Best Kodi Sports Addons: How To Watch Live Sports

Kodi Sports addons have now become the go-to interface when it comes to streaming your favorite games right from the comfort of your own home.

Finding Kodi Addons to stream football/soccer is probably the hardest part of using Kodi. However, this guide will introduce the best kodi Sports addons that you can use anytime and anywhere to watch the best games of your favorite sports and competitions.

Alongside SportHD and Rising Tides which are so far the best and highest-performing live sports kodi addons, this guide provides you with many other alternatives for all your entertainment needs.

These Sports addons provide live sports on Match Day. They are free with no option to register or sign up. So, you can access the content directly and follow your favorite teams.

While these Live kodi Sports addons provide high-quality links, they can be downloaded and installed on various devices such as mobiles, tablets, Android Boxes, Fire TV, Nvidia shield and more…

However, if you have been using Kodi for some time, you may have realized that it’s pretty hard to find useful and working sports addons. This is because sports addons are faced with several challenges; that includes being targeted by ISPs and copyright authorities, not being updated frequently, or even being abandoned/ discontinued altogether.

Sports kodi addons work similarly to Sports streaming APKs and Movies & TV Shows streaming APKs, they don’t host any content. They use web scrappers to fetch links from around the web and introduce them in a beautifully designed UI.

No doubt, there are plenty of Sports addons available for kodi on the net where you can watch games for free, the ones listed below, have been tested and seem to work flawlessly on the latest kodi version.

The best Kodi Sports addons

Are you are a fan of Sports? Want to live stream your best major sporting events such as Soccer, Football, Boxing, Hockey, Baseball, Golf, WWE, Cricket, Tennis, Formula One, and many other games like these. The list below  offers you not only live streaming options, but also highlight reels, interviews, and sports replays.

SportHD addon


The Sport HD is a Kodi sports addon that lists live sports broadcasts of different sports. Several sources are stored behind each entry. This addon is the successor of the well-known Sport 365 Kodi addon and comes from the same developer. Sports available include soccer, football, motor sports, tennis, and many more. Right now, it’s one of the best sports addons for Kodi out there.

This is how you install Sport HD


Sportowa TV addon



The Sportowa TV Kodi addon is one of the best add-ons for live sports. Sportowa contains a large number of different sources that broadcast video content over the Internet. The categories are named after the corresponding names of the pages. In addition to football such as the Bundesliga, Champions League, Premier League and many other leagues, there are also various other sports such as football, basketball, motor sports and more.

This is how you install Sportowa TV

Cloud 9 addon


Cloud 9 is a new addition to many sports Kodi addons from the DejaVu Repository that offers a considerable amount of sports content of various types. This addon features a very simple and easy-to-navigate interface. The main menu contains sections for Live footy/Soccer, Live EPL, UK Sports Channels, US Sports Channels, Fight Sports, Racing Channels, World Channels, and WWE/AEW/UFC Replays.

THis how you install Cloud9 addon

Nemesis AIO addon


Nemesis AIO Kodi addon is an all-in-one video addon that offers a huge library of content.

For sports fans, there is a section for live Sports & Replays where you find a huge catalog for different kinds of sports. All it takes is to get in there, choose what to watch, and let Nemesis hunt the links for you.

This add-on needs a PIN code to get access to. You can get this PIN by visiting this URL: every four hours.

This is how you install NemesisAio addon

ApeX Sports


The ApeX Sports Kodi Addon is a new source for live sports, replays and live TV. Various pages that can be accessed directly are stored in the add-on. ApeX Sports is very extensive and offers, among other things, the sports of soccer (Bundesliga and international), football (NFL), basketball (NBA), ice hockey (NHL), baseball (MLB), motorsport, MMA (UFC) and many more. All fans of live sports should definitely take a look at the ApeX Sports Kodi addon.

This is how you install ApeX Sports

ACME TV N Sports


The ACME TV N Sports Kodi Addon is another source for live sports and US TV channels. The add-on lists various sources and websites from the Internet that provide the corresponding video content. Sports included are soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and many more. Within the areas there are clear lists of currently running games as well as upcoming broadcasts.

This is how you install ACME TV N Sports

The loop


With The Loop Kodi addon, live sports can be streamed and watched over the Internet. The addon is very extensive and offers its own categories for soccer, NFL, NBA, NHL, racing and other leagues and sports. Up-to-date events with several sources are listed in each category.

This is how you install The Loop

The end zone


With The Endzone Sports Kodi Addon you can watch live games of American sports. The available categories are Nascar, MMA / Boxing, NFL, NBA, NCAAF, Wrestling, NHL, and MLB. The games are listed up-to-date in each section. There are multiple sources available for most events.

This is how you install The Endzone

Rising tides


The Rising Tides Kodi addon is one of the best add-ons for live sports. The add-on offers a large selection of American and British sports channels as well as daily football and PPV streams.

This is how you install Rising Tides

Q Sports


The Q Sports Kodi Addon is a new, very extensive source for live sports. A wide variety of sports are available, including soccer, football, basketball, baseball, motor sports, golf, and more. There are daily overviews of upcoming events and games, plus one or more links. Various international sports channels are also available.

This is how you install Q Sports



With the Dracarys Kodi addon you can watch live sports through your media center. The addon clearly lists current and upcoming games and broadcasts according to the relevant sports. There are also sections for live TV. The focus is on American sports channels.

This is how you install Dracarys

Winner Sports


The Winner Sports Kodi addon offers access to live sports from all over the world. There are many different sports available, including soccer, basketball, motor sports, tennis, golf, handball, and many more. The addon lists current and upcoming broadcasts and games. Most of the sources are in English, Russian, or Spanish. Some videos use AceStream for playback. We recommend using AceStream exclusively in conjunction with a VPN service.

This is how you install Winner Sports



In addition to films and series in the English original language, the DejaVu Kodi Addon also has an area for live sports with English, American and international sports channels. There is also a separate category for WWE, AEW and UFC events.

This is how you install DejaVu

Torque Lite

With the Torque Lite Kodi addon you can watch live motorsport and replays of past races. Some of the racing series on offer include Formula 1, MotoGP, V8 Supercars, NASCAR, Rally and more. This addon is currently highly recommended for all motorsport fans.

This is how you install Torque Lite

Project Mayhem addon

The Project Mayhem Kodi addon links various sports channels. The focus is on channels from the USA and England. There are still a few other stations. For example, the addon has its own categories for soccer channels, martial arts, replays of WWE, AEW and UFC events and many more. It is an updated version of the Simple Sports Kodi addon. The main menu indicates that a VPN service may be required.

Purely Wrestling

If you are a fan of Wrestling, then Purely Wrestling addon is the perfect choice for you. 

Purely Wrestling Addon is a great sports addon for streaming Wrestling events, Highlights, and Replays on Kodi Media Player.

WWE content such as RAW, SmackDown, WrestleMania and more are available. Also, events from other promotions like AEW, Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor can be viewed. It also has sections for WWE on YouTube and WWE Tributes that keep you entertained. 

Moreover, the addon supports integration with the Real-Debrid account, So that you can access high-quality and reliable links to watch Wrestling. 

This is how you install Purely Wrestling

The Boys

The Boys Kodi Addon is a so-called all-in-one addon for films, series, live TV and sports in English. Above all, the areas for sports are very extensive. Popular US sports such as football (NFL), basketball (NBA), baseball (MLB), wrestling, UFC, and more are available, among others. In addition, the addon has many American and other international sports channels on offer as live TV. That’s why we list the addon as a Sports Kodi addon.

This is how you install The Boys

The crew

The Crew Kodi add-on is a so-called all-in-one addon for films, series, sports and live TV in the English original language. Especially the area for sports is very extensive. There are categories for NFL, NBA, UFC, WWE, Formula 1 and much more. The addon offers replays and links to live broadcasts.

This is how you install The Crew

UK Turk Playlist 19 addon


UK Turk Playlist 19 another amazing Kodi Sports addon that offers users not only great Sports content for free, but also a large number of live TV channels from the UK and Turkey.

Besides, UK Turk APK features a very beautiful user interface where all types of content are presented in dedicated section for Live TV, Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Cartoons, Stand-up-Comedy, Cancerts, Radio, CCTV, Turkish TV, and more

This is how you install UK Turk Playlist 19 addon

Fight Club addon


With the Fight Club Kodi addon you can watch past events and shows of various martial arts. The content revolves around wrestling, MMA and boxing. Some of the available categories are WWE, UFC, AEW, Impact Wrestling and many more.

This is how you install Fight Club

GOTO (C: \> Goto)

The GOTO Kodi Addon (C: \> Goto) is an all-in-one addon for content in English. The addon offers a very extensive category for live sports and repetitions of sports events such as football, boxing, wrestling (WWE, AEW) and MMA (UFC). That’s why we’re listing this extension as an add-on for sports. There are also other categories for 24/7 streams and live TV.

How to install GOTO (C: \> Goto)

Sportz Addon

Sportz Kodi Addon is a brand new addon with a wide range of sports, though mainly concentrated on what we would categorize as manly American sports! So, you can come here for your daily fix of fishing, hunting, and wrestling.

A relatively basic-looking add-on with some good working streams, coming from the well-respected Butter Fingers repository, so let’s see what happens!

Sportz is a good add-on to have as a backup, but there isn’t enough on it, to let us know whether it’s a good add-on that’s going to stay or one that will go dark in a few months.

This is how you install Sportz Addon

Wrestlers Addon

Wrestlers addon is another great option for you to install on your Kodi system and stream live Wrestling events from around the world for free

Besides, Wrestlers addon features a very simple interface. Sections on the main screen include Premiers & Live Shows, Episodes & Kickoffs, Wrestling Archives, Wrestling Matches, Wrestling Documentaries, News, Rumors, Updates, Wrestling Channels, WWE Wrestling.., and much more.

This is how you install Wrestlers Addon

Strikes’ AllSportz Recaps addon

Strike’s AllSportz Recaps addon is an amazing video source that you can install on your kodi system and stream a wide range of Sports content from around the world for free.

Besides, Strike’s AllSportz Recaps addon features a very simple interface. The main screen contains sections for NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, Sportsnet, UEFA.TV, MLS, FIFA TV, GOLF, Tennis, Fivb Volleyball, MILB, Rugby, Lacrosse, Cricket, WWE, UFC, Boxing, Formula1  and more.

However, it is worth mentioning that Strike’s AllSportz Recaps does not offer live streaming content. As its name implies, this addon is all about replays

This is how you install Strikes’ AllSports Recaps addon

Ramses TV Arena Addon

After several years of stop, acestream channels are back on Kodi, thanks to the new addon Ramses TV Arena dedicated to sports. With this fantastic acestream torrent container you will be able to watch some sports channels and the most important daily sporting events in HD quality and without buffering.

Ramses TV Arena interface is in Spanish, but it provides channels from many countries with different languages. The most important here is that all major sporting events are covered 

This is how you install Ramses TV Arena

X Games Addon

X Games addon is an amazing video source that you can install on your kodi system and stream Extreme Sports from around the world for free.

Besides,X Games addon features a very simple interface. The main screen contains only two section, One for News and Updates and the other is for Extreme Sports content.

Note that this addon is based on Youtube to deliver content. This means that you need to install and set up Youtube on Kodi before using X Games addon. This guide explains how you can set up your own Youtube API key.

This is how you install X Games addon



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