This guide will show how to install and use the Syncler Provision App to help you get all Syncler provider packages in one place.

In a previous post, we have already explained how to install, use and setup the Syncler App to view Movies and TV Shows. Before Syncler Provision App saw the light, finding Provider Packages was a bit complicated.

Syncler App does not host any content on its servers. It relies on Provider Packages – Kosmos & Express – to fetch links from around the web so that you can watch media content. Without those packages, Syncler is literally useless. Yes, they are like addons for kodi or URL Bundles for Rokkr.

Syncler Provision App is a piece of software that combines all external provider packages for Syncler App in one, easy to use repository.

Thanks to Syncler Provision App, you can now have access and install Kosmos and Express Syncler packages with a hit of a button.

Install Syncler Provision ( Syncler not already installed)

Download Syncler Provision App to your devices and install it.

Launch downloader App or any other browser

Type in the search box this URL :

Download should start immediately

Click Install

Click Done to go back to the previous screen

Select Delete to delete the installation package and free some storage space

Again, hit Delete to Confirm your action

Now go back to the App drawer and open Syncler Installer app. Syncler Installer may not appear with other apps. Use Sideload Launcher to be able to access it

Once the installer launched, Syncler App will start downloading. It might take some time to finish depending on your internet speed


you will need to Allow the Syncler Installer to Install from unknown sources.


Now, click Install

When downloaded and installed, don’t click Open. Press Done to get back to the Installer home page.

On the Installer Home page you will see Provision button. hit it to install the provider packages repository


If all goes OK, you will be notified by a popup message


Now open Syncler app and head up to the Settings tab

Find Provider Packages option and open it.

Select ” My repository” to see all the available packages

Install Syncler Provision App ( Syncler already installed)

  • Download Synchler Provision App to your devices and install it using this link
  • Open Syncler Installer and press the Provision button
  • Success! Provisioning is indicated with a popup notification
  • Now open syncler and head up to the Settings tab
  • Find Provider Packages option and open it.
  • Select ” My repository” to see all the available packages

With added repositories, you can one-click install any package within them. Beware of installing too many packages, Syncler may not work properly.

After installing a provider package from the available option, there is still one step to go. You need to set up this provider which we explain in this guide.