YouTube Music Premium APK 4.64.51 – Download for Android

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YouTube Music Premium APK is a subscription service offered by Google, which allows the user to enjoy unlimited free music, ad-free video experience, background video playback, pop-up video box, and YouTube originals. This is something that people have been demanding for a very long time. This Mod app is quite related to the YouTube Vanced app by independent developers on GitHub.

Many of us like to listen to music at work or while studying or all the time. For some, it is a source of motivation, and for others, it helps to improve their concentration level. There is also a section of people who think that listening to music is spending quality time. 

If you are the kind of person who is fond of music and you want to keep up with the latest hits and recommendations according to your liking, then YouTube Music is what you need.

What is YouTube Music Premium APK?

YouTube Music Premium APK is a music streaming platform that gives users access to YouTube’s vast catalog of music videos, covers, and live performances. This Mod application allows you to stream music without ads and has some additional features.

In addition to giving access to the latest albums and trending songs and tracks, YouTube Music offers personalized recommendations to users based on their location, mood, geographic region, and artists of your choice, among others.

In general, YouTube Music Premium costs €9.99/month and for a family of 6 members would cost €14.99/month, which is the same as most other music streaming services, including Spotify, and Deezer Premium. You can try it for free for a month before deciding whether to subscribe, and you can cancel anytime without too much hassle.

If you want to save that money for something else, then you can always choose YouTube Music Mod APK for your Android smartphone. It offers most of the offline modes except (Offline Listening).

Key Features of YouTube Music Mod

  • Ad-free experience

Ads are one of the ways to generate revenue through most online services. You may know how people or companies generate revenue by displaying ads. YouTube Music Premium Mod does not display any ads at all, because we have already removed these codes. So, in such cases, ads are restricted and a trouble-free service is provided.

  • Good quality audio

YouTube Music Premium is not as good as what we offer in the Deezer Premium Service or Tidal. But good quality for general users

Right now, if you stream in normal quality, you get 128 kbps AAC as a bit rate. For premium subscribers, it will be high quality which is 256 kbps AAC. If you have irregular network connectivity or want to record data, you can switch to poor quality, which is HE-AAC 48 kbps.

  • Background playback

I would say that many want this feature and the most important feature of YouTube Music. As a rule, YouTube has limited background playback in its video streaming platform. So it will turn off once we see our mobile screen. When we turn off the screen, the video playback will stop, ruining all the fun of the music.

But with the YouTube Music Premium Mod apk, you can now play any song in the background. The background music also saves the battery.

  • Watch YouTube videos

Yes, you can watch a video of the song. This feature is completely optional and you can disable the video if you want to listen to the audio-only. This option allows you to stay on the YouTube Music Premium app without going into the YouTube app to search for it.

  • Discover millions of songs

YouTube Music features over 50 million official high-quality tracks, albums, and audio, as well as deep cuts, Besides, live performances and remixes you won’t find anywhere else. Yes, many covers are not available in other streaming apps because the artists are uploaded directly to its parent service.

This means that you will find unique music here. In addition, it can provide songs in all languages of the world.

  • Too good recommendations

It will give you the best recommendation based on your previous listening history. Leaving aside your tracked and analyzed music history, the app does a great job of giving listeners all that match their interests. This is also accepted by many people, so there is nothing for you to worry about. However, because of this, many people have found artists they have never heard of.

  • Pop-Window to resume video

Many want to multitask while watching YouTube videos. Yes, possible with YouTube Music Premium APK as it allows users to continue watching their favorite videos in the form of a pop-up window on the screen while performing other tasks on the device. This feature requires an Android 8.0 or higher operating system.

  • Available lyrics

Sometimes we hear catchy songs out of the blue like at the coffee shop or salon shop. But when we try to search for the song and want to learn all the lyrics. This is where the lyrics are handy to know the meaning of the complete song.

Also, there is the lyrics search available to find the tracks with just type lyric in the search bar. This is a kind of cool feature.

How to install YouTube Music Premium APK on Android?

This procedure requires another Android application called Vanced MicroG, which is used to connect with a Google account. So you need to install this application to access the YT Music application. The procedure is simple and please follow the steps carefully.

  • Download the MicroG application from here
  • Now install the MicroG application by allowing unknown sources.
  • Once it has been successfully installed, press the Done button.
  • Now install YouTube Music Premium Mod APK on your Android device. Download from here
  • Open it and ignore the 30-day free offer or any other demo page.
  • Go to the login options.
  • Enter your Gmail and password.
  • You can enjoy all the premium features for free.

Final Thoughts

These days, everyone wants music while they work just to motivate themselves to work or while taking long drives for fun. But not everyone has the purchasing power for expensive apps. YouTube Music Premium APK has solved the problem for you. With this, you can stream as much music as you want without paying a single cent. There are tons of tracks available, and you can choose any song you want to listen to. 

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