This article will introduce Swift Streamz APK, a Live TV streaming app that has gained popularity thanks to its capabilities and useful functionality combined. Moreover, the application is very convenient, it can be used anytime and anywhere to ensure that users will always get the best for their entertainment needs.

Swift Streamz APK is an Android application that allows you to watch live TV channels. Thanks to a large catalog with channels from many countries, you will be able to watch More than 700+ Live TV Channels on your Android Phone and Tablet from across the world in just a few clicks, all for free.

Swift Streamz APK offers a huge collection of interesting and exciting TV channels from all over the world. The channels are selected among the most common and famous channels in different countries, which will allow you to enjoy the app to the fullest.

This Live TV App provides live channels from around the world. You can follow your favorite shows, including the latest news, Sports, Documentaries, and Movies. It is a free resource and there is no option to register or sign up. So, you can access the content directly.

Feel free to browse between different channels from varied categories, each having its own amazing content for you to follow. Simply select the channels that you want to watch and enjoy them in real-time, thanks to the useful streaming option on Swift Streamz. And most importantly, the free and accessible channels will make sure that you can always enjoy the app.

Swift Streamz features:

No doubt, there are many free applications for Android users in this regard, like RedBox TV APK. But Swift Streamz stands out from the crowd thanks to the unique features it has. The most important of which are listed below:

  • Stream HD quality videos.
  • Request for movies.
  • Multiple In-built video players.
  • Hide channels from countries.
  • Hide movie categories.
  • Useful for Android TVs & boxes.
  • Make a list of favorites.
  • All services are free of cost.
  • User-friendly Interface.
  • Usable on 3G/4G, Wi-Fi networks.
  • No password/subscription/registration.

What is Swift Streamz worth for watching TV channels on Android?

The application is very simple. Once installed and launched, we discover a rather classic and almost childlike design. It’s obvious that it’s nothing exceptional but it’s still easy to find.

All the TV channels’ streams are classified by country. You have to select your country first (France, India, England,…) and then the complete list of channels you can watch will be displayed.


Content of All Genres

Above all, the app includes television channels and movies of almost all genres. And everyone can enjoy it according to their taste.

  • Sports, News, Wildlife
  • Movies, Music, TV Shows
  • Cartoons, Religious, Dramas
  • World Famous TV Channels
  • Popular Web Series/Films

Choose your video player

Once you have decided which channel you want to watch, you have to select it. You may be surprised by the window that appears asking you which player you want to use. This is a big plus point: the user has the choice on his video player. You can also select one by default or choose the one you want to use every time.

During our tests, the majority of the streams worked properly. The user experience was exemplary and the simplicity of use makes the application very good. If you are also used to watching the same channels, you can bookmark them. They will then remain easily accessible in a tab.

There is also a “Movies” tab in the main menu. However, you will not find any exceptional programs. Swift Streamz offers only a few Pakistani and Indian movies.

Request New streams and channels

Another thing, you can easily ask from the application to add a channel. The team will then deal with your request and add or not the channel of your choice. You can also report a channel that no longer works from an option dedicated to this.

As you can see, Swift Streamz is an excellent application that offers many video streams. The catalog is complete and many channels are available in many languages. If the interface is a bit childish, it will allow everyone to find their way easily. The application is therefore a must-have today.

How to install Swift Streamz?

The application is not available on the Google Play Store. So you have to go through the developer’s website or press the download button below to download the APK file. Once you have it on your Android device, you just have to open it with your file manager and you will be asked to proceed with the installation.

Final thoughts

Swift Streamz is finally a very good alternative to Mobdro. The TV channels are classified by country and thus make it easy to find your way through all the video streams. Being able to choose your video player is also a very interesting feature.