The Best Google Photos Alternatives 2021


If you are one of those who store their images in Google Photos, you will already know that unlimited storage will end as of June 1, 2021. If you did not know, go preparing to download all your photos in case Google decides to charge you for the photos that are out of the free 15 GB or worse, in case the photos or videos that you have stored are deleted. Follow our guide to know how to export your photos and videos from Google Photos to another cloud storage service

Honestly, Google One is not a bad deal. At most price levels, we found that it offers a lot of storage at low prices. The caveat is that it splits up your storage space across all Google services, not just Photos.


You will need to be diligent to keep your Drive and Gmail clean.

100GB : $ 2 / month or $ 20 / year (if paying annually)

200GB : $ 3 / month or $ 30 / year

2 TB : $ 10 / month or $ 100 / year


It is worth continuing to have Google as the main alternative in case the space of an account is insufficient. So it is recommended that you have several accounts and that they are linked to each other to continue sharing files.

With a Google account we have access to Google Drive, Google Photos and many other services that we are already familiar with.

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Dubox Cloud Storage / 1024GB Free

The Dubox app offers users 1 TB of free cloud storage for users. It suffices to store more than 300,000 photos, or more than 250 films or about 6.5 million pages of documents.

The account seems to be safe since you can activate a 2-step access tool, so when you want to log in, you will receive an email with a random access key.

At the moment it does not allow to buy more storage, but I think that 1024GB is enough to make a backup.

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Degoo / 100GB Free

This app offers 100GB of free cloud storage and is compatible with phones and tablets. Every time the user clicks on a photo, it is automatically stored in the cloud storage. There are also Pro options (500GB and Ultimate (10TB) for $ 3 / mo and $ 9.99 mo.

If you don’t want to pay for extra storage, Degoo offers to earn GB if you invite a friend to sign up. You can also earn an extra 750MB if you watch advertising videos from your mobile application, the more videos you watch, 750MB will be added for each advertising video seen.

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MEGA / 50GB Free

MEGA is a cloud storage alternative to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and all the other cloud storage services out there. The thing is, MEGA offers more free storage than any of those services. You will get 50GB of free cloud storage if you start using this app. Surely 50GB sounds better than the 15GB Google offers, and that’s what you’ll have to deal with starting in June 2021.

That being said, you can get a lot more storage on MEGA if you pay. You can get 400GB for € 4.99 per month and 2TB for € 9.99 per month. You can also pay annually and save even more cash. MEGA also offers an incredibly clean user interface, which is a pleasure to use. This app has been around for quite some time and even though there are still some issues that users point out, it is a solid and free / affordable alternative for storing images and videos.

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Microsoft OneDrive / 5GB Free

The basic Microsoft OneDrive plan offers 5GB of free cloud storage for syncing photos and files between devices, sharing photos, and documents. If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you can claim 1 TB of free cloud storage. This is also a good deal, and most importantly, it is one of the most secure cloud storage services in the industry.

This is also a compelling option as an alternative to Google Photos, as Microsoft 365 also offers access to all Word applications on all supported platforms and devices such as iPhone, Android mobile devices, tablets, Macs, and Windows PCs.

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Amazon Drive or Amazon Photos

Should you pay for Amazon Photos? You cannot. There is no freelance photography service that you can buy on Amazon. Rather, the service’s free, unlimited storage for all your full-resolution photos is part of a regular Amazon Prime membership. So, if you’ve already purchased from Amazon, then moving your photos to a service you’re already paying for is a no-brainer, with a gigantic caveat.

As you can probably guess, the free storage offer is only valid as long as you are an Amazon Prime member. If you ever leave your membership for any reason, you’ll have to pay for Amazon Drive storage separately, starting at $ 2 / month or $ 20 / year for 100GB, or frantically download everything to reload elsewhere.


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