Kodi media center as one of the best media players and managers in the world, relies on the power of addons to offer users the best streaming experience possible.

Addons are nothing more than extensions that are installed afterwards and add certain functions to Kodi. Most addons are offered in so-called repositories, which in turn are available via media sources. In this guide we explain step by step and easy to understand how to add a media source in Kodi.

What are media sources for Kodi?

Media sources are Internet addresses that provide ZIP files . Repositories or Kodi addons can be installed with these ZIP files. The pages are built in a specific format and mostly look like directories with files and subfolders.

Kodi offers an extremely important feature called “file manager” in the settings . This file manager not only displays externally connected data carriers that can be searched, but also allows you to add multiple addresses to media sources so as to access repositories and extensions in the addon browser .

Third-party media kodi addons installed via the file manager and the addon browser. 

With most addons, it is not necessary to download the ZIP files on the local storage and then transfer them to the Kodi player. Thus, it is possible to install several extensions and expand Kodi functions within a few minutes without having to use another device.

In most cases, the installation of a Kodi addon is done in three steps :

  1. Add a media source address in the Kodi file manager
  2. Access the media source in the addon browser and install a repository via ZIP file
  3. Install one or more Kodi addons from the repository

How to add a media source in Kodi

  • Launch Kodi and click on the “System Settings” Icon.
  • From the available options, select «File manager»
  • Then select «Add source»
  • In the Add File Source window, double click «<None>».
  • Enter the address of the media source. Make sure that the URL is typed correctly and completely. In this example use the address needed to install the Crew addon.  
    • http://team-crew.github.io
  • Then click “OK”.
  • Now mark the bottom line and type in a meaningful name for the media source. 
  • Finally, click “OK”.

The newly created media source now appears in the file manager. If the address cannot be reached, a corresponding error message appears.

This completes the setup of a media source in Kodi. You can find the further steps for installing a Kodi addon in following guide.

If you are new to kodi, refer to our ultimate guide for kodi. there, you will find everything you need to know about the media center