The Best Kodi Addons For Movies And Sports

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the best addons for movies and sports that you should use to get the highest possible performance and picture and sound quality in Kodi.

Kodi is your must-go destination if you like high-quality video and audio performances. Together with the best add-ons, Real-Debrid, and Subtitles, Kodi offers all the world’s movies and live sports.

In addition, if you are new to Kodi and have a hard time with the settings and installations, we have prepared an exhaustive Kodi guide for beginners to help you get started with Kodi and answer all your streaming questions.

The top addons for movies and sports on Kodi

Most Movie and TV Show add-ons work with impressive results and without errors. Their performance can exceed all expectations.

This excellent performance of the add-ons is the reason why the opinion has been established among many users that it is a bad idea not to take advantage of Kodi’s great performance with a few good add-ons.

Besides, the new generation add-ons now have very nice graphics. The bottom line is that by utilizing only the top movie and sports add-ons, we get incomparably faster Kodi. Especially if installed on a TV Box.

So, we’ll start first by describing and installing the top movie and series add-ons. These are add-ons that will give us the best possible result. Especially if we have Real-Debrid (RD) active.

The Promise Addon – Free & Debrid

  •     Repository name: The Warehouse Repository.
  •     Direct installation:

The Promise is a very friendly movie add-on that best replaces the look, functions, and performance of the recently retired The Oath addon. It is located in The Warehouse Repository.

The excellent add-on is perfect if you are a beginner. It works even without having a Real Debrid subscription.

Unsurprisingly, without RD most streams may be up to 720p.

However, in some cases, it may show us 1080p on very few streams, but depending on your internet speed, you may experience buffering.

The add-on is very simple, easy, and requires no configuration, except for the optional but very useful activation of Trakt through its tools section.

If you already have Real Debrid active in Kodi you don’t need to do any additional actions.

Nightwing Kodi addon – Free & Debrid

  •     Repository name: Magnetic Repository
  •     Direct installation:

Nightwing addon offers high-quality video content for free for its users. And to make their entertainment even better, it does support premium services such as Real-Debrid, All-Debrid, and Premiumize. Trakt is well supported.

The add-on is easy and requires no configuration whatsoever, except for the optional but very useful activation of the Tract, via its tools section.

If we already have Real Debrid active in Kodi we don’t need to do any additional actions. 

Ezra Kodi addon – Real-Debrid Only

  •     Repository name: Ezra Repository
  •     Direct installation:

This is a new movie addon for advanced Kodi users hosted in the Ezra Repository. It works exclusively with a Real-Debrid subscription only.

 This is a clone of the once-famous Fen Kodi addon. It reproduces all its functions, looks, and performance.

Through the add-on’s settings, you need to activate Real-Debrid. In addition, Trakt if desired. You simply follow the steps described in our corresponding guide:

Seren- Real-Debrid only

  •     Repository name: Nixgates Repo
  •     Direct installation:

Seren has long remained one of the top movie add-ons, featuring a rich menu and unlimited possibilities. It is mandatory to have it in Kodi if you use Real-Debrid.

Once you run Seren for the first time, it may not show you streams even though you have activated your RD account in dependency management and ResolveURL.

Shadow Kodi addon- Real-Debrid

  •     Repository name: Narcacist Wizard Repository
  •     Direct installation:

Shadow Kodi addon needs no introduction. It is one of the movie add-ons that should in no way be absent from Kodi if you have Real-Debrid. So if you are a free user, this is not really for you. 

With a Real Debrid account, shadow brings you a good deal of high-quality links including torrent links so that your streaming experience is never better.

The Crew Kodi addon – Free & Real-Debrid

  •     Repository name: The Crew Repository
  •     Direct installation:

Similarly, “The Crew” is one of the most popular and long-standing all-in-one addon for Kodi.

With the crew addon, you can stream all Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, Live TV (IPTV), and live sports from around the world

The add-on is rich in content and continues to rapidly support many streams of high quality. Even countless 4K streams with one click, if Real-Debrid is setup.

Also, if you don’t already use a Wizard, you’ll find several in the Crew repo’s add-ons.

You can install and use any Wizard want and set it to automatically clean up unnecessary Kodi files to free up storage space.

Genocide Kodi addon – Debrid only

In general, the Crew repo has other good add-ons for movies. Standing out is the speedy Genocide which only works with RD.

Genocide addon is one of the best kodi video addons that allows users to stream an extensive catalog of Movies, TV Shows, Kids Content, live TV, and more.

This impressive add-on is a combination of all media content. It is a Debrid addon, which means that a premium account such as Real-Debrid is needed to be able to use this addon.

Rising Tides kodi addon – The top for football in Kodi

  •     Name: Rising Tides
  •     URL:

Although most of us will already know about it, for those who miss this sports add-on, it’s still a top choice for live sports and especially for live international football matches.

The add-on requires absolutely no setup. The main focus of the Rising Tides addon is on the best soccer leagues in Europe like the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. Not only this, this addon offers all sports-related content like Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Hockey, Motorsports, and anything else you can think of.

With Rising tides, you can watch live events as well as replays and highlights. The content is well organized into a very smooth menu. Once you decide what to watch, Rising Tides scrappers offer you loads of high-quality links to choose from. These links are generally available about 5 minutes before the game kick-off.

Alternative resources to stream live sports:

If you want very good alternatives to watch live sports such as soccer, basketball, Tennis, and more, you can follow the links below:

All these sources perform extremely well regardless of the platform you are using.

Setup subtitles in Kodi

Open Subtitles, a4kSubtitles, and SubLoader are undoubtedly the best addons to have subtitles on kodi. They are all essential as they will fully cover all areas.

Here is a summary of their easy installation and activation.


  • Name: a4kSubtitles Repository
  • Direct installation:
  •     Start from the main panel ➜ Settings ➜ File Manager ➜ Add Source (double click) ➜ None.
  •     We paste the following URL:    and press “OK“.
  •     We name the source “a4kSubs” or whatever you want, under “Enter name for media source“, and press “Ok” again.
  •     Then, we return to the main panel and click on “Add-ons“.
  •     Click on the icon in the upper left that looks like an open box.
  •     Install from zip file ➜ a4kSubs➜
  •     Wait a while for the repo to install. This may take a while until the notification appears at the top right of the screen.
  •     Next, in the same tab click “Install from repository“.

    a4kSubtitles Repository ➜Subtitles ➜a4kSubtitles ➜ Install ➜ Version x.x.x a4kSubtitles Repository and only click on “OK” once.


  •     Repository name: DenimNani Repo
  •     URL:

SubLoader is very useful because it automatically finds and displays the optimal subtitles as soon as the movie or episode of the series starts. So everything is done much faster without having to do extra actions and wasting time.

  •     Start from the main panel ➜ Settings ➜ File Manager ➜ Add Source (double-click) ➜ None.
  •     Paste the following URL:  and press “OK“.
  •    Name the source “DenimNani” or whatever you want, under “Add a name for media source“, and press “Ok” again.
  •    Then, we return to the main panel and click on “Add-ons“.
  •     Click on the icon in the upper left that looks like an open box.
  •     Install from zip file ➜.DenimNani➜
  •    Wait a while for the repo to install. This may take a while until the activation appears at the top right of the screen.
  •     Then in the same tab click “Install from repository“.
  • DenimNani Repo ➜ Services ➜SubLoader ➜ Install.

Finally, return to Kodi’s main panel, and from the settings, set up the default subtitles service for online movies and series.

At this point, you have completed the process of subtitles in Kodi. Optionally, follow this guide, if you want to use Open subtitles service in Kodi


If you have an active Real-Debrid and don’t want to install a lot of movie add-ons, Seren, Shadow, and Ezra, are more than enough for movies and series, as they are undoubtedly the best.

If you insist and don’t use Real-Debrid yet, then The Crew and The Promise addon will give you free streams up to 1080p. However, you may have to deal with some buffering issues.

In terms of sports, Rising Tides is by far the best. If you want other alternatives, you can check out our list of the best sports addon for kodi

It is important to update Kodi to the latest version for better performance and functions

If we are beginners and have a hard time with the add-on settings and installations, we have prepared an ultimate kodi guide to answer all your questions

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