Top 10 alternatives to Netflix for Android. All free

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Looking for the best alternatives to Netflix for Android? you are in the best place.


Android is clearly an OS that allows you to find almost everything you could wish for. And when it comes to watching a series or a streaming movie, it’s natural to look for an android application that will do the job for us. Indeed, looking for the best site to watch a complete movie in streaming is sometimes very time consuming. Watching a free full-length streaming movie on an android application is much easier than on a computer. And icing on the cake, you will be able to watch streaming movies on your mobile, tablet and especially box android TV! Here is the list of the best android apps for streaming quality series and movies, without advertising. All the apk in this guide are free, but some of them offer additional (often useless) paid offers.

Important : Get out covered!

The streaming apps are all available on the Playstore and are therefore normally checked by Google before being downloaded. But after installation on your android box, tablet or mobile, the streaming movie applications connect directly to servers on the internet. No further checks are carried out by Google. It is more than necessary to make sure that your device is secure before you use these streaming movie and series applications. When I talk about securing your android, I mean earlier “securing your internet connection”.
In order to secure your streaming, only VPNs are effective. No need for antivirus or anything else, that’s the job of VPNs. If you’ve already heard about it, that’s normal. Their use becomes unavoidable on the internet. These softwares secure your data by encrypting them. This means that even if a hacker or your neighbour manages to intercept or copy your internet data, it is encrypted so that only you know what you are doing with your internet. If VPNs are used by more than 23% of the population in the USA, only 12% in Europe people are currently using them. It is however the only current protection against hackers, but also against targeted advertisements and organizations that could monitor these servers …
I’ll stop here to preach the good word, but really, know that it is almost mandatory nowadays to use a VPN on your computer, mobile and any device that connects to the internet. And it’s much cheaper than an antivirus. 

The best alternatives to Netflix for android


alternatives to Netflix

It is one of the most highly rated and widely used applications for streaming movies on android. The Showbox streaming application is completely free, so there is no need to spend a single cent. Go quickly download this application that allows you to enjoy movies, TV series on your Android device. Once you install this application, it lets you access as many full-length movies and series as you want. You can also download them for free. If you choose to download movies or series, you can enjoy them even if you’re offline.
However, this streaming application is not available directly in the Playstore, so visit their official website to get it.

Terrarium TV


Want to enjoy free HD movies on your Android device? Then this app is probably the best choice. Not only for movies, but also because it lets you enjoy TV series on your Android device. If you’re not satisfied with the Showbox streaming application, then this is the perfect choice that also supports subtitles. So non-English speakers can fetch subtitles to enjoy the movie even better in VOST. However, make sure your device has VPN installed in order to access this Terrarium application.


alternatives to Netflix

SnagFilms is another useful alternative to Netflix and one of the best for streaming movies on Android. It allows users to enjoy movies in all mobile devices while the movies can be viewed on the video game console and other platforms as well. Although SnagFilm allows you to stream movies on your Android device, you can also share some movie suggestions on social media through it. Another nice thing about this streaming application is that it makes searching much easier as movies are listed in several categories, so feel free to search through recently added popular movies and other sections. This android application is also totally free.


alternatives to Netflix

Kodi is probably the best choice if you are looking for the best apps to stream movies and TV series on Android. It’s not limited to TV series or movies, but you can also enjoy music, sports and viral videos with this streaming app. But if you can use the right Kodi add-on, things will become much more interesting. It’s a completely free application so, again, you don’t need to spend a single cent out of your pocket. The installation and configuration process takes some time. Indeed, it is necessary to regularly install plugins, extensions, to watch streaming movies for free. So be prepared to spend the little time it takes to install Kodi on your Android.

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Videomix is one of the very old Android applications to broadcast free movies and TV shows. You can enjoy movies with this streaming application. It offers Chromecast functionality. The movies available here can be sorted by year, genre and country of production. This application is updated regularly to ensure that all new movies and recent TV series are available. So go ahead and get this streaming application on your phone, tablet or Android box to enjoy all its qualities.



The name itself suggests that this streaming application is ideal for streaming HD content, whether it’s a movie or a TV series, it doesn’t matter. This application works perfectly on Android and iOS devices, however, make sure they support Chromecast. Once this application is installed on your device, you will have access to a lot of HD content that will allow you to get into the world of entertainment. Best of all, this application is also completely free.



Another on the list of the best applications for streaming movies and TV series on Android. This application is completely free and does not require registration or fees to get a movie from Viewstar. Those who like anime, this application is perfect for them because its main content is anime. So whether you are looking for the brand new Japanese series or a classic anime series, it has everything to offer. Moreover, the video catalog of this application is updated every week, so everything you are looking for is available for free in this streaming application. This application is available in the Playstore, but you can also get it from the official website.



An other alternative of Netflix, PlayView is definitely an excellent streaming application to mention in this list. It is completely free. It allows you to enjoy TV series and movies on Android. A different feature of this application is that it allows you to choose the quality of the stream while the streams can be categorized by popularity, genre, etc. If you have a Chromecast, no worries, this streaming application is compatible.



Crackle is used by more than 25 million people and this indicates the popularity of this application. Crackle is primarily available to people in North America, South America and Australia. In addition to having a massive collection of movies, TV shows and anime, they also have their own content and this is one of the reasons why it is used by so many users. You can sort the films by different genres, which makes it easier and faster to find a film. Crackle is Sony’s video streaming service.

Popcorn Flix


Although the name is very similar to Netflix, it is a completely different application with which you can watch a number of movies for free. As they claim, a new movie is added every day, so you’ll have a lot of choices when looking for the best movie to watch.
These are the top 10 alternatives to Netflix to stream movies and TV series on Android device. Most of the apps listed here are free, so hurry up and install them and take advantage of the thousands of hours of free streaming available to you.

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