This guide will provide an updated list of the best free movie streaming sites that you can use anytime and anywhere to watch movies online for free no sign up.

Movie streaming sites are a convenient way to keep up with all the best movies and TV Show episodes right from the comfort of your own home. These free movie streaming sites help you fulfill all your viewing demands and can be used anywhere and anytime to watch free new movies online. 

Alongside PopcornFlix and Crackle which are so far the best and highest-performing free movie online sites, this guide provides you with many other alternatives for all your entertainment needs.

Most of these free movie websites provide huge catalog of on-demand movies & TV Series. You can watch movies online free and watch series online free.

These streaming sites provide great entertainment from around the world all day long. You can follow your favorite shows, including the latest productions, Movies, TV Series, and Documentaries. They are free with no option to register or sign up. So, you can access the content directly.

While these online streaming sites provide high-quality links, they can be used on various devices such as PC, Mobiles, Tablets and more…

If you are interested in watching on-demand Movies and TV Shows for free on Android you may want to check our list of the best movie streaming APKs. 

Also, for sports lovers, we have prepared a similar list of the best performing Live Sports APKs.

How to watch free movies online?

Although it can sometimes be a problem to find the best free movie websites, as some websites are full of invasive advertising, in the broad world of the Internet there are some “streaming sites” that can be useful and allow us to have the best possible experience.

If you want to stream free movies online and at the moment you do not have a streaming service such as Netflix or Disney Plus, you can always use this list, where we include the best free movie streaming sites on the internet; legal options that will not affect your pocket or your hard drive. You can access these sites right from your Smartphone, PC, Android TV, or TV Box.

Best free movie streaming sites

Most of the time, Google search puts you on dangerous movie streaming sites. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of websites that allow you to watch the free movie without risking your safety and privacy.

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of free online movie streaming sites available on the net where you can watch movies online free, In this article, we have listed the best free movie websites to stream your favorite content for free. These websites offer you free movies with no strings attached.

You don’t need to do anything technical to access online movies sites, and you don’t even have to subscribe or register to watch the videos. You can expect smooth streaming and full HD quality.


Known in the past simply as Crackle, this is one of the best free streaming sites to watch movies online that has undergone as many name changes as P. Diddy. Initially controlled by Sony, it is now a joint venture between Sony and Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (CSS). That association created a new entity called Crackle Plus, and it was believed that it would also become the name of the streaming service. However, one look at the site and it is clear that the simplicity has won: it is called Crackle.

Whatever you call it, it includes content from six ad-supported CSS streaming services (Popcornflix, Popcornflix Kids, Popcornflix Comedy, Frightpix, Españolflix, and Truli), as well as select Sony movies and TV shows.

You’ll find a good number of blockbuster titles, like Speed, The Transporter, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and a generous number of B-movies that are as dark as they are interesting. Crackle is a great resource, although constant interruptions from advertisers can quickly get boring.

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IMDb TV, owned by Amazon (and formerly known as Freedive), has free ad-supported TV series and movies. In February 2020, the service acquired the rights to more than 20 Disney-owned series, including Lost, Desperate Housewives, Malcolm in the Middle, and My So-Called Life. It is also the only site that allows Lost and Malcolm in the Middle streaming to be free.

Other television shows in its relatively small library include Fringe, Heroes, Quantum Leap, and The Bachelor. Among the films, we can find “gems” like Memento, La La Land, Drive, Monster, Donnie Darko, León: The Professional, Moon, The Illusionist, and even 80s classics, like The Karate Kid.

You can watch IMDb TV on the web, Amazon Fire devices, and Apple TV, and through the Amazon Prime app, you can find it on many TVs, tablets, and smartphones. IMDb TV is available only in the United States, although it is already preparing its landing in Europe.

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Owned by Walmart, Vudu may be best known for its subscription streaming service, but the platform also has an impressive free content section. Titles like Batman Begins, Terminator 3, and The Cabin In The Woods are good examples of what you’ll find.

You will still need a Vudu account, but you can create one for free. Their app is already compatible with many platforms, such as Roku and Apple TV, game consoles, and more. There is also an app for most mobile devices. Vudu is only available in the United States.

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What is it about? Sign up for a library card and get free movie downloads or streams without ads. That’s the deal when you use Hoopla, a platform for digital media transmission that has partnered with local libraries to allow access so members online to the content available for loan. It’s similar to Overdrive, but with more than just e-books and audiobooks.

The availability of any given title will depend on your location and the number of copies available for download. Streaming will work on any device with a browser, while downloads require the Hoopla app on a mobile device. Not all libraries are compatible with Hoopla, so be sure to ask first. At the moment, only library users in the United States and Canada have access. 

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YouTube is the largest online video service, and you probably already use the site for funny videos or your favorite songs. But YouTube also has a considerable collection of free movies. Of course, most of these are B-list, but some quality ones won’t show up unless you look for them directly. If you want a particular title, especially an old one, it’s worth doing a quick search to see if someone has published it. Movies are not always uploaded by the rights holders and many are divided into episodes and playlists.

Finding free movies on YouTube has become more difficult lately, as more rights owners are choosing to offer their movies for rental through the service. YouTube also has subscription tiers like YouTube Premium and its live TV streaming service, YouTube TV. Still, you’ll find plenty of content, especially if your standards aren’t too high for streaming quality.

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YouTube is the largest video site, but Vimeo is probably the best. This free movie streaming site has a clean design that lacks ads and the benefits of an active user community that is considered more professional and constructive than YouTube. From this community, a host of excellent original shorts and feature films emerge.

Vimeo also has an on-demand section, where users can purchase full movies and TV shows. Most are independent, but some offerings are also produced by major studios. Either way, Vimeo is a great place to find high-quality free movies.

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The Roku Channel

When Roku initially launched its free and ad-supported Roku Channel it was not technically eligible for this roundup, because you had to own one of the company’s media streaming devices to view it. Roku devices certainly won’t cost you a fortune, but they don’t give them away either.

However, the Roku Channel is now available to everyone via the web, as well as through the company’s free apps for iOS and Android. The service has over 10,000 titles to choose from, including old classics like Walker, Texas Ranger, and relatively recent movie releases like the excellent Whiplash.

You will need to create a free Roku account before you can view them, but it is a quick and painless process. If you ever decide to expand your options, Roku Channel has several premium subscription options including Showtime, Epix, and Starz. The channel is available in the United States and Canada.

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Plex is one of the best free movie websites

Plex is best known as a versatile and easy way to manage and view your collection of movies, music, photos, and other content. However, in 2019 it launched its ad-supported free service, with a collection of movies and TV shows from studios like MGM, Warner, Lionsgate, and Legendary.

You can access the collection from a browser or on any of the myriad of devices that support Plex software, such as Apple TV, Roku, and Smart TVs. All you need is a free account. For those already using Plex as their media server, the ad-supported free options can be added to existing server categories, making the experience completely seamless. It is available worldwide, although the selection of titles varies by region.

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Pluto TV

Although it may not be as a well-known service as the previous ones, Pluto TV is noteworthy. Not only does it feature movies on demand, but it is also a free live television streaming service, hosting selected content from around the web.

While the channels vary, they are focused on movies, and Pluto TV has live movie channels. It offers general purpose movie channels and the rest are focused on specific categories. It generally offers quite a bit of variety.

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Tubi TV

Tubi is very similar to Crackle, with free movies and TV episodes available. You can likely watch Tubi no matter what device you use, as it is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and via the web. As with the vast majority of services on this list, you should see a few commercials or advertisements, but that’s what keeps the service free.

Tubi is one of the best free movie websites with more than 200 partners, including Shout Factory, which offers everything. If you are using this service to supplement Netflix rather than replace it, the section on Netflix will help you find new and interesting movies to watch.

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Kanopy is not only free but also completely ad-free. However, there is a kind of catch: to register and watch movies you will need a card from a local library or library card.

Originally founded in 2008 in Australia as an educational tool, Kanopy now offers more than 30,000 films through its partnerships with more than 200 public libraries. Although it concentrates on independent documentaries, there you will find all kinds of feature films.

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Top Documentary Films

If you like documentaries, Top Documentary Films is, without a doubt, the best site. Not all selections are full-length, but a good documentary doesn’t have to be lengthy – some of the best are under 60 minutes. With a library of more than 3,000 titles, the site has a simple and straightforward design, classifying all films by subject, making it very easy to find what interests you.

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The world of the Internet would be very different without this beautiful site. This is the website that powers the Wayback Machine through which you can see how Yahoo, Google, and Facebook in their embryonic stages. With their new purpose of archiving movies and TV series. They have launched a new section of “Movies” where you can search and download movies for free.

Their archive included more than six thousand titles. All these films that are easily available for download are organized according to genres. To help you download movies for free, the website also provides a link to the torrent file. So don’t worry about downloading large movie files. Along with English, the movies are available in French, German, Portuguese, and many other languages. Films dating back to 1936, when Charlie Chaplin launched Modern Things.

Highlights include Sex Madness, Night of the Living Dead, The Fast and The Furious, Charlie Chaplin Festival, Return of the Kanfu Dragon, House on Haunted Hill, Sita Sings of the blue, and many more. You should immediately go to this site to download movies for free. This website also provides the functionality to add movies to their archives. So if you have one available, please download it. They also have a dedicated forum for this where you can discuss things only after you have registered as a user of their website.

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Open Culture

The site offers hundreds of free classes you can sign up for, thousands of free e-books, and hours of lectures from prominent personalities. It also has many movies at zero cost. You’ll find everything here from Hitchcock-directed projects to western stories, as well as black and white films. The site even hosts some of the early shorts from directors like Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Kubrick. Open Culture can be difficult to navigate, but with over 1,000 free movies available, it’s worth it.

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Retrovision is another public domain site that features hundreds of classic movies from different eras. The word “classic” could be up for interpretation, as there are even some here that were produced as recently as … last year. Also, not all feature films are of high quality, but Retrovision is a well-designed site that allows users to filter based on genre. There is also a solid collection of classic TV shows.

When you open this website, you will see the recently added movies as news feeds or latest posts.

This website has organized its movies into their respective genres which include romance, adventure, horror, science fiction, war, documentary, and others. This is in the right sidebar of the site. If you want to see all the films, you can simply click on all the films. Retrovision also offers an Android application dedicated to your smartphones, known as the Classic UHF App. You can download this free application from the Google Play App Store and enjoy the movies on your smartphone as well.

You can also use the search function on this website to download movies by searching for favorite titles. They have a newsletter too where you can subscribe. After that, you will be informed about movies to watch and download directly by email. This will help you plan which movies you want to watch on the weekend.

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Shocker Internet Drive-In

The Shocker Internet Drive-In website appears to have been created in the nineties, but it is a great resource. The site is updated weekly with “featured” horror classics, which are then available for free download as WMV files at the snack bar.

The site is a fun little date with the past, with weekly presentations framed on a digital disc. Users can also purchase DVD copies of any movie for just $ 3. If you miss the old days of the internet when it was more like the Wild West and everything was less polished, this might be for you.

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According to users, IOMovies is the best in this list of sites to stream movies free. This site offers all the latest movies available. You can also watch famous TV shows on this site. This includes famous titles such as Suits, Trust, Forgotten, and many others. This website does not store any data but fetches third-party servers and video hosting services.

Some of them may not work sometimes because of DMCA notices, but they will fix the problem as soon as it is reported. The movies here are very well organized in different categories. This includes action, adventure, war, documentary, comedy, and others. After registering on this site, you can create your watchlist and many other functions. IOMovies is a wonderful site for streaming movies

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Popcorn Flix

This site is operated by Screen Media Ventures. Popcorn Flix allows you to stream and download movies from your repository of hundreds of movies. This site is very easy to use and requires no registration.

You can search for the favorite movies that you want to show or browse through their categories. These include romance, adventure, horror, science fiction, war, documentaries, and more. Movies featured include Zodiac, Tactical Force, Day Light, One Way, One Far Cry Song, and others. You can sort these movies by most popular or by title. There is also
a “Most Popular and New Arrivals” link in the menu. You can use these buttons to find out what other people are watching or what they have added to their website.

This site uses ads but not very boring. You will need to turn off your ad blocker before you watch or download movies on this site. Access to this site is limited to a few areas due to copyright issues. You may need a VPN service to access this site.

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This is a website where you can expect the movie to come right after the first release. They provide the cam version to the latest movies but stream the HD version as soon as the movie is available online.

You can watch your favorite movie by browsing or doing a search. This site also features top-rated TV series, including Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes, House of Cards, and many more. You can also create your free account on this website to stay informed and get movie recommendations.

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If what we are looking for is quality content, current, as well as modern classics from television and cinema, this is a platform that we cannot ignore. Peacock is NBCUniversal’s streaming service and the good news is that in addition to having a paid subscription, it also offers ad-supported free access plans.

In Peacock, we find free movies of great depth, authentic blockbusters like The Matrix, Jurassic Park, or the Jason Bourne saga. If we like series, we can also enjoy titles like Parks and Recreations, Battlestar Galactica, or the legendary comedy and interview program Saturday Night Live.

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It’s like Google for the latest movies and TV shows. The home page of this website beautifully presents a search bar where you are invited to search for your favorite movie or the TV series you want to watch. The results page returns with the query you searched for and other recommendations as well.

This website allows you to search for movies in three different ways. You can select by country or region. You can also search by genre, just like the others. The most amazing thing, unlike others, is that you can also search for movies based on the IMDB rating. This website also allows you to request movies that are not available in their repository.

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Classic Cinema

This is one of the best free online websites for watching classic Golden Age movies. This website contains thousands of movies that you can watch or download. Classic Cinema Online offers a variety of movie genres including Comedy, Documentary, Music, Sci-Fi, Western, Family, and Holiday. This website also has silent movies in your archives if you want to go back in history.

The silent film genre at Classic Cinema Online is similar, with Mystery, Thriller, Drama, Western, Horror/Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, and Romance films. The interface of this site is very user-friendly, which makes finding the movie very easy for you. New movies are added monthly to provide users with content to watch.

Watching a movie does not require any registration. Even they don’t have any. Some movies are hosted on third-party servers, including Youtube. Because of these third-party servers, few links may not work. Featured movies downloaded from this website include Love Story, Charade, Stagecoach, Holiday Inn, Change of Habits, Penny Serenade, and many others.

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 Movies Found

Movies Found Online organizes movies, independent films, TV shows, and comedy videos. You can make short films, documentaries, and viral videos on this site. Popular genres include action, drama, adventure, horror, and science fiction. This website also uses third-party video hosting services, primarily YouTube.

Navigating this site is fairly easy. You can search for the movie you want to watch by using the search box. You can also use the navigation bar and film through different genres. This website also shows popular genres that can help you explore the latest population trends. The most recent content is always displayed on the home page.

Featured television series include Derren Brown, The Nerd Writer, Automata, and SlutEver. This website supports their activity by using ads that are not always good. You will also be displayed with the pop-up ads that are usually annoying. You may wish to use the ad blocking extension on your browser before accessing this website. This will not block access to this site.

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Miradetodo is one of the best cinema websites and it is spam free, so few problems can be had when watching a movie. Not a minor feature in fans looking to entertain themselves with a movie without distractions. On this site, it is possible to find a great variety of current titles, almost contemporary, since its repertoire is based on current “movies”, from 2009 to the latest news.

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GoMovies offers a wide catalog of series and movies, many of them in HD quality. It is important to clarify that its interface is in English, a feature that can make it difficult to use for those who do not have command of this language.

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A website with a nice and functional design, where you can find not only movies but also TV shows. This site links to various movies and series available on the web and offers good quality content with high-speed streaming.

123Movies is one of the platforms where you get to watch all your favorite movies under a single roof. With region-specific content from countries as that of the United States of America, China, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, India, Spain, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan, there is a wide array of movies to choose from. 123movies is one of those few platforms that doesn’t allow you to go anywhere else when in search of good quality online streaming of movies and TV series with multiple genres

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SolarMovie is a free movie website where you can watch Movies, TV Shows, and Videos online without any payment or registration. SolarMovie website provides good quality videos in HD format. You can watch and download movies for free (all genres like Romance, Musical, Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Adventure, Mystery, Comedy, Mythological, War, Biographies, Documentaries, etc.,). If you are a person who visits SolarMovie SC website on regular basis to watch movies online then you have to look for alternatives to SolarMovie id because some ISPs have banned this website and also there is a possibility that this website may be down. It can be used in countries like India, China, France, Hong Kong.

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We have included crunchy roll in the list of the best free movie websites. If we are fans of anime in all its aspects we cannot ignore Crunchyroll either. This streaming platform allows us to see a large part of its catalog with series such as One Punch Man, Boruto, Hunter x Hunter or Black Clover without having to shell out a euro.

It is enough that we register with a free account on their website to see the content (supported by ads). The platform still has some points to polish in terms of usability, but in general, it is a legal alternative that is highly recommended for lovers of the genre.

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