You can do a lot with your Netflix subscription other than just watching movies, exclusive series, and more on the platform. With free Netflix extensions, you can take advantage of different shortcuts on the site, add IMDb reviews for movies and series, automatically skip presentations, etc. This post will get you acquainted with five useful extensions to enjoy your Netflix content.

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The best 5 free Netflix extensions

These five add-ons are not the only ones, but they are the most important in the services that come with the Netflix site. Know everything that each add-on has to offer and confirm it in case you find it important for you.



With so many movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix each month, it can sometimes be hard to decide what you want to watch next. Yes, Netflix provides its own reviews, but I always prefer IMDB reviews. And that’s where RateFlix comes in to save your site, in fact, this Google Chrome extension is the only one working on this service for you. Once installed, go to Netflix (if the platform is already open, refresh the page) and hover over Movies and TV shows. It will show you an IMDb review near where you would normally see a Netflix review.

All Netflix Categories


If you don’t already know, Netflix has a secret list of categories that are more specialized than the big ones like action, dramas, and documentaries, so you know what you’re seeing on the home screen via those categories. But with this plugin, you’ll be able to display that secret menu. You should know that there is another way via a private link unknown to users via codes for these hidden categories. Unfortunately, we don’t have the possibility to memorize the numbers of these categories, but this list will save you from it. Simply install the plugin in your browser, then select the desired category from this list and you will be automatically redirected to the page of that category.

Super Netflix


Super Netflix gives you superpowers for Netflix, literally. Once you activate the extension, you can set it to always skip the intro, set the video bitrate when you switch between movies, and even set the color scheme of your favorite TV shows. The best part about this Netflix add-on is that the controls appear at the top of the Netflix site window and are easily accessible. On the top right, you will also get additional features such as subtitle and language activation and an option to download subtitles in case the content is also available on the computer’s storage.

Netflix Party


Netflix Party is an exclusive extension for Google Chrome that allows you to watch Netflix with another person important to you who is not in the same room as you. It works very simply: select the movie you want to watch together, then click the red “Netflix Party” button at the top of the browser to get a link to the shared session. Share it with your friend to start watching Netflix together. Needless to say, you will still need a Netflix account. The great thing about this extension is that it only requires one person to install it, the rest of the people can view it via the link of the person controlling the stream.



If you tend to watch the show you love as much as I do, whether it’s endless episodes of Friends or Money Heist, this is a great addition for you. ShuffleFlix adds a toggle on the playback bar in the bottom right corner of the Netflix video screen. So, if you have several seasons of movies and series and you don’t have a specific episode in mind, you want to watch it. Just relax and start shuffling. It will play random episodes for you to watch.