In a couple of months you will have Google One VPN for free on your Pixel 7

We already know when your Pixel 7 will be able to use Google's VPN for free

One of the most attractive features of the new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro is that Google promised that these terminals would have free access to your VPN. The Google One service offers a 2 TB plan to browse for €9.99 per month, but users of this new series of big G smartphones will be able to enjoy that connection for free.

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Well, although the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are already available on the market, these phones didn’t come with free Google One VPNWhen will it be enabled? Well, it seems soon. That’s right, the Mountain View guys have posted a supporting document that reveals the date on which the Pixel 7 will be able to enjoy this VPN.

From December your Pixel 7 will be able to use the Google One VPN for free

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The team of 9to5Google experts in everything related to the big G, have been responsible for finding the date on which the free VPN of the Pixel 7 will be enabled. Reviewing the latest support document published on the Google One website, the guys in the middle were able to find out the exact moment in which you can start enjoying this service.

According to the document in question, everything points to from December 2022 The Pixel 7 will receive free access to the VPN of Google One that was promised during the presentation of these mobiles. Now, another thing that has been revealed is that this benefit will not be available in all countries.

In fact, users from India and Singapore will not be able to enjoy this VPN. Finally, it should be mentioned that this connection offered by Google does not allow changing the location of the IP, so it is not useful for accessing exclusive content from other countries or regions.

And you… Are you looking forward to the arrival of the free VPN on your Pixel 7?

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