Kodi 19.0 Matrix Steady Version Officially Released



In a previous article, we talked to you about The Release Candidate Kodi 19 Matrix version which came after long months of work to announce an imminent release of the steady version of Kodi 19. And yes, the developer team of Kodi has announced the release of the final version of Kodi 19.0 Matrix on all supported platforms. One of the main tasks for the new version was moving the add-ons away from the outdated Python 2 to Python 3.

… yes, it’s here! After several iterations of alpha, beta, and RC, Team Kodi is pleased to announce that Kodi 19.0 “Matrix” has just been formally released on all supported platforms. Dare you take the red pill, and find out how deep the rabbit-hole goes? Kodi.tv release statement 


What’s new in Kodi 19.0 “Matrix”

Since the betas already had the great news of Kodi 19.0 ‘Matrix’. However, for those who have not tried any variant of this version yet, it is an important leap in several ways.

The changes mostly aim to improve the user experience. Besides, in safe use, to avoid the abuse of additives and repositories by malicious agents, which has been the cause of many errors in the past.

Standard skin revised

One of the new features visible to users is an update for Estuary, Kodi’s standard skin. The “Now playing” view for music playback has been revised and now shows more metadata for the selected song. The full-screen visualization window in the music area has also been redesigned. The opacity of the bar under the subtitles can now be individually regulated.

Upgraded to Python 3 

Probably the change that users who use add-ons notice the most is the adoption of Python 3 since support for Python 2 ended at the end of the year just finished, after 20 years of development. This will cause much of what is written for Python 2 to not work at first until it is upgraded to Python 3. If you rely on Python 2 extensions, it is best to wait.

The PVR improvement

The PVR (video recorder) function also received a bunch of improvements, as it has improved usability in terms of notifications about upcoming recordings, start screen widgets, navigation and dialog controls, context menus, and channel numbering and sorting. Other improvements have been noticed like EPG controls; info dialog enhancements; improvements to PVR handling via the API.


More security for add-ons

The security in interaction with add-ons has been increased, for example when exchanging data between Kodi and the add-ons. There is also better information about the security implications of activating external interfaces before they are activated.

AV1 video encoding

One of the most important features is that Kodi 19.0 Matrix will take advantage of the new open-source

AV1 video encoding. Static HDR10 and dynamic Dolby Vision HDR are supported for the first time. Game controller support on iOS has been improved. There are also changes in the supported platforms. Support for tvOS for Apple TV has been added, while iOS 32bit has been removed.

There are also changes in the supported platforms. Support for tvOS for Apple TV has been added, while iOS 32bit has been removed. Other important changes that we will find in this new great update of Kodi are:

  • Improvements when playing music CDs, adding metadata, covers, and more information.
  • New color for subtitles and the possibility to change the opacity.
  • Improvements to the default theme “Estuary Skin”.
  • Support for HDR10 if Windows supports it.
  • New functions in the PVR.
  • Support for Dynamic Dolby Vision HDR.

Further details can be found in the announcement. Kodi 19 »Matrix« is available for Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, Raspberry Pi, iOS, and tvOS on the project’s download page.

Should I stay in Kodi v18.9 for now?

The main feature of Kodi v19 is that add-ons must now be designed with Python 3. This means that all Python 2-based add-ons are not compatible and cannot run on the Matrix.

At the time of writing the guide, most of the top movie add-ons do not seem to have completed the necessary changes required with Python 3.

Therefore, if you are already using all these top movie add-ons, it is important to stay on Kodi v18.9 until later.

As usual with such changes that affect add-ons from external developers, not all extensions have yet been changed. Thus before updating to Kodi 19.0, users should check whether the add-ons they are using have already been converted.

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