This guide will cover up the best Anime websites and streaming services available on the net that you can visit anytime and anywhere to keep up with your favorite Anime Shows.

The popularity of anime outside of Japan today is considerable, as many websites cater to the needs of a global audience. In particular, there is a demand for simultaneous broadcast releases in both sub and dubbed formats.

If you are a kodi media center user, there are great addons for Anime content that you can check out in this guide.

If you are an Anime content fan and have been trying to find the best Anime platforms to watch your favorite shows, use this list as your guide.

Best Websites to Watch Anime Online

GoGoAnime (free).

Many free anime sites post more ads and pop-ups than you’d like. Very few good names can be mentioned. Fortunately, GoGoAnime doesn’t disappoint with its fast loading times and minimal crashing. However, those with phones and tablets may not get the experience. Be sure to use a laptop.

GoGoAnime contains an A to Z list of popular anime in several themes, including Isekai and Cyberpunk. You can also watch some new releases, although not all series can be guaranteed. However, it is absolutely free!

The main reason this website catches our attention is because of its faster playback speed, legal episodes, and lack of distractions. Also, if you just enjoy reading and responding to others’ comments, GoGoAnime meets all the requirements.

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Watch Anime Online (free).

This free Anime streaming website has a huge catalog from all the latest anime to the classics. You can find almost all anime, encompassing multiple genres such as romance, horror, science fiction, comedy, and more. It also has a streamlined interface, giving users easy access to all of the addon’s collections. Whether you prefer English-subbed or dubbed versions, they’re all here

You won’t face problems in terms of video quality as most of its contents are uploaded in a consistent standard of 240p, HD 720p, 1080p, and 4K 2160p. 

Content through this addon spans different genres starting from classic to new releases. This website is the main source for the Watchnixtoons2 kodi addon

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Anime-Planet (free).

Another free website with minimal distractions, Anime-Planet, offers over 45,000 legal anime episodes for your enjoyment. There is also a huge collection of manga if you just like reading rather than watching videos.


You can browse anime and manga based on the best seasonal charts, ratings, genres, studios, etc. E. Registering on the website allows you to keep track of what you’ve seen or read and build a collection to brag about later. There’s enough content for audiences of all ages.

If you’re new to anime, this website is a good place to start your journey.

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Crunchyroll (free/paid).

For those who love unlimited collections of anime and manga, Crunchyroll offers the best deal. All content is legal, and in most cases you can find a full list of episodes. Unlike the two aforementioned options, you’ll find multiple simulcasts that are frequently updated.


Although there is quite a bit of free content, most anime videos only offer previews. You’ll need to take out a Premium subscription for $6.95 a month to watch the full releases. However, the complete lack of ads and high download speed is a good deal.

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Funimation (paid).

Funimation is one of the best premium anime streaming services for North American audiences. Acquired by Sony, the site offers a glamorous interface and shows adapted for Western anime viewers.


Lots of shows are streamed simultaneously and duplicated on the site. They boast a completely free service.

There is, however, one serious drawback: Funimation is not currently available outside of the U.S., Canada, Australia and some other countries. This may change very soon, but you can easily get around these restrictions with a good VPN.


Or you can Download the MOD version of the Funimation App to unlock all restricted content.

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HiDive (paid).

If you’re dissuaded by Funimation’s geographic limitations, HiDive offers a good alternative. At just $4.99 a month, it streams simultaneous broadcasts, dubbing, movies and entire series without missing episodes.


The collections are the freshest and the video quality will amaze you. HiDive is a near-perfect find that has everything you’ve ever wanted.

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Other Alternative websites

NetFlix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have a pretty large collection of anime and don’t disappoint in quality and latest series. The reason they are not included in this list is that these streaming services focus on more than just anime.

Even YouTube has a few channels that show entire anime series, but you have to look for them very carefully.


Whether it’s engaging storylines, creative characters or sincere emotion, there is so much variety in anime. The list of sites included here is not exhaustive, but contains the best collection to help you develop this new hobby.

If you are using any other website to watch Anime that you can recommend to other fans please drop it in the comments box so that everybody knows.