How To Install TvMob APK On Android TV & Firestick [Live TV]

This guide will show how to install TvMob APK On Android TV & Firestick. An Android application specially designed for those who want to enjoy their favorite TV Shows and Movies on the go. You will be able to stream over 800+ TV channels on all your Android devices for free.

The steps described below apply to all devices and platforms that run Android and Android TV Operating Systems such as mobiles, tablets, Android boxes, and Smart TVs with Android TV.

About TvMob APK

TvMob APK is a wonderful Live TV streaming application for Android that provide users with a huge catalog of both public and private channels from all over the world.

TvMob APK offers all its services to the users free of charge with no need to subscribe or log in. So you can directly access and enjoy its content.

This app offers diversified content categories that not only adult users will enjoy but also children with the availability of anime channels. So, there is something for everyone.

 TvMob APK is a very simple-to-use application. When you open the app, you’ll find an elegant and simple interface with a list of TV channels and the logo of each channel. At first, you’ll see all available channels, but you can also filter them to select or eliminate channels that don’t interest you. To watch one of these channels live, all you have to do is tap on the channel’s logo, and that’s it. You’ll immediately be able to watch that channel from your smartphone.

Another interesting feature of TvMob APK is the ability to build your favorite list of Live TV Channels so that you can easily access what you want to watch without having to look for it again through the huge catalog that the application provides.

You will also have to grant some permissions to the application for it to work optimally and provide the best of services to its downloader.

On the home screen, the app highlights all the available Live TV Channels. But you can also explore channels based on many categories such as News, Sports, Movies, Music, Documentaries, Religion, and more.

Channels of the UK, USA, Canada, India, Spain, Portugal, etc. are present in TvMob APK. The application covers, almost, all the countries with its inventory of over 500 channels and growing. The development team regularly adds new channels to the application so that entertainment never stops for TvMob APK users. 

TvMob APK Key Features:

A lot of premium features are provided by the TvMob application to the users which makes it one of the most unique apps present on the internet for viewing live television on your smartphone. The most interesting features are stated below:

  • A growing catalog of Live TV Channels

the app provides users with the ability to watch TV channels of their liking. These include TV channels that are publicly available as well as those that are private. The TV channels would not be restricted to any particular area and the user will be able to watch TV channels from all around the world by using their own Android phone only

  • Explore multiple content genres

the app provides users with the ability to watch different types of watching content that have all types of genres. The user can watch action movies, Adventure, mystery, science fiction, and all different types of content.

the application provides users with the ability to watch from a huge catalog and select whatever they like. It has different kinds of genres that can make you have fun and watch whatever you like. It makes sure that everybody has something to watch for

  • Easy to use

the application is very simple to use and the user will not be needing any hard and fast rules for making use of the application services.

  • Friendly UI

the application has a very intuitive user interface that the user can easily navigate through the application without requiring any kind of user guide or an external source.

  • nonstop entertainment

the user of this application will get to have a nonstop entertainment service. They can have fun and entertain themselves as well as their friends and family.

  • Lightweight app

the application provides users with the ability to easily install this application as a very lightweight app and it will not take much of the user’s android storage space. In this way, the user will not have to be scared about downloading and installing the application.

  • Favorites list

the application allows users to add their favorite channels to a favorite list. This way the user will not have to go through the app to again find their favorite TV channel to watch. The user can easily save their time and energy

  • In-built media player

the app provides the user with the ability to watch whatever they like as it has an inbuilt media player. This way the user will not be needing any external media player.

  • No geo-restrictions

the app doesn’t have any limitations and does not border the different places in the world. It makes sure that the user gets to have all kinds of entertainment content.

  • Multiple languages

Another important feature that is provided by the TvMob APK application is that the platform can support multiple languages for the channels it provides. This particular feature helps in understanding all the channels from around the world without any problem as the languages are easily convertible into your local and native language.

How to install TvMob APK on Android mobiles?

TvMob APK is not available in the Play Store or Amazon app store. To install the TvMob App you need to use the APK file of the app.

We have explained to you the steps to download and install TvMob on your device using the APK file. Follow every step without skipping to install the app without any errors.

  • First, you need to download the APK file from the below-given link. Make sure you have the necessary storage space in your device before download/installation. 
  • To install an app using the APK file you need to enable the “Unknown sources” option. Go to Settings -> Security -> Device and Management -> Unknown Sources. Turn ON this option to let the device allow you to install the app.
  • Now open the Downloads folder and find the location of the downloaded APK file.
  • Click on the APK file and the app will proceed to install. During installation, the app will request permissions to access Media files and file storage.
  • Grant them access and the installation will be complete.
  • You can now launch the app from the home screen of the device.
  • Select your favorite movies using the search bar on the home page of the app and enjoy streaming.

Note: If you get an error called “Blocked by play protect” then you can just click on install anyway to proceed with the installation

How to install TvMob APK on Android TV?

This guide accompanied by screenshots will show you how to install TvMob APK on all devices sharing the same Android TV OS.

The process will take you through three steps:

  • First, we will install the Downloader app from the play store
  • Second, we will enable installation from unknown sources for the Downloader app
  • Finally, we will find, download and install the APK file

If the first two steps are already done for you, then skip directly to the third one

For this guide, we are going to use go through the Downloader app to directly sideload the TvMob APK on Android TV, but you can install the APK on your mobile then transfer it to your Android TV device to be installed. See how you can do that in this guide.

See also how to sideload any APK file on Android TV

Install the Downloader App

The first thing you need to do is to install Downloader, a powerful browser, and file manager specifically designed for android TV-based devices, and this is the element that interests us the most since we will use it to download any APK on the net.

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Say that Downloader is available in the official play store, so you can download it directly to your Mi TV Stick.

Open Play Store, search Downloader, then install and open the application


Once launched it will ask you to grant permission to access local storage. Since this is a file manager, it will need that permission to function. Just press Allow


If there is any new update for the downloader app, it will prompt you, so click OK.


That’s it, your browser is now ready to use. Just go to the search box, type an address, or a query to start surfing the net. And this is exactly how we are going to find and install APKs on Android TV.

Enable installation from unknown sources

The most interesting apps for Android TV are found in third-party sources. So, the first thing you have to do is enable installation from unknown sources. If not already done, just follow these steps:

Launch your device and click on the “System Settings” Icon.


Select Device Preferences


Go to Security and restrictions


Enter Unknown sources option


Allow Downloader app to install from unknown sources


Install TvMob APK

After having enabled installation from unknown sources, your device can now install any app you want from outside the official Play Store.

Once the Downloader app is ready to use, all you have to do is click on the Browser option and use the web browser to download any application in APK format.

To install TvMob APK, one of the greatest destinations for you to enjoy a limitless number of movies and TV Shows, follow the steps below:

Launch Downloader app and in the search box and enter the following address:

… then press go

Wait for Download to finish and press install

Now click Done to go back to the previous screen

Delete the installation package

Again, press Delete to confirm

That’s it, you can now use your TvMob app.

Go back to the home screen, in the app drawer, find and open your app

If you’ve gone through all the steps and can’t see TvMob app installed on your Android TV, you’ll need to download and install a launcher . Sometimes there are applications that are not displayed on the main screen of the device or Smart TV with Android TV, don’t worry, it is totally normal.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is extremely simple. The only thing you have to do is install an app like Sideload Launcher to see the sideloaded apps.

With the launcher downloaded, installed and started, you will be able to find that app that you have installed and that was not previously displayed on the main screen. Of course, you will have to get used to using this new interface, because this launcher changes the entire aspect of the interface of your Android TV.

Apart from the Sideload Launcher, you can also try many other alternatives from our list of the best Android TV Launchers then choose the one that best suits you.

Otherwise, you can find your TvMob app following these tedious steps:

Go to Setting Icon >>> Apps >>> See all apps >>> System Apps >>> Scroll down the list of apps and find TvMob >>>> Click Open

Enjoy a great quality content of movies and TV Shows on your big screen for free

With the guide above, you can install any APK in just a few minutes. You can then integrate Real-debrid and to enhance your streaming experience.

How to install TvMob APK on Firestick?

TvMob Apk is not officially available on the Amazon app store. Therefore, you need to rely on the sideloading method to download this streaming app on your Firestick or Fire TV. Before installing any APK file, enable applications from unknown sources: 

Launch your Firestick and from the Home screen open the Settings option ( Gear icon )


Scroll down and select My Fire TV  Click on it.


Select Developer options.

If you can’t see Developer Options Item on your device menu, this guide shows how you can enable it


Then click on “Apps from Unknown sources


Next, select the Turn On option when the pop-up appears.


Now, back to the Home screen, press on FIND then Search


After clicking on the search box, an on-screen keyboard will appear. Search for the “Downloader app”


Select Downloader app from appeared search results


Tap on Download.


Wait for the app to finish installing


Once the app installed, click Open to launch Downloader


A prompt will come up asking you to allow downloader to access your device. Click on Allow.


If there is any new update for the downloader app, it will prompt you, so click OK.


On the Downloader home screen, use the URL box and type this exact link:


The download will start immediately. You will have to wait till it finish downloading.


After downloading, click on the Install


Once finished installing, click on Done

Then click on Delete to remove the APK file from your device to free up some space.


Click on Delete again to confirm your action


To see your newly installed app, go back to your Home Screen and select Your Apps & Channels. Click on See All, scroll down till you find TvMob icon and move it up to the top for easy access.

TvMob review

TvMob app has a lot of cool features that made many people want to download it. Most notable is its strong support for weak broadcasting by providing multiple servers for a single channel.

Content is available from many countries, including India, Bangladesh, the USA, the UK, France, Germany, the UAE, Canada, etc.

Known for its high-quality content, users have the option to switch between HD and full HD. Stream your favorite shows in crystal clear HD.

This Live TV App provides live channels from around the world. You can follow your favorite shows, including the latest news, Sports, Documentaries, and Movies. It is a free resource and there is no option to register or sign up. So, you can access the content directly.

Moreover, the interface in the app is easy to use and very user-friendly. This is a is very convenient Streaming APK, it can be used anytime and anywhere to ensure that users will always enjoy their favorite programs on the go