Full HD Or UHD 4K TVs? Know The Differences Between The Two To Choose The Best

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If you are in the process of buying a television, you may find yourself something lost between measurements of the diagonal, inches, resolution, indecipherable acronyms, etc. Here in Simturax we are going to try to clarify some of the basic concepts so that the purchase of your television is a success. Above all, today we are going to focus on telling you everything related to the different types of resolution that the latest TV models have, specifically the difference between Full HD or UHD 4K televisions.

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How are Full HD and UHD 4K different?

You probably do not know that the term Full HD or UHD , refers to the resolution. Resolution refers to the pixels on the screen. The higher the number of pixels, the better the image quality.

The difference between Full HD and UHD is the number of pixels that each of the different technologies has.

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So if we compare with Full HD vs UHD numbers , televisions that have Full HD technology have 1920 × 1080 pixels. This resolution provides high-quality, high-definition images. UHD technology is newer than Full HD and the number of pixels is higher (3840 × 2160 pixels), so the level of detail in the image is higher. The UHD system gives a much more realistic look to the image.

If we continue to compare UHD vs Full HD, we must take into account a consideration that we often overlook. Is the content that I am going to view on my UHD television broadcast in that format? If not, I will be wasting the money and it would be much more appropriate to buy a television with Full HD technology since the contents are broadcast in this format.

When choosing between a Full HD or UHD 4K television , we must take into account an aspect that we have not talked about until now, the size of the screen. It is clear that with a screen of the same size the image quality will be of higher quality on a UHD television than on a Full HD one. But if the size of the screen increases, the number of pixels will have to be spread over a larger area.

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So if we are thinking of buying a large TV, the most advisable thing would be to decide on one with UHD 4K technology. TVs with 4K UHD technology still have more pixels than UHD technology. On the contrary, if the television is a few inches with a Full HD one, we will have an extraordinary image quality and it will not be necessary to spend more money than necessary.

Being a more modern technology, UHD 4K televisions use OLED panels that are a few millimeters thick, so the shape and aesthetics between both types of televisions are also very different.

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Until relatively recently the number of televisions with Full HD technology was greater, but as UHD televisions fall in price, more and more households are deciding on this new technology. However, the price of UHD televisions is higher than that of Full HD.

When in doubt about which is better Full HD or UHD , you should assess all the aspects that we have mentioned and decide which technology is really
going to be the one that best meets your expectations. Also, if you are thinking of buying a television, you must choose the type of resolution you prefer to view your multimedia content.

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