How To Create A Backup For Your Kodi Data And Settings


Have you ever lost your content on kodi and wished you had had a back up. All right, this situation can happen to any of us. Either inadvertently we delete everything we have been working on for long hours. It is very disappointing to lose all your add-ons, playlists, configurations and so on in just a second. Or, sometimes we opt for resetting kodi to factory restore for many reasons but the last thing we want is to lose everything. So, a wise user can always think of a backup.

This tutorial will show how to backup your kodi data and keep it safe for later use. Just follow the below steps, it is very easy .

How to backup your data on kodi

1. Launch kodi and go to the Search icon

2. In the search bar type  backup

3. In the search results, select script-backup and install the script

4.  A box will popup showing all the dependencies and add-ons that will be install Click OK

5. On the top right, a pop-up will let you know that your add-on is installed

6.  Now go back to kodi home screen, Find Add-ons tab >> Program Add-ons >> Backup

7. Once you click the Backup add-on, a box will pop up with three option. Go to Open Settings. From here you can schedule your backup timing, select which content to back up and of course indicate the path where to back it up.

7.1 General:  In the General tab  we carry out the following configuration:

·        Compress Archives : We activate it if we want to compress the file (to restore it must be unzipped)

·        Backups to keep (0 for all) : We  select the number of backups that we want to keep (this helps us not to accumulate much space if we want to make several backups)

·        Progress Display : The type of process to perform the backup

7.2 Remote Dir : Here we select the place where our backup will be saved

7.3 File Selection: here we select everything we want to backup

Scheduling: if we wish to program it we enable it and select the period, we click OK


8. Once finished setting options, go back to backup addon and click back up. The operation will immediately take effect and the time will depend on the amount of content you selected

To retrieve your backed up data, just follow the path you indicated before in the settings. And to restore the backup we must place the file in the path where the backups are made, otherwise the addon will not recognize it.


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