How to Install and Set up Syncler App On Android TV

This guide will show you how to Install and set up Syncler App On Android and Android TV devices to watch loads of Movies and TV Shows anytime and anywhere using Provider Packages.

With the shutdown of the famous TVZion, many users found themselves in the pursuit of a decent replacement. Luckily, Syncler did not take long to surge and fill the gap.

At first contact, there is no doubt that Syncler derives so many things from TVZion. Yet, the way it works is quite different in many aspects.

The developers of Syncler made sure their app won’t suffer the fate of TVZion shutdown for copyright claims. Thus, Syncler doesn’t host or provide any content or any scrapers therefore it does not fetch any links. Hence, the chances of going offline like TVZion and other relative applications are null.

To be able to use Syncler, users must install provider packages. These are like addons for Kodi and Stremio or bundles for Rokkr app.

Note: Syncler Provision App is now available for Syncler users. This is an App that gathers all Provider Packages in one place. Follow this link to see how you can install and use Syncler Provider App

The good news is that Syncler can work on any Android device (Lollipop+), and that includes Android TVs (Fire TV, Nvidia Sheild, Android TV boxes), phones & tablets.

Syncler App main features:

Syncler app comes fully packed with so many amazing features that make it a really special streaming platform, some of these features as described on the official website, are listed below:

  • Syncler home

The Syncler home featuring fully user-customizable collection of sections (genres, years, New in HD, etc) each of which scrolls endlessly and expands to a full-screen list when clicked, gives you everything you need at your fingertips.

  • Voice search

Search is now easier than ever with voice search.

  • Seamless Trakt – Trending sections, lists

Syncler seamlessly integrates with to help you pick up where you left.

You can access your personal Trakt collection, watch list, history, lists, liked lists through Syncler’s Trakt browser.

  • Made for Android TV

Don’t you just hate it when you’re browsing your TV and it feels like you are still on your phone at work? Syncler now features a completely separate UI for TV and touch devices.

  • Full Android TV home integration

Now see your favorite lists/content right at Android TV home with Android TV home channel (Android 8+) and Android TV recommendations (Pre-Android 8) support.

  • Made for Debrid

Debrid Suite (Debrid manager, Debrid as cloud, Magnet picker) gives you the freedom to fully manage your Debrid account and stream your content directly from within the app.

  • Cloud cache streaming

Now stream content directly from your Debrid cloud cache with your Debrid subscriptions.

  • AutoPlay & AutoNext

Autoplay: Syncler will auto play the highest quality source (as configured) automatically for you.

AutoNext: Syncler will auto-play the next episode automatically for you even when using an external player.

  • Custom source filtering/sorting

Sort/filter sources by bitrate, resolution, ping time, filesize, quality with Syncler to play the perfect source, every time, automatically.

  • Advanced metadata detection

Now Syncler will report EXACT resolution/bitrate to help you choose the best link. Enough of guessing video quality with file size.


How to download and install Syncler App on Android TV

Say that Syncler is available in the Official Play Store, users with Android devices can download the app directly to their devices.

If for any strange reason, the download from Play Store doesn’t happen, you can still sideload the APK file.

This guide accompanied by screenshots will show how to install Syncler APK on Mi TV stick. The process can apply to all devices sharing the same Android TV OS.


The process will take you through three steps:

  • First, we will install the Downloader app from the play store
  • Second, we will enable installation from unknown sources for the Downloader app
  • Finally, we will find, download and install the APK file

If the first two steps are already done for you, then skip directly to the third one

For this guide, we are going to use go through the Downloader app to directly sideload the Syncler APK on Mi TV Stick, but you can install the APK on your mobile then transfer it to your Android TV device to be installed. See how you can do that in this guide.


Install the Downloader app

The first thing you need to do is to install Downloader, a powerful browser, and file manager specifically designed for android TV-based devices, and this is the element that interests us the most since we will use it to download any APK on the net.

Say that Downloader is available in the official play store, so you can download it directly to your Mi TV Stick.

Open Play Store, search Downloader, then install and open the application


Once launched it will ask you to grant permission to access local storage. Since this is a file manager, it will need that permission to function. Just press Allow


Most importantly, you will have to activate the browser option for this app. To do so, a plug-in must be installed. In the search box, type the following address: a press GO


Wait for the download to finish then press Install.

When the installation process is over, press Done.


It will take you back to the previous screen, here you should select Delete to get rid of the installation package and free storage space.


Next, confirm the deletion


That’s it, your browser is now ready to use. Just go to the search box, type an address, or a query to start surfing the net. And this is exactly how we are going to find and install APKs on Mi TV Stick device.


Enable Installation from unknown sources

The most interesting apps for Mi TV Stick are found in third-party sources. So, the first thing you have to do is enable installation from unknown sources. If not already done, just follow these steps:

Launch Mi TV Stick and click on the “System Settings” Icon.


Select Device Preferences


Go to Security and restrictions


Enter Unknown sources option


Allow Downloader app to install from unknown sources



Install Syncler App

After having enabled installation from unknown sources, your device can now install any app you want from outside the official Play Store.

Once the Downloader app is ready to use, all you have to do is click on the Browser option and use the web browser to download any application in APK format.

To install Syncler APK, one of the greatest destinations for you to enjoy a limitless number of movies and TV Shows, follow the steps below:

Launch Downloader app and in the search box and enter the following address:


Press the Download apk button 


Wait for Download to finish and press install


Now click Done, this will take you back to the Downloader app


Delete the installation package to free storage space


Confirm the deletion


That’s it, Syncler installer is ready.

Go back to the home screen, in the app drawer, find and open the Syncler installer normally


Launch the Syncler installer, Syncler APK will start downloading


Wait for the download to finish, and click OK to grant the necessary permissions


On the next screen, press Allow


Now the app will start exploring file, wait till it is over

Allow Syncler to install from unknown sources like the image below


Click Install


Then Done


 That’s it, you have just installed the Syncler Apk on your Android TV device. Go back to the app drawer, launch the Syncler app and the next move will be to set up some free package providers.



How to Use Syncler APp?

Syncler App does not host any content on its servers. It relies on Provider Packages – Kosmos & Express – to fetch links from around the web so that you can watch media content. Without those packages, Syncler is literally useless. Yes, they are like addons for kodi or URL Bundles for Rokkr.

This guide will show how to install and use the Syncler Provision App to help you get all Syncler provider packages in one place.

Follow the below steps to know how to get started with the Syncler app.


Install Kosmos provider package

As mentioned above, Syncler app doesn’t host any content nor provide any scrapers to fetch links for you. It is up to the user to install provider packages.

So far we are still on the free version of Syncler

First, we will learn how to add a free Kosmos provider package

Launch Syncler and head up to the settings tab on the left side menu ( On android TV press the back button on the remote to access the left side menu)

Open Settingsand find Provider Packages


Select Kosmos


Copy the codeprovided in the popup box


Now visit this link:  from any web browser using your phone, computer or any other device and paste the code from the previous step in the box like the image below, then hit the button Next


On the next page, enter the following package provider URLs, or your own URL if you have any, and click Done


Visite this address for more packages: 


Now go back to Syncler app and click Done


You will see a notification at the very bottom of the screen saying package installed


It will be noted also under the Summary tab


Congrats, you’ve just installed a free package provider. Enjoy

Now, pick up any movie or TV Show episode and click the Play button


You will notice that the app start fetching links using the providers you just integrated



Integrate Real-Debrid In Syncler App

One of the virtues this amazing app comes with is its support for premium services like Real-Debrid, All-Debrid, and Premiumize.

With these services, you can get loads of great-quality links from all over the web with no buffering to disrupt your entertainment.

The following steps will explain how to integrate Real-Debrid in Syncler. The process is quite similar for the other available services.

From the Settings menu, select Accounts


Then choose Real-Debrid


Click (+) add


Copy the codeshown in the popup box


You must enter the given code in your Real-Debrid account to authorize Syncler access. To do this go to this URL, enter the code displayed on Syncler, and click Continue


In case you have not accessed your Real Debrid account, you will be asked to enter your access credentials.

You may want to give a name to this new entry to easily identify it later


If everything goes well, you will see a confirmation message on Syncler indicating that the account was added.

And with this, you will have already configured Real Debrid in Syncler app


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