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Tv Bro: The Best Web Browser For Your Android TV

TV Bro, one of the best apps you can have on your android TV, is an open source web browser optimized for Android TV media boxes.

It is the only browser to date that offers adaptive mouse speed control and full remote control support and advanced customization.

TV Bro optionally uses search solutions and voice search from Google.

The TV Bro web browser has a multilingual interface, and also requires an android version of at least 5.0 Lollipop installed on the device. Without advertising.

TV Bro Browser Features

  • remote control
  • extended tab support
  • built-in voice search in many languages
  • the ability to change the User Agent value
  • uses the built-in WebKit web rendering engine
  • improved built-in download manager
  • web page history and hotkey support available

The application does not sync with bookmarks and account history on other devices. If the data from Google Drive is not visible, changing the User Agent will help.

You can watch Torrent TV through a web browser, although for such purposes it will still be more convenient to connect a mouse. Plans to add VPN function. You can get acquainted with the source code of the application from the author’s official page on GitHub.

Also, it is not yet possible to copy text on pages. Scaling the text works by long pressing the virtual cursor on an empty space on the page.

The author plans to transfer TV Bro to the Firefox engine, because the built-in Chrome WebView imposes a lot of restrictions and contains a number of fatal bugs. There are also some ideas on how to fix the design and make the browser a little more convenient.

The implementation of copying is also in the list of tasks, but it depends on the redesign and it is not yet clear how to implement it in the UI (for a long tap, now scaling, which does not work well again due to WebView limitations).


3 thoughts on “Tv Bro: The Best Web Browser For Your Android TV”

  1. This app comes very close to being what I need.
    I have a Mecool M8S Pro+ that I want to use to watch iPlayer on.
    I have not had much luck using Kodi, and using any other way requires using a mouse and or keyboard.
    So I tried your browser and I was very happy to see that I can now load iPlayer using the remote control!
    But… when trying to view anything, there is just a black screen. Now this is something to do with how codecs are implemented in the system, I think.
    I also tried different user agents, using the iPad user agent I can load the video, but it is too choppy to be watchable.
    Using a user agent which simulates and older android device, iPlayer tries to redirect to a streaming app, BBC media player.
    It does it through and address like intent://[appnamehere] but your browser does not seem to support this.

    Basically what I am saying is, can you somehow adapt the browser so the engine is like Chrome and or can you add support for intent:// functionality to be able to open installed apps?

  2. I tried it on the Amazon Fire TV. The app loaded and functioned, just couldnt load a webpage with it. After typing in a web address and pressing enter, it would just return to the app homepage.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Very strange… Do you use built-in address bar (shown on top after pressing “back” button) or you use editbox on homepage?

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