This post will show you how to watch live sports from your mobile so that you don’t miss the next game of your favorite team and stream it for free wherever you are.

Sports is the most popular means of entertainment in the world. Thousands of people surrender every weekend to the charms of the plays, goals, and saves. And although the idea is to get together with friends at home or in a bar to watch your favorite game, there are times when your team is playing, you’re away from home and you have to watch it any way you can. Until a few years ago, the only option available was to turn to the radio. But since we have smartphones and powerful Internet connections we have another possibility, and that is to watch live sports from your cell phone in 2022 wherever you are.

Now that the world cup FIFA Qatar 2022 is just a few months away, a lot of fans start wondering how to watch the games. The TV broadcasting rights are in the hands of the major sports channels but you will have to pay to watch. Free options to stream live sports for free are also available but with less quality and stability than the paid services. And you will have to bear with some Ads.

To enjoy your favorite team anywhere there are several options. Just download the appropriate application and you will be able to watch the matches wherever you are.

How to watch live sports with Kodi


Whenever you have a problem with streaming whatever you want, be it sports, music, Movies & TV Shows, Anime, … and more, Kodi is there for you.

I will never get tired of saying it. Kodi is the best media center that exists. It is a one-of-a-kind tool with which you will make your life easier when it comes to streaming media content of all kinds.

The best thing about Kodi is that it can be installed on many platforms and operating systems like Android, Android TV, Windows, Linux..etc. Thus, no need to think about the relevant device.

Because this post targets sports fans, I am going to assure you that Kodi with the help of addons will let you stream whatever sports discipline or event you want free of charge. 

Addons like The Crew, SportHD, The Loop, Rising Tides, and many more, offer loads of sports content from around the world. The quality of the streams is very decent. It can go up to 4k in some cases.

So, if you are asking how to watch sports for free on any of your devices, the answer comes cristal clear with Kodi. All you have to do is get Kodi installed on your device, find the right add-on from the list we have already prepared for you, and manage a smooth internet connection. And there you are, all football games and competitions are easily and freely accessible for you.

Check out our list of the best Kodi Sports Addons

Android applications to watch live sports for free

Yes, Kodi is the best but requires some interventions on the user’s part to get some settings and configurations set up. Also, the process of installing addons might seem a bit confusing for some. 

If you are one of those who don’t feel comfortable with doing all the settings by themselves and want something straightforward, like press the Play button and there you are, there are several applications for Android that can spare you all the hassle. 

These applications are not available on the Google Play Store because they offer exclusive content for free which is against the law.

Moreover, most of these applications offer sports on matchdays. This means that they are not working all the time, but when a game begins they make sure to bring the streams at least 5 min before the kickoff.

Since you are a sports fan, you must probably have heard of some sports streaming applications such as La Deportes, Lepto Sports, and Tea Sports, these very reliable Apps for watching Sports Live for free. Still, you can check out multiple other options from our list of the best Sports streaming Apks.

Best Sports streaming websites

Watching sports online directly from your browser is also another alternative solution that you can use. There are plenty of websites that offer free streaming. On these websites, you can watch not only football but also many other disciplines with good quality videos.

Finding a website that offers legal sports streaming for free is very hard. Most legal streaming websites are subscription-based services. The free ones may drag you into legal issues for copyright infringements. This is why we recommend keeping your VPN ON when surfing these sites.

Without too much talk, these are some of the best sports streaming websites to watch live sports for free:

How to watch live sports on Facebook Watch?

Facebook entered the video streaming market with the Facebook Watch.  

Facebook has acquired the right to stream many sports events on its platform.

Besides the official broadcasts on Facebook watch, users are very active in live streaming sports from around the world.

Here’s how you can find a variety of live sports broadcasts on Facebook Watch:

  • Access Facebook Watch and log in with your Facebook account.
  • In the search bar type Sports and press Enter
  • Enable the “Live” option to watch live sports broadcasts.

These broadcasts are provided by Facebook users, so you may find low-quality and misleading broadcasts. If you are looking for a specific match, search for the team name.

How to watch live Sports on Telegram?

Telegram is a very famous messaging App, and this is known to everybody. But most Telegram users don’t know is that there are channels where you can find links to watch matches without paying. 

If you want to know how to find sports streaming on Telegram, it is best to use the search engine of the popular application. 

Below are listed some channels where you will find live sports

  • SportStreaming: with this channel, you can watch many sports events such as basketball, field hockey, volleyball, and tennis, in addition to soccer.
  • SportLive Free: THis channel provides links to live stream many sports, as well as information about leagues from all over the world.
  • Acestream Sports: This is a group that shares links about different sports for free.
  • El Var on Telegram: This is a channel that has gained so much popularity among Telegram users. It is dedicated to Football games and events. It provides links to stream all the major games from all the important leagues in the world. So if you want to watch matches without encountering too many problems, this is one of the most interesting options. You just have to join and start watching the content they share.

If you are looking for streaming links for a particular sport, just type the name in the search box of the application. You will probably end up finding a channel where you can watch broadcasts of your favorite sport.

How to watch live Sports on Instagram?

Instagram is another social media option with which you can watch live sports for free.

This platform contains a lot of accounts that provide free links for live sports for all the major events especially the most important European leagues such as The Premier League, The Spanish League, La Ligue 1, Serie A, and more. International competitions can also be streamed on this platform such as the Champions League and THe Europa League.

While there are Instagram accounts that perform live broadcasting of important matches so that users can watch them through this social network, All you need to do is to follow these accounts and turn on the notification so that you be notified whenever a live broadcast begins. 

Keep in mind that the links are provided by users, so don’t expect such high-quality video and audio broadcasting.

Also, many of these accounts get closed for copyrights issues and other accounts appear every now and then.

Now, to find Instagram accounts that broadcast live sports, you can simply conduct a little search on Google or search for them through the account search engine that comes within the Instagram application itself.

Otherwise, below we mention some of the best Instagram accounts where to watch live Sports:

  • @directfutbolmania is an account where you can watch live football streams for free. You can also join their Telegram channel for free sports content.
  • @footballdirecto. With more than 130,000 followers, this account provides live streaming links alongside news and schedules.
  • @futboldirectohn. Although the account is called Futbol en directo Honduras, it broadcasts European leagues. It usually puts the link in stories or the profile.
  • @partidosenvivo4. Another account worth mentioning. It offers live broadcasts and sports polls.