This guide rounds up every kodi adult addon worth knowing about. The best Kodi adult addons to install on the media center and watch porn on your mobile, tablet, computer or even a Smart TV big screen.

Adult industry has seen a lot of changes in the last decades. The days of flipping through magazines under a bed or the VHS tapes with poor lighting are gone. These days you can stream and download all the pornography you want, usually for free and in HD. The industry has fully embraced new technologies that have transformed the way that content is delivered. It has changed the way that people around the world view content. This is true across a wide range of industries. The adult industry is no exception to this.

Like porn? Sure you do. What if there were porn addons for kodi that let you watch the best adult content in any location?

There are currently a host of outstanding kodi adult addons that are available for today’s adult and porn content fans. These addons are making the process of watching porn a more enjoyable one than ever before. Adult content fans can enjoy this ease of access because of the many great adult kodi addons on the market.

There are many adult addons for kodi currently available for users, but it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. You want to find a go-to addon that you can rely on, but you are unsure which ones are truly the best and offer the most unique types of content. The good news is that this guide is here to help. It has put together a list of the top adult kodi addons. These addons can help to make your porn and adult content viewing experience better than ever.

The best kodi adult addons

There are lots of great options when it comes to kodi adult addons, but with so many it’s hard to know where to start. Use this list as your guide.

1 – VideoDevil addon


When compiling our list of the best adult kodi addons, VideoDevil addon was one that instantly stood out. One of the notable things about VideoDevil is the fact that it is dedicated to the realm of adult content. It is easy to install and then begin to use VideoDevil. Once you get going with this addon, you will be able to use it for watching a variety of types of adult content. It is a collection of a great number of adult websites where you can find there short videos, long scenes, adult Movies, and even live webcam videos.

The fact that VideoDevil allows users to access a variety of fun and entertaining adult content is a major factor behind its popularity. This app’s massive popularity with fans of adult content also stems from the fact that it is free to install and free to use.

This additional factor, along with the quality of the content that is available has helped to make VideoDevil one of our can’t miss picks for the best adult addons that are currently available in 2022. The massive number of regularly VideoDevil users helps to demonstrate what a popular adult addon it really is.

This is how you install VideoDevil addon

2 – Cumination addon


Cumination addon is a monster in the industry. It represents a collection of porn websites that range from RedTube to Tube8 and even YouPorn. With such a large library of content, you’d expect the addon to be pretty decent. Thankfully, it is. It features endless sections of content, the ability to view multiple categories at once, and it even has live cam categories like chaturbate. Most sections under the cumination banner have their own porn categories as well. Any one of them is worth checking out.

This is how you install Cumination addon

3 – addon

kodi-adult-addons addon is one of the most legendary porn and adult content addons for kodi. Countless users enjoy the wealth of adult content that has to offer daily. Located in the Diamond builds Repository, addon allows you to stream tons of adult content from a site that aggregates videos from the best online adult content using the users’ votes as a deciding factor.

With these points made, it is not really a huge surprise that also offers a quality adult addon that is considered to be one of the best on this list. This convenient addon makes it possible for porn fans to easily access the massive library of content that is available through multiple platforms.

This how you install addon

4 – Empflix addon


Empflix addon is the next entry on our list of the best adult kodi addons of 2022. There really is a lot to love about this addon and it starts with quality content. Users who install Empflix addon gain access to a massive library of adult content that includes HD quality video, live webcam models, adult comics, and other adult options.

This adult kodi addon works a lot like movie kodi addons or sports kodi addons. It looks for adult movies across the web and streams them in one single place. The boasts a decent catalog, decent streaming quality, and no restrictions. Longer form adult movies take a while to build up, but there are some decent titles.

This how you install Empflix addon

5 – XXX-O-DUS addon


XXX-O-DUS addon is a free adult addon for viewing a wide range of adult movies. One of the factors that make XXX-O-DUS one of the best kodi adult addons currently available is its ability to look for porn videos in a chosen category across the entirety of the net and then allow the user to view them. the addon is noted for having good streaming quality and being an excellent choice for those that want to be able to find a wide variety of different porn sites and to do so quickly.

The main screen displays a huge list of categories for adult content. Just pick up a category, find a movie, and start watching. Once you decide what to watch, the XXX-O-DUS addon scrapes many websites like,,, and to bring you hundreds of thoughts of good-quality adult videos. Features of this add-on include history monitoring, favorites, downloadable videos, parental control, and more.

This is how you install XXX-O-DUS addon

6 – FapZone addon


FapZone adult addon for kodi, from the Stream Army repository, has made quite a name for itself. It has become the go-to addon for viewing hot and steamy adult content for many fans around the globe. The huge archive of adult movies that are featured on the FapZone addon is truly impressive and a major factor behind its inclusion as one of our picks for the best kodi adult addons.

Adult content lovers enjoy the fact that it is so easy to search for the content that they are looking for on the FapZone addon. Users of the app can search by category or they can simply browse at their leisure when seeking the stimulating adult content that they desire.

Please note that this addon needs a PIN code to get access to. You can get this PIN by visiting this URL: every four hours. You will find the necessary steps to do that in this guide.

This is how you install FapZone addon

7 – Jizz Planet addon


Jizz Planet is a kodi adult addon that allows its users to access adult videos that are updated daily. It is a collection of a great number of adult websites where you can find there short videos, long scenes, adult Movies, and even live webcam videos.

This addon is located in the Crew Repository is now one of the best adult addons. The latest version of Jizz Planet addon is fully compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix. While Jizz Planet addon aggregates adult content from famous porn websites around the web, the amount and the quality of content available is truly amazing.

If you love porn up to 4k quality from many sources and categories, then you are going to be happy with what Jizz Planet adult addon is offering. It is an addon that is notable for being usable. This is a major reason behind why it is the kodi adult addon of choice for so many porn fans.

This how you install Jizz Planet addon


This wraps up the list of the best kodi adult addons. We hope this list will prove to be helpful to you as you continue to expand on the ways that you enjoy adult content. Using these addons makes it easier than ever before to enjoy hot porn and adult content wherever you are.

Just remember, If you are under the legal age in your country, please leave this is not for you. Other than that, please do have a lot of fun enjoying these outstanding kodi adult addons!