How to Install and Use Rokkr TV App on Android TV

Rokkr TV app is a new born streaming application that seems to be a facsimile of the Watched app not only because it works with the same bundle URLs but also in terms of design, layout, and features

Rokkr TV app is available for all supports ANDROID, WINDOWS, IOS, MACOS and LINUX which makes it even more interesting.

With Rokkr app you can stream free movies, TV Shows, and Live TV Channels from many countries.

For the free Rokkr streaming software, you need so-called bundle URLs in order to be able to access films and series from various providers. Yes, just like Kodi, Stremio, or Syncler this app needs addons to pull content from. We will show you where you can get the URL code for Rokkr and how you can use it.

What is a bundle url?

The Bundle URL or MediaURL contains information about streaming content that can be played via the Rokkr app. These can be films and series from media libraries or streaming services. After the installation, however, no such URL is entered in Rokkr; the user must do this manually.

The official Bundle URL or MediaURL is: – alternatively, you can use . However, the contents are identical in both cases.

  • Mediathek Bundle – The package enables access to films, series, documentaries and other content from German media libraries. Here you can also watch the live program and ARD, 3sat and Co.
  • TED Bundle – The package mainly contains documentation and entertainment programs in English.
  • WATCHUP Bundle – Bundles films and series from paid providers such as Amazon Prime Video , Netflix or Disney +. However, the following applies here: The content cannot be used free of charge via Rokkr, so you still need a subscription to the respective streaming service.

Note that this app is available in the Google Play Store. So, if you own any Android or Android TV-based device you can download the Rokkr app directly to your device.

To get the application you just have to click on the link below and choose your operating system:

Download Rokkr


Install and set up Rokkr TV app on Android TV

Say that the Rokkr app is available in the official Play Store, you can directly download it to your device.

Or you can download the APK file from here

Another option is also valid, Download and transfer the APK file from your mobile to your Android TV device

Now open the Play Store, use the search bar, and type Rokkr

Install and Open the app


How to use the bundle url in Rokkr TV app

Hundreds of films and series can be streamed via Rokkr , but the software can not be used directly after installation . To do this, you must first enter a so-called Bundle URL or MediaURL. The procedure is identical on all platforms:

Start the Rokkr app.

Switch to the Manager area .

Enter the desired MediaURL in the field provided. The official URL is

You will now see a list of all bundles that are assigned to the URL. Click the bundles to add them to Rokkr.

The films and series contained in the bundles can now be accessed at any time via the Rokkr dashboard.

Watch free content on Rokk TV app

In addition to the official URL , other bundle URLs for Rokkr can be found on the Internet. However, caution is advised when using them. The most reliable bundles for Rokkr TV app that offer an amazing range of free Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV Channels from all over the world are: or

Use one of the bundles above – the https://  is very important don’t omit it. Then hit the button BROWSE


Wait a few seconds, for the app to fetch content from the bundle you provided.

The interface is now full of content, Live TV Channels, Movies, and TV Shows.

The Rokkr app provides the most popular and up-to-date TV Shows.


You find also the most popular and up to date Movies


More importantly, a huge number of Live TV Channels from many countries


Live Channels are categorized by county, to select channels from a specific country, head up to the arrowin the top right corner like in the image below and select a country from the list.


You can also use the search bar to find any content you want. Just type and submit a query, you will get results from different categories of content.

For example, we tried the word FOX, and we got every possible result related to FOX in Live Channels, movies, and TV Shows


In the Manager tab in the left side menu, you can manage sources, bundles, and addons


That was all about downloading, installing, and using the Rokkr app. Now you have full and unlimited access to watch your favorite movies and series for free.

So Rokkr TV is the twin of Watched without any doubt. The question that arises now: will it remain free or suffer the same fate as watched? to be confirmed.

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