How To watch Movies & TV Shows On Kodi [2021]

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Kodi addons are a convenient and handy way to watch Movies and TV Shows online for free right from the comfort of your own home.

Together with addons, Kodi has helped transform watching movies and TV shows into a fast, portable, and convenient way to relax and unwind.

This guide will introduce the best Kodi addons that you can use anytime and anywhere to watch the best Movies and TV Shows.

While these Movie addons provide high-quality links, they can be downloaded and installed on various devices as Kodi is compatible with Apple, Windows, Android, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi.

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of Movies and TV addons available for kodi, the ones listed below, although some of them require a premium account like Real-Debrid, cannot be found in the official kodi repository but must be downloaded and installed from third-party sources. We show you in this guide.

Movie Kodi addons work similarly to Movies & TV Shows streaming APKs and Live Sports TV apps, they don’t host any content. They use web scrappers to fetch links from around the web and introduce them in a beautifully designed UI.

I f you are looking for the best Kodi addons for movies and TV Shows, you are in the right place. In this article, after testing a great number of addons, we have put together a list of really working and top quality movie and TV show addons for Kodi. 

All the addons listed below respond to the following criteria:

  • Rich in content
  • Frequently updated
  • User Interface Simplicity
  • Quality links provided
  • Extra services integration

The best Kodi addons for Movies and TV Shows

There is no doubt that Kodi is the best streaming application you can find, so it is ideal if you like to watch movies and TV Shows. Most users tend to try multiple Addons to find the best one. In this list, you can find the best Addons to watch movies and TV Shows on Kodi.


The Oath

The Oath Kodi addon is currently one of the best addons for Movies and TV Shows. This fork of Exodus has been properly updated. It offers a very smooth and simple UI so that Exodus users or even beginners can know exactly where to find their favorite contents. It includes few categories, but this does not mean that it does not include content in abundance.

The Oath has features including Trakt support, multiple scrapper packages, library integration, Orion indexer, and support for premium accounts from Real Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, and others.

This is how you install The Oath

The crew

The Crew Kodi add-on is a so-called all-in-one addon for films, series, sports and live TV in the English original language. Especially the area for sports is very extensive. There are categories for NFL, NBA, UFC, WWE, Formula 1 and much more. The addon offers replays and links to live broadcasts.

This is how you install The Crew


Venom is one of the best addons for movies and TV shows. This fork of Exodus has been around for quite some time and has been performing perfectly.

Venom is a Debrid only Movie and TV Shows addon. It supports premium services like Real-Debrid, All-Debrid, and Premiumize. So, make sure to authorize a Debrid service to be able to use this addon.

This is how you install Venom


DejaVu Again is a Real Debrid add-on that allows you to stream Movies and TV Shows. Yet, free users are not left behind for the addon provides a 1 Click section with free content for Movies and TV Shows and even live sports. With a Real Debrid account, DejaVu Again brings you a good deal of high-quality links including torrents so that your streaming experience is never better.

This is how you install DejaVu

Seren addon

Seren Kodi addon is one of the best video add-ons that focuses on movies and series. It is very similar to Venom since both are from the same creator. The extension requires a Debrid service like Real Debrid and is primarily intended to play so-called “cached torrents”. This allows you to find most films and series in 4K / UHD or 1080p. With these services, you will get quality links and you will be able to download content at the highest speed that your connection supports. However, of these two services, Real Debrid is more recommended.

This is how you install Seren


The Fen Kodi Addon is an extension for video content. The addon uses its own scraper and currently finds a lot of high quality sources. It supports premium services like Real-Debrid, All-Debrid, and Premiumize. So, make sure to authorize a Debrid service to be able to use this addon. Especially in connection with Real Debrid there are many results in 4K / Ultra HD. In addition, the addon is programmed to be lean. Therefore, it also runs quickly on playback devices with weaker hardware.

This is how you install Fen


Asgard is a Kodi all-in-one (AIO) addon. It is a multi-category addon that lets you stream not just movies and TV Shows, but a lot more other content like sports, anime, and documentaries. Asgard works with premium services like Real Debrid and AllDebrid. If you don’t have a subscription to one of those, you can access content in the Non-Debrid Section.

This is how you install Asgard


Morpheus is a new Kodi addon that offers an extensive collection of movie titles ranging from new releases to the more obscure ones. Apart from movies, Morpheus also allows users to watch TV shows, anime, documentaries, and stand-up comedy.There are several sections that you can explore. While Morpheus is a Real Debrid addon, some sections provide free movies, such as the Non-Read Debrid 1 Click Movies.

This is how you install Morpheus

Black Lightning

Black Lightning is a reliable Kodi addon that specializes in movies and TV shows. The addon also has a one-click section with playlists. Black Lightning has now been updated to work with Kodi 19 Matrix. If you want to get the best out of Black Lightning, then you should consider getting a Real Debrid premium account. This will instantly add a ton of premium links with good video quality up to 4K. There is also support for Trakt, so you can link your account.

This is how you install Black Lightning

The Boys

The Boys Kodi Addon is an all-in-one addon that combines the addons Chains, Ghost, Mad Titan and Wasteland into one big one. With The Boys Kodi Addon you can scrape movies and TV shows and have access to several playlists and 1-click content. Besides movies and TV shows there are also several sections for live sports, sports TV and replays. Sports include football (NFL), soccer (international), basketball (NBA), hockey (NHL), combat sports (MMA / UFC), wrestling and more. Plus you have access to a schedule which is being updated daily.

This is how you install The Boys Kodi Addon


The Goto Kodi Addon (stylized as “C:\>Goto”) is a brand-new all-in-one addon for movies, TV shows, live sports and replays, live TV and much more. The addon is working with scrapers for video content and also comes with 1-click and playlist sections. The sports streams section of the GOTO Kodi Addon is nothing but impressive and loaded with live events and replays.

This is how you install GOTO Kodi Addon


ReleaseBB addon features streamss to many movies and TV shows in very high quality like 1080p or even 4K. Unlike other addons ReleaseBB pulls links from the most popular hosting websites on the internet. You need to integrate a Real-Debrid account to be able to use this addon. Check out the link below for more info about ReleaseBB addon and how to set it up on kodi

This is how you install ReleaseBB addon

Maverick addon

Maverick is a great all-around Kodi addon that streams movies, TV shows, sports, live TV, and more. It has been update and seem to work perfectly on kodi 19 matrix. It offers a great combination of free and Debrid links for those with a premium account. Besides, the New Movie Free section has many free 1-Click to play videos that are currently working very well.

This is how you install Maverick addon

Wolf Pack addon

Wolf Pack addon is an All-in-One kodi addon located in < Where the Monsters Live> repository that has been providing good quality streaming links on Kodi 19 Matrix. Wolf Pack addon features a very smooth menu that contains very intresting content sections such as A Woman’s Touch, Midian,  Superman TV,  Labyrinth,  Anime, Movies, TV Shows and more

This is how you install Wolf Pack addon

LooNatics Empire addon

The LooNatic Empire is a new video addon from the LooNatics Asylum repository that offers loads of media content of all types like movies, TV Shows, and live sports. The LooNatics Empire works perfectly on kodi 19 matrix, the latest version of the media center and feaures a very simple user interface.

This is how you install LooNatics Empire addon

M.E.T.V addon

METV is a Kodi video addon that allows you to stream tons of Movies, TV Shows, documentaries, kids shows, and even listening to music. Hosted in the EzzerMacs Wizard Repository, this addon is fully compatible with the latest Kodi version 19 Matrix.

This is how you install METV addon

Q-Continuum addon

The Q-Continuum is a new Kodi 19 Matrix All-In-One add-on located in a few repositories.It has sections for 4K One-Click, One-Click, Movies, TV Shows, Non-Debrid, Documentaries, Kids, Sports, Standup, Networks, Music, Anime, and mcuh more. Besides, the addon offers a non-Debrid sections for free content in case you don’t have a Debrid account

THis is how you install Q-Contimuum addon


Blink is a great kodi addon that allows you to stream high-quality movies and TV shows. This addon has a pretty simple user interface and there’s only a small number of categories. There are sections for Movies, Series, Last Played, Trakt, and News. You can keep track of your streaming history by integrating with Trakt. Blink is Debrid only, and so requires a Real Debrid account to fish you those premium streaming links.

This is how you install Blink addon

Diamond Shadow addon

Diamond Shadow addon is a video addon that allows you to stream tons of Movies and TV Shows. Diamond Shadow is a Real Debrid addon. Yet, free users are not left behind for the addon provides a non-Debrid section with free content. With a Real Debrid account, Diamond Shadow brings you a good deal of high-quality links including torrents. This addon features a very simple interface. Sections on the main screen include content for Movies, TV Shows, Sport Youtube… and more

This is how you install Diamond Shadow addon


The Navyseal Kodi Addon is a great source for video content like movies and TV shows. Inside the sections you find different categories like popular content, new movies and shows, genres, years and many more. As a bonus the addon also comes with a playlist section for 1-click videos. The addon also supports the integration of premium services like Trakt and Debrid.

This how you install NavySeal addon

Aliunde PLus addon

Aliunde PLus addon is an all-in-one kodi that works great for a lot of kinds of media content including movies, TV Shows, music, karaoke, documentaries, fitness, radio, and YouTube. This addon works seamlessly on both kodi 18 leia and 19 matrix. If you are looking for the best choices for you kodi media center, then you should definitely try out Aliunde PLus.

This is how you install Aliunde PLus


The Sealteam6 Kodi Addon from the South Paw Repo is a new addition to your media center for streaming movies and TV shows online with the best video quality possible. Sealteam6 supports Trakt and Real Debrid to allow users to keep track of their Movies and TV Shows and get good quality streams. This addon is based on the famous Exodus layout and works perfectly on Kodi 19 Matrix.

This is how you install SealTeam6

4K addon

As its name imlies, 4K addon allows you to find and stream movies and TV shows on your Kodi media player in 4K quality. The 4K Kodi addon is hosted in the Narcacist’s Wizard Repository and offers various categories for movies, including sections for new movies, alphabetical ordering of movies, movies sorted into years of release, and a wide variety of genres to choose from. To enjoy the 4K addon to the fullest, it is highly recommended to integrate a Debrid account.

This is how you install 4K addon


FREE Kodi Addon offers an extensive catalog of media content like movies, TV shows, documentaries and sports replays mostly wrestling and MMA. Unlike addons that require you to use a service like Real Debrid, FREE addon is meant for users depending on free links. It’s a simple and fast 1-click addon worth trying.

This is how you install FREE addon

Rogue One addon

Rogue One is an All-in-one Kodi addon from the Narcacist Wizard Repository that allows users to watch an extensive collection of movies, TV shows, and other video content. Apart from movies and TV shows, you can also stream other content on this Kodi addon. Rogue One has categories for sports replays, documentaries, and standup comedy. You can also watch a variety of fight sports promotions, such as UFC, Bellator, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, Valor FC. 

This is how you install Rogue One addon


Shadow is one of the most popular and long standing kodi addons for Movies and TV Shows. With the Shadow Kodi Addon you can watch movies and TV shows in very high quality. Unlike most of the other addons Shadow also supports Furk and Easynews (Usenet). Shadow scrapes only a few free hosters and we highly recommend you to use a service like Real Debrid. The Shadow Kodi Addon is slim, intuitive and scraping very fast so make sure to check it out if you are a fan of video content.

This is how you install Shadow addon

Alvin addon

If you are looking for a simple addon that makes it easy for you to stream movies and shows in high quality, Alvin Kodi addon is definitely worth trying. This is an addon that looks like a fork of the famous exodus since both have almost the same layout. Thought Alvin does not have many categories, it offers a huge catalog of media content for free. It depends on scrappers to find and bring good quality links for you to enjoy your best videos.

This is how you install Alvin addon


Revolution kodi addon from DejaVu Repo is a relatively new video source for Movies and TV Shows that is fully compatible with the latest version of Kodi 19 Matrix. This Kodi addon introduces an extensive library of media content and pulls high quality streaming links from multiple stable servers. However, like always, if you want a zero buffering experience, it is advisable to integrate a Real Debrid account.

This is how you install Revolution addon


Elementum is one of the most important Kodi video add-ons to stream movies, TV shows, and other multimedia content in high definition quality using torrent links. Due to its P2P or BitTorrent nature, it uses both download and uploads bandwidth to partially download prior to playing a video for a buffer-free experience. The Elementum add-on forked from the Quasar Kodi add-on uses the new advanced torrent engine with extra storage features like streaming directly to the device’s memory, support for NAS or FAT32 systems, and more.

This is how you install Elementum addon


EntertainMe is Kodi video add-on that offers a huge library of content. Developed by Nemzzy and hosted on the Stream Army repository where another great add-on Nemesis is hosted, it is working very well and getting a lot of quality streams. This add-on stands out from the crowd thanks to its skin and layout to show off its content that gives a cinematic impression to the user.

This is how you install EntertainMe

Nemesis AIO

Nemesis AIO is an all-in-one video add-on that offers a huge library of content. Developed by Nemzzy and hosted on the Stream Army repository, It is a new version of the Nemesis Kodi addon that has been around for several years now, and it is working very well and getting a lot of quality streams. The main menu contains sections for various kinds of content including Join a Watch Party, movies, TV shows, live sports, music, cartoons, kids, anime, webcams, gaming, and more.

This is how you install Nemesis AIO

Final thoughts

This has been the list of the best movie addons for Kodi. It was carefully curated after testing many and many add-ons. Only the ones that proved good quality, frequently updated, and rich in movies and TV Shows content were included. With these, you can level up your entertainment experience on Kodi especially if you possess any premium Debrid account. 

However, make sure your VPN is always turned on to avoid any copyright infringement issues, as most of the content provided by third-party addons is pirated from other sources.




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