How To Watch Free Movies And TV Shows With Stremio?

There are hundreds of ways to access movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, searching for content is sometimes difficult. Solving this dilemma is where Stremio comes in. Available for Android, iOS, MAC, Windows and Linux, the free service allows you to find and watch video content on your local hard drive and online, all in one place.

What is Stremio?

Stremio is your intuitive and easy-to-use video streaming platform where you can access all your video content and sources. You will no longer have to visit one site or application to watch movies, another for your TV shows. It’s an all-in-one platform where all your different video streams are provided.

Stremio for Android

After a long wait, the official Stremio application has finally arrived on Android. Over the last few years, this platform to watch movies, series, and YouTube channels from the same place, has become popular for being one of the best ways of enjoying our favorite audiovisual contents from a computer, whether Windows, Mac, or Linux, from this moment we can also bring that experience to our smartphone or tablet.

Therefore, it’s the ultimate application to enjoy as much as we’re capable of watching, centralized on the same spot: our phone. Whether that most recent episode of Game of Thrones, Jennifer Lawrence’s latest movies, sport TV channels, or the videos of our favorite YouTuber, we’ll find it all in this crossover between Netflix, Popcorn Time and a media center of the likes of Kodi.

How does Stremio work?

Once you’re logged in, you’ll come across the usual tabs of the program where all the contents are organized:

  • Board: the panel where we’ll find recommendations and from where we can resume films and episodes we hadn’t finished watching.
  • Discover: where we can find the best contents at present sorted by movies, series, YouTube, and TV.
  • Library: our personal collection to which we can add all the audiovisual contents we wish to follow.

Just choose what you want to watch and select one of the add-ons available to play it via P2P streaming. There are free add-ons and other official ones that require a paid subscription.


1- Enjoy HD video streaming: With Stremio, you can enjoy all your TV programs, movies, channels, and other videos in HD quality.

2- Play on any device: According to the latest reports, mobile search has become as important as computer search. People are spending more time on their smartphones and tablets watching videos and interacting with their social networks. With Stremio, you can access your streaming videos on your mobile device or even on your TV, including Smart TV, Chromecast and Apple TV. There is an option to select where you want to watch the video.

3- Automatically add subtitles: Stremio’s algorithm will automatically update the subtitles for the videos.

4- Synchronize your personal library
Synchronize your personal library on all devices. Create your favorite collection in Stremio or add videos from your local drive or you can even import them from your social network. The collection can be viewed and enjoyed on any device as you wish.

The Stremio table not only provides you with notifications but also makes suggestions based on your preferences. You can receive notifications for new videos added to your favorite YouTube channels. It can also give you notifications for new episodes of the TV series you are watching. In addition, suggestions are provided for the movies you are most likely to enjoy.

How to use Stremio?

Our first move will be to download and install the application. For Mobile users, the app is available on the Play Store, or just head up to the download page of the official website of the app. Download options are available for all compatible platforms and devices.

Download Stremio APK for Android

If you have tried to install the Stremio app for Android during this past week, you have probably noticed that the app is not listed on the Google Play Store. The app has been temporarily removed, however this doesn’t mean that you can’t get it on an Android device. Just click the Download button below and the latest version of the app right on your Android device

See how to install Stremio on Android TV devices

When you first open the app, it will ask you to share some error reports, for better privacy just press Not now to continue


Now, you need to create an account. You can use your Facebook credentials, otherwise, go with a Gmail account. Click sign up and fill in your credentials



The default Stremio homepage will feature some top Movies and top TV Shows suggestions based on what is trending.


To better populate your Stremio with content you need to add some sources. These sources are simply addons that you need to install.

Go to the main menu, on the bottom of the available options select addons. Yes, just like Kodi, Rokkr and Syncler, this app requires addons to pull content from


A new window will open with a list of all available addons.  Scroll through the list, select the most relevant ones and exclude the ones that seem unnecessary. you can install them by clicking on the Install button. You will be prompted for per



If you already know that you are going to watch a lot of sports programs, a lot of video clips, or a lot of series, select the corresponding category in the left menu. This way you can install all the essential components to search for the content you are interested in later. 

How to add content to library?

Once you have chosen and installed the addons, go to the Stremio homepage, you can browse the content right from the homepage or use the search bar to find specific titles.

Click on the movie or the TV Show you want, a new info page will appear. On the top right corner of the screen click on the library Icon



You can do the same with all the movies, TV Shows, or podcasts you want to add to your library.

How to play free content?

Now that Stremio’s homepage is rich in content and your library is populated all you need is to pick up a program and start watching for free.

Select the View option and if it is a series, choose a season. At this point, a list will appear in the right menu with all the free streams. You will be able to see the format of the file, the size, and the number of people using it.


Stremio is powered by an advanced algorithm that guarantees a high-quality user experience.

With this service, it is no longer necessary to connect to multiple locations to watch movies, videos, live TV shows, TV series, and other streaming videos. Get rid of ads for your YouTube channel videos and enjoy them on all devices. Stremio is your unique solution to enjoy all your video streams.

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