Anime World APK Download for Android

With the Anime World Android app, you can stream and download unlimited anime over the Internet. The user interface is simple and intuitive. The app supports several languages, including English, French, German, and Japanese. 

Anime World Android App Features:

The Anime World Android app allows you to watch numerous anime over the Internet. The app offers different categories and a favorites list where you can put your favorite series. 

There is a global search function that allows you to find your anime specifically. The user interface is kept simple and does not require any training.


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For each series, it shows if there are new episodes and how many episodes have aired in total. There is also other information such as a plot summary, release year, and more. 


The different anime are categorized into different genres such as action, adventure, comedy, drama, etc. The genres can be searched through the menu.


Anime World supports different languages like Japanese (the original language with subtitles), German, English, French, and many more. The language is set when you launch the app for the first time or later in the settings. 


Moreover, you can add your favorite series to a favorites list and access the content even faster.

Download and install Anime World APK

The Anime World Android app is compatible with all devices that use Android as their operating system, including Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, smartphones, tablets, and Android TV boxes.

Anime World is available in the Google Play Store and can be downloaded directly from it. However, apps of this type have unwanted services active in the background, including advertisements and analytics codes. Therefore, you can also find a modified version of the Android app under the download link a bit further down.

The modified Anime World APK has the following changes:

  • Advertising removed
  • Tracking disabled
  • Analysis code cleaned up
  • Removed permissions for advertising services
  • The size of the app greatly reduced

The modified Anime World APK can be downloaded from the following link