eSound Music: Your Best Spotify Free Alternative

This guide invites you to discover what many users qualify as a free alternative to Spotify – eSound Music MP3 Player. We are going to look at its key features and why you should choose it over other alternatives.

If you are a huge fan of music, which I bet you are, you are probably using a Music App on your mobile so that you can listen to your favorite hits everywhere and every time,

Maybe you’re using Spotify, but for some time now you’ve been torn between taking out a subscription or going through all the limitations of a free account. eSound Music really does seem to be the alternative app to Spotify and it’s free.

What is eSound MUsic?

eSound music is an MP3 Music Player for Android devices that you can use to stream a limitless library of songs and hits. With this app, you can find music online & your favorite songs and add them to your playlist. This way you can listen to them anytime you like


eSound allows you to create an online music playlist with its soundtrack player and listen to it anytime and anywhere. And discover every new title from the ones that are recommended for you based on your searches in eSound online music player.

eSound Music: a Spotify-like User Interface

In fact, it’s clear from the home page that eSound’s programmers wanted to use Spotify’s graphics. The thumbnails of the songs, the buttons, and many functions are very similar to the best-known app for streaming music.

That said, the interface of eSound Music is really very easy to use. Besides, the app is compatible with both iOS and Android. 

Once you launch the eSound application, the first thing you have to do is register to create an account that you can take with you at all times and where all your settings and saves will be stored.


The main sections immediately jump to the eye in the eSound Music home. The graphics are evidently inspired by Spotify but I don’t see anything wrong with it. 

The first one is the one dedicated to the songs selected by the system based on your personal tastes, the latest listens, and favorite genres. This section is called “Daily mixes” and will be updated daily.

Immediately below you’ll have a selection of artists similar in musical genre to those you have listened to most frequently. In this motion, you’ll be able to broaden your musical horizons automatically. Next, you’ll also have a series of “Recommended content” and right below your “Top playlists“.


As for the playlists that will be suggested to you, the eSound app’s algorithm will analyze the “Hits of the moment” by analyzing your online listening and then suggest playlists of others by dividing them by genre.

Scrolling down you’ll get to the “Favorite Songs” section, an archive where you’ll find the songs you’ve left a heart. The same goes for the last sections that will do nothing but suggest the artists you have appreciated the most and will show you their other musical works that you probably didn’t know.


How to access the eSound Music Library?

At the bottom of the eSound Music app is a toolbar where three main icons have been placed: the first is shaped like a small house, the second is shaped like a music note, and the third is shaped like a magnifying glass.

The first icon in the shape of a small house represents the homepage of the application and we talked about it above. The second icon is the one shaped like a musical note and represents the section dedicated to your “Library


In your library, you will find the songs that you have saved and that you can listen to even when you are offline and the second the artists that refer precisely to the songs you have downloaded to your device. Yes, you got it right! eSound Music allows you to download music files for free without having to subscribe.

Right below, you’ll find your personal “Playlists” that you can create and name as you wish. Obviously, these playlists can be made public if you wish and can be listened to or shared with others.

How Track Search works on eSound Music?

Now here comes the fun part, because you might be wondering how does Track Search work within eSound Music? First, you’ll need to click on the third magnifying glass icon at the bottom. You will enter a section where you can write in the search string the title of the song you are looking for or the name of the artist. Once this is done you’ll have two very interesting options.

The first option is linked to an archive that is getting bigger and bigger, thanks to millions of users of the application. The search will look for your song in this ever-expanding archive. If, however, you can’t find your song, you can activate the “Search on YouTube” function, which will allow you to listen to the song from the millions of contents present on YouTube.


This search function is definitely one of the strongest points of this app that makes eSound a real alternative to Spotify which, on the other hand, has an incredible archive of files but a subscription plan so as not to burden you with commercials.

eSound player main functions

The main functions on the eSound Music player are exactly a copy of Spotify. Admittedly, these are the same buttons found in many other players and we only analyze them from the point of view of user experience. 

First, you have the “Play“, “Forward and Backward“, “Track Repeat” and “Random Track Play” buttons.

Once you find the song you like, you can put a heart in it to automatically add it to your favorites, or associate it with your personal playlist by clicking on those two dots you see at the bottom left of the player (..). Clicking on this function will open all the options for saving and sharing the song you are listening to.


On the right side, always at the bottom, you will have a button in the shape of a tray with an upward arrow that will activate the sharing of that song with the main sources of external social networks available to you on your smartphone or tablet. 

In the upper right-hand corner, on the other hand, a function has been placed to show you the possibility of listening to other tracks either by the same artist you are listening to or that have the same title as the song. This function has an icon with three lines of different sizes.

Is eSound really free?

Yes, the answer is yes, eSound Music is really free and has all the credentials to become a great alternative for music lovers on smartphones and tablets. However, since no one gives you anything for nothing, eSound occasionally features banner ads that legitimately allow developers to pay their way.

Especially when you exit the app and re-enter it, they show up in all their annoyance, but they’re nowhere near as annoying as Spotify’s periodic ads. Want to get rid of them? You can take out a subscription of a little cost that I find absolutely useless given the many features available at no cost.

eSound Music key features

  • Almost unlimited free music archive
  • Search also from YouTube with more than 150 million songs available
  • Intelligent music search
  • Current hits and trendy music suggestions
  • creation and customization of your own playlists
  • automatic shutdown or sleep timer function

Final thoughts

After testing eSound Music Player, we have noticed that the UI is very simple and complete. It’s clear that it’s brazenly inspired by something that already exists, so I couldn’t go any further.

The addition of the search function drawing from YouTube is the plus of this app for smartphones and tablets. It increases the search pool exponentially.

I didn’t give full marks because some ads might interfere and especially. After all, older generation devices might suffer from the app’s memory usage. app is free and gives you the main functions of alternative apps that charge a lot. Obviously, the ads are there but the benefits are also available compared to those who force you to subscribe to often exorbitant plans.