Android TV: Play Store Makes It Easier for downloading applications

To make it easier to download and install applications on Android TV (soon to be Google TV), Google is introducing an interesting little novelty to the Play Store.

Android TV is enriched with a new functionality. Now, Google allows users to install applications on their Android TV box through their smartphone. An option to choose on which device you want to install an app has just appeared on the Play Store. No need to turn on your box to add an application. 

A welcome new feature for Android TV (Google TV)

The simplest options are often the best. The new feature Google has added to the Play Store for Android TV is a good example of this. The feature in question allows users to easily install an application on their TV from their smartphone.

Simple and Practical

Normally, users of Android TV – which is supposed to give way to Google TV in 2022 – have to go through the interface of their connected TV to be able to install an application on it. Now, a feature on the Play Store is starting to roll out to make the operation more convenient. From your smartphone, on the presentation sheet of an app, next to the big Install button, you’ll see a little arrow.

As evidenced by the screenshot below shared on Reddit. We can see that the installation of the MX Player application is offered on a Xiaomi Mi Box 4, but from a smartphone.

If an Android TV version of the app is available on the store, Google will automatically suggest you install it on your box. To do this, all you have to do is check a small box just below the installation button . The Play Store lists all compatible devices that are linked to your Google account. You will find the mention of your Android TV box alongside that of your phone.


By tapping on it, you will have the option to choose on which device the app should be installed. If you have an Android TV (Google TV) device connected to your account, you will be offered the corresponding option.

Note that this novelty, eagerly awaited by Android TV users, is not available on Apple TV, Apple’s TV box. To install an app from the App Store, you must turn on the device and go to the store manually. For the time being, it is impossible to install an app from an iPhone.

As XDA Developers reports, this new option isn’t widely available at the moment, and it seems to be rolling out via a server-side update. It doesn’t appear on any of our devices running the latest Google Play Store update. So you’ll have to be patient to take advantage of it.

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