Top 3 Of The Best Online Storage Service Providers In 2020


The 3 offers that we will present you below are all available in free version so that you can test and compare them by yourself.

With photos easily reaching 10 MB on the latest smartphones, the need for cloud storage is growing by the day. While it’s possible to store photos and videos on your device’s storage space (or on an external hard drive), more and more people are opting for online storage. Online storage is also known as the “Cloud”.

Why is online storage so appealing? Who’s the best online storage provider in 2020? We’ll try to shed some light on these issues in this article by introducing 3 providers that really stand out from the crowd.

Best online storage service (in 2020) :

·        pCloud.

·        Google Drive.

·        OneDrive.

·        Dropbox.

·        Mega.

·        Box.

·        Apple iCloud.

Below, we will go into details about the Top 3 of these best online storage tools.

Top 3 of the best online storage services

There are a lot of providers that

offer online storage. Dropbox, pCloud, Mega, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Sync, Amazon Cloud… Here, our goal is not to make a presentation of each of the offers, but to present you the 3 best cloud storage in our comparison. We have tested them all to keep only the elite.

The 3 offers that we will present you below are all available in free version so that you can test and compare them by yourself. You can then freely subscribe to a paid offer if you want more flexibility. You can cancel it at any time.

Please note that the 3 online storage tools below meet the following criteria:

·        A free offer (from 5 to 15GB)

·        Good transfer speeds

·        A synchronization on the different devices

·        Reliable and secure online storage

·        Compatibility for computer, tablet and mobile

·        Quick and easy sharing features

·        Paid offers with at least 2TB of storage

Without further ado, check out our comparison of the best cloud storage in 2020.

pCloud: 10 GB free and lifetime offers

The best online storage at the moment is none other than pCloud. Much less well known than some of the leading cloud storage services, this provider was founded in 2013 and has grown at an impressive rate thanks to its quality offering.



pCloudcombines excellent throughput with cutting-edge security so your online files are never at risk. Their offering was further improved a few months ago with the addition of data centers (servers) in Europe, not just in the US.

This change further strengthens our opinion of pCloud and really justifies its position as the best online storage in our 2020 comparison. Thanks to its servers in Europe, pCloud is able to offer even better speeds for downloading and uploading your files even faster. We have to admit that 3 years ago, the big criticism that could still be made of the provider was its slowness. Now it’s just a bad memory and you can easily upload and download your files.

If pCloud is our favorite online storage service in 2020, it’s also because it offers a complete free offer that integrates all its key features. With 10 GB with no time limit, you’ll be able to fully test its service and judge for yourself. In a smart way, pCloud allows you to automatically import files from other cloud services, such as Google Drive or Dropxbox, to name just two.

Once convinced and if you need more storage space, its lifetime offers are very attractive.

Indeed, the very principle of online storage is to store files (photos, videos, music, documents, …) on the long term. Might as well make a direct commitment over a very long period of time rather than paying annually for 20 years. In any case, a 10-day warranty is available if you want to get a refund after your purchase.

Google Drive: 15 GB free, annual offers (from 20€ / year)

World-renowned Google Drive fully deserves its second place in our ranking of the best online storage in 2020. With a free offer of 15 GB, it allows anyone to try its service with no commitment and no time limit. All you need is a Google, Youtube, Gmail or other account to access Google Drive and access your files online.


The Google Drive interface is not our favorite, but it allows you to store and share files quite easily with family and friends. In fact, you have already had to use this service when you were working together on a Google Doc or Sheet with colleagues in the office. Please note that if other Drive users are sharing documents you have access to, your 15 GB quota will not be counted: only the files stored on your space will be counted.

Please be aware that your emails on your Gmail account can quickly take up space, especially if you have large file attachments. Remember to delete them regularly to free up unused space. You can easily sort your emails by size to see which ones are the largest.

Why is Google Drive not (in our opinion) the best online storage service? In addition to its lower security than pCloud, it can be criticized for its rather high pricing if you are going to switch to a paid offer. Indeed, it goes without saying that you won’t stay for years with 15GB of storage. As soon as you put your photos on the Cloud, your space will fill up quickly.

When the time comes to switch to a paid offer, you’re quickly cooled down by Google’s “One” rates – yes, when you pay, you go from “Drive” to “One”. For 2TB of storage, you’ll have to pay €100 per year. Compared to €350 for the 99 years formula at pCloud, there’s really no picture.

Apart from this high price, Google Drive remains an excellent online storage service that we can only recommend if you are not happy with the pCloud offer.

OneDrive: 5 GB free, annual offers (from €24 / year)

In this comparison of the best online storage

services, we also wanted to introduce you to OneDrivefrom Microsoft, which caught our attention. This provider offers a free 5GB package that allows you to quickly get to grips with the service and see whether or not it will satisfy you.


Compared to the other two providers, we can immediately point out the interface which (to our taste) is less pleasant. We can see right away that this service is really dedicated (in a first place) to Windows users with a “Windows-friendly” interface. If you’ve always been used to Windows, then you’ll be able to enjoy the user experience, but we were unsettled when we first got used to it.

With the free offer, you will unfortunately be quite limited in terms of functionalities, which we think is a shame since it doesn’t necessarily make users want to go for the premium offer. By way of comparison, pCloud gives access to all the features, even with the free offer. The same goes for Google Drive (with a few rare exceptions).

Like the other online storage providers in our comparison, OneDrive has paid offers that will allow you to store more and unlock more features.

Their most relevant offer is the Microsoft 365 Family which, in addition to offering 6TB of storage, includes Office Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint. If you need further proof that OneDrive is developed by Microsoft, you are served! This subscription will cost you 99€ / year, a very reasonable price for 6TB of shared storage.


If you want the best online storage of the year, choose pCloud. In addition to having a great lifetime offer for only €350 with 2TB of storage, it offers excellent transfer speeds and a very good level of security.

You will be able to test it without any risk thanks to its free 10GB offer that gives you access to almost all its features. You will also be able to take advantage of its 10-day money back guarantee to get a refund if you are not satisfied with your payment.

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