How To Install Cyberflix TV APK On Android TV [Movies & TV Shows]

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CyberFlix TV APK is one of the best streaming applications that allows users to watch all kinds of Movies and TV Shows ad-free on Android, Firestick & Windows PC.

Cyberflix TV is a free online movies and TV shows streaming application which has one of the biggest collection of HD Movies and TV shows. Using Cyberflix, you can stream any movie, TV shows, anime, etc for free anytime.

This app comes with an intuitive UI that makes it super easy to use even on Firestick. Cyberflix TV also comes with multilingual subtitle support. Other than that, Cyberflix TV helps you get fast and reliable links for smooth streaming, buffer-free streaming.

After the shut down of many great streaming applications which used to provide great quality content such as Terrarium TV, TVZion, and most recently ShowBox, Typhoon TV and CatMouse, users started looking for alternatives. Many options can be found on the net, but finding long term working streaming APKs has become a tedious job. Cyberflix can be a solution for those looking for a sustained streaming media app with advanced search function and Ad-free content.

Cyberflix TV APK features

There are hundreds of streaming applications around the web that you can install for free, but Cyberflix TV Cyberflix APK is one of the most usable streaming apps with millions of users thanks to the unique features it has. Below we have highlighted only some of its stunning qualities. When using the app, you will find a lot more.

  • Trending Video Content

CyberFlix TV is always updated with new content on a regular basis. So it means you can watch every latest and trending TV shows related to a different concept like thrill, animated, horror, etc. This platform also comes up with a trending section in its menu bar which shows you all the trending movie or show of that time period.

  • User-friendly UI / UX

Another great feature of this streaming platform is a user-friendly interface. As we all know we don’t like to use applications which come up with the complicated interface that’s why CyberFlix is user friendly, great design with easy navigation and simple interface.

  • Multiple Languages Support

CyberFlix TV has a multi-language subtitles options. Which means you can watch any movie or TV show with different subtitles like Spanish, French, English and many more.

  • Save Videos Offline

With CyberFlix TV APK you can download any movie or TV show in offline mode so you can easily watch it later even without having an internet connection.

  • No Subscription

Most of the people can’t offer money in this pandemic of the novel corona. Cyberflix comes without a subscription and doesn’t require signup

  • Android TV Support

Don’t you have a Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or any other subscription on your Android TV? Then Install Cyberflix TV on Android TV and enjoy its content.

Other amazing features:

  • Real Debrid integration makes Cyberflix TV a better application to stream media contents. Real Debrid is a paid service that provides premium sources to watch movies in HD content (Sometimes 4K).
  • Integrated with Trakt.TV so that you can keep track of the episodes or movies which you already watched. You can also make your own Watch List.
  • Video Quality: Cyberflix TV has very good quality 1080p, 720p, 360p also have 4K videos.
  • Ad-Free Environment: One of the best features is Cyberflix is ad-free, it does not have any single ad.
  • Multiple Links Available for Different Server: Cyberflix has good amount of links from different servers.
  • Cyberflix TV supports many Video Players such as CyberPlay, ExoPlayer, MX Player and VLC Player.
  • Filter out Non-English TV shows and movies
  • Cyberflix TV also has an option to show only HD links while filtering the CAM version links.
  • Movies and TV shows notification so that you should get an update when new movie or TV show added to Cyberflix TV comes in many major languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, French, even in Hindi. There are many other languages as well.
  • You can even change the language of Synopsis.
  • Cyberflix TV has TV calendar where you can find out upcoming TV shows Episodes.


Download CyberFlix TV APK

Say that CyberFlix TV APK is a third-party application means that it cannot be downloaded from an official Store like Google Play Store or Amazon Store. To be able to use CyberFlix TV you need to sideload the APK file of the app to your Android device. You can download the APK file of CyberFlix from the official website of the app:

 Besides direct downloads, there are several ways that you can use to sideload APK files to your Android TV Devices. In this guide we are using the Downloader app method, but you can still use your mobile to download and transfer any APK you want.

How to install CyberFlix TV APK on Android TV. 

This guide accompanied by screenshots will show how to install CyberFlix TV APK on an Android TV device. The process can apply to all devices sharing the same Android TV OS.

The process will take you through three steps

  • First, we will install the Downloader app from the play store
  • Second, we will enable installation from unknown sources for the Downloader app
  • Finally, we will find, download and install the APK file

If the first two steps are already done for you, then skip directly to the third one

For this guide, we are going to go through the Downloader app methode to directly sideload CyberFlix TV APK.

Install Downloader app

The first thing you need to do is to install Downloader app, a powerful browser and file manager specifically designed for android TV based devices, and this is the element that interests us the most, since we will use it to download any apk on the net.

Say that Downloader is available in the official play store , so you can download it directly to your device

Open Play store, search Downloader, then install and open the application


Once launched it will ask you to grant permission to access local storage. Since this is a file manager, it will need that permission to function. Just press Allow


Most importantly, you will have to activate the browser option for this app. To do so, a plug-in must be installed. In the search box type the following address: browser.aftvnews.coma press GO


Wait for the download to finish then press Install.


When the installation process is over, press Done.


Here you should select Delete to get rid of the installation package and free storage space.


Next, confirm deletion


That’s it, your browser is now ready to use. just go to the search box, type an address or query to start surfing the net. And this is exactly how we are going to find and install apks on Mi TV Stick device.

Enable Installation from unknown sources

The most interesting apps for Mi TV Stick are found in third-party sources. So, the first thing you have to do is enable installation from unknown sources . If not already done, just follow these steps:

On the main screen, click  on the  System Settings” Icon.


Select Device Preferences


Go to Security and restrictions

Enter Unknown sources option


Allow Downloader app to install from unknown sources


Install Cyberflix TV apk on Android TV

After having enabled installation from unknown sources, your device can now install any app you want from outside the official Play Store.

Once downloader app is ready to use, all you have to do is click on the Browser option and use the web browser to download any application in APK format.

To install Cyberflix TV apk, one of the greatest destinations for you to enjoy a limitless number of movies and TV shows, follow the steps below:

Launch Downloader app and in the search box and type the download page link of the official website then press GO

Click the Download button

Once the file downloaded, Press Install


Since it is a third-party app, a warning from Play Protect pops-up just Install anyway


Now click Done to go back to the previous screen


Delete the installation package


Confirm deletion


That’s it, you can now use your Cyberflix TV app.

Go back to home screen, in the app drawer, find and open your app normally


Enjoy the huge library of movies and TV Shows  


You won’t need to download a multimedia player of the likes of VLC or MX Player as it offers you the option to play the hosted content by means of the already built-in ExoPlayer. For such purpose, you simply have to select it as the default player.


Congratulation, you have just installed Cyberflix TV, which is one of the best applications for watching movies and TV shows on Mi TV Stick or any other android TV device.

With the guide above, you can install any apk in just a few minutes. You can then integrate Real-debrid and to enhance your streaming experience.

However, always make sure your VPN is connected , to avoid copyright infringement issues.


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