How to Restore Factory Settings on Kodi using Indigo


Sometimes as we keep using kodi platform we just find ourselves with a huge number of add-ons installed, some of which might be outdated or no longer to our taste or the developer team behind it no longer provide any updates. The result is that kodi stores data and cash and take a big deal of storage space of your device. Here again the user experience on kodi becomes awful with your kodi becoming very slow. In these kind of situations the need to refresh your kodi might impose itself. One of the most common solutions is to set your kodi to factory restore and start off fresh.

This tutorial will show how to do that using a program add-on. So it is necessary to have previously installed the Indigo addon .

If you want to leave Kodi as factory but do not want to lose the configuration and current addons you can make a backup

How to carry out a factory restore on kodi

1. Launch kodi and go to the Add-ons tab

2. Select Program Add-ons and enter to Indigo add-on

3. in the list of options, find Factory Restore

4. A message will pop-up asking you to confirm deletion of all content, since this is what you want just click yes

5. Another message will pop-up to ask if you want to keep Indigo installed after reset, click No and procede

6. The last pop-up will ask you to restart kodi so that factory restore can take effect, click yes to restart

7. Once restarted, you will notice that your kodi is all clean and fresh with nothing onboard

Restore Factory Settings for kodi on an android device

If you are running kodi on an android device like your Smatphone, android box or a tv stick, the procedure is bit simpler. Just procede as if you are dealing with any other android apps.

  • 1.    Go to Settings
  • 2.     Scroll down the menu and find Apps and notifications tab
  • 3.     Click Apps and find and click on kodi on the list of installed apps
  • 4.     In the app info page enter Storage and simply Clear data

That is all, you have just reset your kodi app to factory settings

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