paying subscriptions to keep up with their favorite movies and TV Shows. But not everyone can afford extra bills to have some fun. 

Don’t panic… completely free alternatives are also available. Keep your bank account warm and start using some of the best streaming applications today and for free.

With these apps for Android, there is always something for everyone. Loads of movies and TV Shows are at your fingertips. Just install the app and start having fun. 

Most of these free streaming APKs are not available in the official Play Store for copyright issues. And most of them do not host or produce any media content. They are like search engines for movies and TV Shows. They use scrapers to fetch high-quality links from the hosting websites.

A great deal of  streaming APKs are currently available over the internet. However, many third-party applications have been taken down for copyright issues. Hence, it has become a very tedious job to select the best Streaming app for your Android devices.

Therefore,this page is regularly updated to reflect changes and show the top current best working streaming apps that generate playable streams.

The best free streaming APKs in 2021

These apps have been tested and seem to work seamlessly on all Android devices. Go ahead, pick your streaming APK and enjoy your favorite Movies and TV Shows without wasting a cent.

1 – Cinema HD APK


Thanks to Cinema HD you can access a huge collection of movies and TV series, both classics and premieres. You only need to access the app, select the subtitles that you want to show during the playback and explore the catalog that allows you to browse through the best movies and the latest episodes of your favorites series.

The app comes along with a well-designed user interface and different options that go way beyond simply playing videos. We’re talking about the possibility to filter the search results according to different criteria, create favorites lists and even download contents to watch them offline. 

2 – Cyberflix TV APK


This streaming app works similarly to other Android applications of the same style. In other words, you can access and explore its entire catalog that incorporates hundreds of movies, including premieres, and the best TV series. You can do so by flicking through the contents, receiving suggestions from the app, resorting to the categories structure or simply carrying out a manual search.

Furthermore, you won’t need to download a multimedia player of the likes of VLC or MX Player as it offers us the option to play the hosted contents by means of ExoPlayer. For such a purpose, you simply have to select it as the default player.

3 – Tea TV APK


Tea TV is one of the most popular free streaming APKs with which you can enjoy an amazing collection of Movies and TV Shows right on your android device be it a mobile phone, an Android TV, or an Android TV box.

pick up any movies, TV shows, TV series, and live TV channels from the app’s collection to start having fun with. And most importantly, you can enjoy all of its services for absolutely free.

4 – Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time for Android smartphones and tablets offers us access to a wide range of free movies and series that can be played in high-quality format

Popcorn provides a service through torrent connections that download the video to a temporary folder, which means you can start watching a movie or episode whilst the rest of the video finishes downloading.

If you install this APK on your mobile phone or tablet, you’ll be able to access a well-cared interface, perfectly organized to allow you to browse through all the contents offered.

5 – Media Lounge APK


Media Lounge APK is one of the most popular Android applications that allows you to watch the latest Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV channels for free.

If you are looking for the best android application to enjoy your favorite movies, TV Show episodes, live TV channels, or Sports channels all in one place and at no cost, just pull over, because Media Lounge can offer you that. 

Besides Movies and TV Shows, Media Lounge offers sections for you to watch Live TV Channels, Sports channels grouped in a separate category, and also adult content which has a parental lock to keep the kids safe from viewing such content…

6 – Flixoid APK


Flixoid APK is a new-born streaming application for Android devices with which you can watch thousands of movies and TV Shows for free and without ads.

Since the shut down of the legendary Terrarium TV, many alternative applications have made their way to the net, and most recently Flixoid has appeared as one of the most reliable option.

Carrying a huge database of movies and TV shows, Flixoid APK has rapidly risen in ranks as far as third-party streaming applications are concerned. CineHub carries old titles, popular titles, as well as the latest titles in movies and TV shows.

7 – Movie Box Plus


Movie box plus APK aka PLay box APK is a new comer to the list of streaming APKs that allow you to watch a wide range of old and new Movies and TV Shows for free on Android all at HD quality.

Movie Box plus application is frequently updated and new content is constantly added. You can watch high-quality resolution videos, connect to an external media player, and binge-watch your favorite movie or TV series that you have been waiting for.

Another bounty from Movie Box PLus app is its support for external premium services like Real-Debrid, All-Debrid, premuimize, and Trakt.

Integrating a premuim account will get you loads of high-quality links including torrent links which will help you get a zero buffering experience.

8 – Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV is an application to stream online series free on your Android or download movies to watch them offline whenever you want

If you’re a series fan, you’ll surely be interested in Typhoon TV, as it comes along with a huge catalog of contents: here you’ll find the best TV shows at present and also classics that are now part of the history of television.

You’ll simply have to explore its catalog or carry out specific searches using its search engine which allows us to look for keywords or search by means of the tags used by Typhoon TV to sort all its contents.

9 – NovaTV


Nova TV APK is an application for watching movies and TV shows for free on Android. It offers an extensive catalog of new releases with all kinds of titles

Here you will find all content divided into two main categories: TV shows and movies. You will be able to access them whenever you want and play them on the in-built player or on external players like VLC or MX Player.

10 – AstonCine APK


AstonCine APK is one of the newest and the best Android applications that allows you to watch the latest Movies and TV Shows ad-free. 

If you are looking for the best android application to enjoy your favorite movie or TV Show episodes for free and without ads, just pull over, because AstonCine can offer you that. 

The AstonCine application is frequently updated and new content is constantly added. You can watch high-quality resolution videos, connect to an external media player, and binge-watch your favorite movie or TV series that you have been waiting for.

11 – Morpheus TV APK

Morpheus TV APK has a huge collection of Movies that you can easily navigate, stream and download very high quality without any buffering issues and simple interface. Categories include Trending, Popular, Gernres, and My Movies

Besides Movies Morpheus TV app offers an amazing range of TV Shows with the following categories: Trending Shows, My TV Shows, Popular Shows, and Genres.

Another great feature of the Morpheus TV is the ability to integrate an external player – thought the app comes with a decent built-in player – with great options like VLC and MX Player.

12 – Stremio

Stremio is the application you need on your Android device to watch movies, series, YouTube videos and TV channels via streaming.

After a long wait, the official Stremio application has finally arrived on Android. Over the last few years, this platform to watch movies, series and YouTube channels from the same place has become popular for being one of the best ways of enjoying our favorite media contents from a computer, whether Windows, Mac or Linux, from this moment we can also bring that experience to our smartphone or tablet and even on an android TV device. 

Find out more about stremio

13 – VivaTV

VivaTV is an application to watch free series and movies with HD quality, which supports integrated playback with subtitles when these are available

In VivaTV, you will find an extensive and updated collection of movies and television series that you can watch on your Android device or send via mirroring to other larger screens, such as that of a SmartTV. 

This app’s content is divided into two main categories, movies and series. There is also a third one that groups HD quality content that has been included in the catalog. 

14 – CatMouse

CatMouse APK is a third-party streaming application for Android that brings to you tons of Movies and TV Shows from every genre and every country in the world. This application has been around for quite some time and keeps evolving to offer the best video and audio quality without any subscription fee or annoying ads.

CatMouse APK features a very simple and easy to navigate user interface introducing two main sections of media content which are Movies & TV Shows. Each section contains multiple categories for you to pick what to watch.

15 – Cinehub

CineHub APK has earned a great reputation as one of the oldest and the most popular streaming applications in the market. Cinehub has a massive collection of content sourcing from your favourite apps like Netflix and amazon prime video.

Carrying a huge database of movies and TV shows, CineHub APK has rapidly risen in ranks as far as third-party streaming applications are concerned. CineHub carries old titles, popular titles, as well as the latest titles in movies and TV shows.

16 – FilmPlus

There are many streaming APKs out there, but Filmplus still lure a huge user base thanks to the unique features it has

Filmplus APK is an amazing streaming application with a huge collection of Movies and TV Shows that you can watch for free on Android phones, Android TVs and Amazon Firesticks.

FilmPlus is a relived version of the legendary TerrariumTV with new link scraping technology. Which mean FilmPlus is capable of pulling bunch of links for Movies and TV Shows, both normal and Real-debrid links.

17 – Syncler

With the shutdown of the famous TVZion, many users found themselves in the pursuit of a decent replacement. Luckily, Syncler did not take long to surge and fill the gap.

To be able to use Syncler, users must install provider packages. These are like addons for Kodi and Stremio or bundles for the Rokkr app.

The good news is that Syncler can work on any Android device (Lollipop+), and that includes Android TVs (Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Android TV boxes), phones & tablets.

18 – Rokkr TV app

Rokkr TV is a newborn streaming application available for all supports ANDROID, WINDOWS, IOS, MACOS and LINUX.

With the Rokkr app you can stream free movies, TV Shows, and Live TV Channels from many countries.

To be able to use the Rokkr app, you will need to set up addons. Yes, just like Kodi, Stremio, or Syncler this app needs addons to pull content from.

Note that this app is available in the Google Play Store. So, if you own any Android or Android TV-based device you can download the Rokkr app directly to your device.

19 – Cuco TV 

Cuco TV APK is one of the newest and the best free streaming APKs that allows you to watch the latest Movies and TV Shows ad-free. 

The Cuco TV application is frequently updated and new content is constantly added. You can watch high-quality resolution videos, connect to an external media player, and binge-watch your favorite movie or TV series that you have been waiting for.

The first thing to notice is a clean User Interface, super-easy to navigate where the content suggestions are based on your recently watched movies or TV Shows and not cluttered with all the recommendations that might not suit your taste. 

Another major hit for the Cuco TV app is the One-Click playback. For those who don’t feel comfortable with a long list of links where you have to go through them one by one till you find the best, this app is for you. 

20 – Momix APK

Momix is a new Android app for streaming videos, movies, and TV shows. The application has a small storage footprint as it is a streaming application but you can also choose to download your favorites. It requires an upfront registration and access to your storage before you can enter the application. The registration is clumsy sometimes but once you are logged in, there are no issues after that.

Momix offers categories based on streaming networks, languages, and genre. The application’s layout is super convenient to choose from trending movies and TV shows. Momix provides you with the option to browse what different streaming services it has to offer and also allows sorting by genre. The search function is super detailed and allows you to refine your search by filtering release years, category and more relevant filters.

There are four sections, namely Home, Movies, Series, and My list. My list is a section where you can mark your favorites to watch later. Just click the favorite icon and the movie or series will be added to your list. When you click on a title, you get the description and its playback time among other useful details. The video playback is decent and is capped at 720 HD resolution. There is no option for 1080 pixels playback as it is a free application that charges nothing for the content.

The application is safe to install and doesn’t need any undue permissions. It also has a dedicated reporting feature to lodge your complaint with the application developer.

It is no longer an obligation for you to break your schedule in order to save some time for cinema and entertainment. streaming applications are here to bring every movie and TV show episode to the palm of your hand. With the streaming APKs listed above you can watch movies and TV shows whenever and wherever you want. just download and install any of them and start having fun for free.

As you may know, some streaming apps have shut down for copyright issues like TVzion, Terrarium, and most recently Typhoon TV and CatMouse. this means that finding good free streaming apps can be quite a tedious job. This is why in simturax we keep updating our list of free APKs to include only those that are really working.

If you are using an app that we haven’t listed above, please drop a little hint in the comment box so that everybody knows.

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