How To Install MovieBox Pro APK On Android TV & Firestick

This guide will show you how to download and install MovieBox Pro APK on all your Android and Android TV-based devices to watch a limitless catalog of Movies and TV Shows.

On Demand Videos and streaming has been trending lately, and video streaming applications have revolutionized the way video content is delivered. Applications like MovieBox Pro are such a life-saving for those who cannot afford a premium Netflix or Prime Video subscription.

Thanks to MovieBox Pro APK, people can access their favorite media content through their Mobiles, Tablets and Smart TVs to stream and download an extensive collection of Movies and TV Shows.

In today’s dynamic world, few people have the luxury to relax at a cinema theater or lay on a couch streaming their favorite Movies or TV Series. Work or studies have taken all the available time you have, leaving only some half an hour during lunch time or on the bus as you go to work, for you to soak in your Mobile screen watching what’s left of your TV show episode. This means that most media is now consumed through mobiles. And with such busy lives, people are in need of equally dynamic Streaming apk for android apps like MovieBox Pro APK that can take the place of old, cumbering streaming services of the past.

What is MovieBox Pro APK?

MovieBox Pro APK is a video streaming service a bit like Netflix or Amazon Prime but it is free . You have a wide range of Movies TV Shows for everyone to enjoy.

The video library offered by MovieBox Pro APK is organized according to categories . All the series and films are in the original versions which is appreciable. You will of course be able to select subtitles in your language of choice.

To be able to explore all the amazing features of this app, you need to register with a Google account. The content is free but restringing is still necessary to use the app.

On the home page, MovieBox Pro exposes Featured Movies and TV Shows. The Menu bar contains sections for Movies and TV Shows. Each section contains numerous subcategories to choose.


MovieBox Pro amazing features

No doubt, numerous streaming options are available all around the internet to download and install on your Android device. And all of them deliver media content. Yet, MovieBox Pro APK is a very reliable option thanks to a set of great features it has some of them are listed below:

  • The latest, greatest titles at your fingertips!

If you are in search of a great free HD movies app, MovieBox Pro APK has got you covered! The first thing you probably look for in an apk for media streaming is the selection of titles! Luckily, this app has put your needs first and aggregated the largest selection of popular movies and TV shows that you can find anywhere online! With this incredible apk you won’t have to worry about being stifled by a limited selection of shows, simply type in the title of virtually anything you want to watch and the app will pull it up for you! That means that whatever new movies your co-workers are talking about at the office can be at your fingertips as soon as your lunch break rolls around.

  • Various Speeds and Qualities

The next thing you might be concerned about when it comes to your streaming service of choice is the speed. Lightning fast streams and downloads are at your fingertips with MovieBox Pro APK, so you’ll never have to worry about that annoying buffering circle popping up in the middle of an intense scene! Additionally, you can select the picture quality that suits you! If you have a decent internet connection or unlimited data you can confidently stream in full 1080p HD! If your device or connection can’t handle 1080p don’t worry, you can still use the 720p.

  • A great selection of languages

Language is something that often gets overlooked, but can make or break a streaming service. What use is having access to all of your favorite shows if you can’t understand what they are saying? MovieBox Pro APK offers shows and movies in a whole host of language dubs or multi-language subtitles. Never miss out on a show because of the language barrier again!

  • Download videos for Offline use

One of the most important things to look for in a free HD movies app is whether or not you will have offline access to the media. While streaming is a great option, there are several reasons why you might want to download a movie for offline viewing. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you might want to download a movie on WiFi, then watch it on the go from your Android device without using up that precious data. Alternatively, you might simply fall in love with a show or movie and want to have access to it at all times! So, whether you are looking for a streaming apk for Android, or a downloading platform for the latest films and TV shows, MovieBox Pro APK is one of the best options on the market!

  • Intuitive layout to help you find your favorite movies!

MovieBox Pro APK features a unique user experience that cannot be compared with anything you’d find out there. Each feature is accessible and can be easily found with its intuitive user interface. The application’s home page features the top rated Movies and TV Shows based on IMDB voters. Users can select what to show on the start page right from the settings, they can turn on notifications to get the latest about their favorite choices. So by using this app, you can get the best-personalized experience. The users can track their favorite shows and movies without facing any difficulty.

  • Compatible with most devices

Whether you are using a smart TV, a Fire Stick or your handheld Android device, MovieBox Pro APK is there to satiate your growing media needs. The app is currently available on iOS.


MovieBox Pro APK is the most convenient way to watch free movies, both online and offline! What are you waiting for? Just take a look at this full list of astounding features if you aren’t already convinced!

  • Support for Android TV and TV Box
  • Fire TV and Fire Stick compatible
  • Clean and Intuitive Interface
  • FULL HD (1080p) and HD (720p) sources
  • Multi-language subtitles
  • Multi-Option Sorting
  • Mark Watched Episodes with One Click
  • Easy Player Switch
  • Fast servers
  • 4K movies
  • New Episode Notification
  • Downloading option to watch Offline
  • Easy to Explore TV Shows’ Seasons
  • Compatible with MX Player and VLC Media Player on PC

Download MovieBox Pro APK

Say that MovieBox Pro cannot be downloaded from the Play Store, you will need to download the APK file from our page to be able to use this app.

Press the download button below and get the latest version of MovieBox Pro APK for all your entertainment needs

How to install MovieBox Pro APK on your Android Mobile

For all the best movies, all you need to do is quickly install MovieBox Pro APK on your Android! Since this is an APK file you will need to download it directly through our link or the official website rather than Google Play Store. It will appear as an “Unknown Source” on your device so the first thing you need to do is allow this type of file on your phone. To do this simply go to: Settings, then Security, then turn on Unknown Sources. This is standard procedure for downloading APKs since they do not come from the Play Store

After you have allowed for unknown downloads, download the file from our link, and look for it in your Downloads folder under Internal Storage.

Once you have located the file, run the installer and you are on your way to watching high quality 4K movies for free! It’s that simple.

How to install MovieBox Pro APK on Android TV. 

This guide accompanied by screenshots will show how to install MovieBox Pro APK on an Android TV device. The process can apply to all devices sharing the same Android TV OS.

The process will take you through three steps:

  • First, we will install the Downloader app from the play store
  • Second, we will enable installation from unknown sources for the Downloader app
  • Finally, we will find, download and install the APK file

If the first two steps are already done for you, then skip directly to the third one

For this guide, we are going to go through the Downloader app method to directly sideload the APK file to you Android TV device, but you can download the APK on your mobile then transfer it to your Android TV to be installed. See how you can do that in this guide.

See also how to sideload an APK file on Android TV

Install the Downloader app

The first thing you need to do is to install the Downloader app, a powerful browser and file manager specifically designed for android TV-based devices, and this is the element that interests us the most since we will use it to download APKs from the net.

Say that Downloader app is available in the official play store, so you can download it directly to your Android TV device.

Open Play Store, search Downloader, then install and open the application


Once launched, it will ask you to grant permission to access local storage. Since this is a file manager, it will need that permission to function. Just press Allow


Most importantly, you will have to activate the browser option for this app. To do so, a plug-in must be installed. In the search box, type the following address: and press GO


Wait for the download to finish then press Install.

When the installation process is over, press Done.


It will take you back to the previous screen, here you should select Delete to remove of the installation package and free storage space.


Again, click Delete


That’s it, your browser is now ready to use. Just go to the search box, type an address or a query to start surfing the net. And this is exactly how we are going to find and install APKs on Android TV devices.

Enable Installation from unknown sources

The most interesting apps for Android TV are found in third-party sources. So, the first thing you have to do is enable installation from unknown sources. If not already done, just follow these steps:

Launch your device and click on the “System Settings” Icon.


Select Device Preferences


Go to Security and restrictions


Enter Unknown sources option


Allow Downloader app to install from unknown sources


Install MovieBox Pro APK

After having enabled installation from unknown sources, your device can now install any application you want from outside the official Play Store.

Once the Downloader app is ready to use, all you have to do is click on the Browser option and use the web browser to download any application in APK format.

To install MovieBox Pro APK, follow the steps below:

Launch Downloader app enter the following address in the search box:


Hit the GO button, it will start downloading the file immediately.


Wait for Download to finish and press install.


Now click Done to go back to the previous screen


Click Delete to remove the installation package and free storage space


Again click Delete


That’s it, MovieBox Pro APK is installed and ready to use.

Go back to the home screen, in the app drawer, find and open your app normally


Since MovieBox Pro APK was sideloaded from outside the Official Play Store, it may not appear in the app drawer like other apps. This is why it is important to use a launcher app that will allow you to find all the installed apps on your device regardless if they come from the Play Store or from some other source. Check our list of the best launcher apps for Android TV.

Otherwise, you can find your NavixSport app following these tedious steps:

Go to Setting Icon>>> Apps >>> See all apps >>> System Apps >>> Scroll down the list of apps and find MovieBox Pro >>>> Click Open

Now that MovieBox Pro is installed on your Android TV, there is still another step that you need to perform in order to use the app. You will need to pair your Android TV app with that of your Mobile.

Once you launch the MovieBox Pro app on Android TV, mainly when trying to play a movie, it will prompt you to enter login code to access the content. The code will be shown on the big screen.


Now, copy the code shown on Android TV MovieBox app

Open MovieBox Pro on your mobile and go to the setting icon on the top right corner of the screen

Scroll down and find login code

Enter the code you copied before in the box and press login

That’s it, you can now use your MovieBox Pro and enjoy it to the fullest.

How to install MovieBox Pro App on Firestick

Since This is an APK file, the installation will not go through the official amazon app store. You will need to sideload the APK to your Firestick device. It is super easy, only few adjustments must be done to the settings to allow installation from third party sources

To install MovieBox Pro APK in your Firestick device, follow the steps explained below:

Go to main menu and open Settings

Then Click On Device

After that choose the Developer Option

Then click on Apps from Unknown Sources

Choose Turn on Option

Visit the home screen and open search option and type “Downloader”

Click on the Downloader App

Click on Download icon

Open the App and Click on “ALLOW

Add the following url in the url box exactly as provided here :


The Download will start and you will have to wait till it finish downloading

Once the installation is finished click on “Install

Then click on Open

Now go back to your home screen and you will see the MovieBox Pro app icon

Open the app and enjoy streaming

A Wrap up of MovieBox Pro APK

If you are the looking for the easiest and most convenient way to watch mobile movies, MovieBox Pro is the way to go! With all of the incredible features of this app coupled with lightning fast speed and installation process, you will never go back to fumbling around with low quality streams online again. Get started today and pick up this fantastic apk for your TV or Android today – great shown and movies await you!

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