TV Time is a tracking platform and social television network for TV and Movies allowing TV fans to keep up with the shows they watch, discover new programs, and socialize with other fans after each episode.

With television programming now spread across a variety of services beyond traditional network television, it can be difficult to know what to watch next and what is popular, given the sheer amount of content to choose from. it is in this kind of situations where TV Time comes to play.

Beyond its new recommendations, you can use the app to keep up with your favorite shows, find out when shows are coming back or find out what’s popular in the community and more.

On your profile, you can set your favorite shows, track your personal TV viewing data, and see how your TV Time show communities posts are doing. You can also follow your friends to see which shows are watching, and more.


After you mark an episode as “watched,” you can then jump into the community to see the reactions, which are shared as GIFs, photos, videos, memes and more. You can also record a video reaction – something that’s a popular activity on YouTube, and available in a shorter format on TV Time.

The times when you had to make big efforts to track your best TV Show are over. Thanks to TV Time, you get all the information you need right on your mobile. You can easily pick up from where you have left off, all you have to do is conduct a simple search in the data base for your TV Show and select the last episode you have seen, the system will let you know when the next one will be aired.


In order to access the service you will need to register an account, then tart by finding a show using the search box and select it. You will get extra information about the number of people watching the same show and their profiles.

Before your favorite show can appear in your watch list panel, you will have to indicate to the system the last episode you have seen so that it can tel you what comes next. In case you haven’t seen any episode just put season 1/ episode one, then you watch list will tell you the number of unwatched episodes and all the necessary information you want o know about them. Once done watching, click the eye icon on top the thumbnail.


With its new ability to make personalized show suggestions, TV Time hopes to attract more casual TV fans and ultimately aims to sell its data on what people watch to help inform producers and TV networks about emissions to be financed then, as well as to provide competitive services. ideas, among other things.

Today, TV Time generates revenue through a premium tier, which has tens of thousands of paying users. But that will likely be scrapped over time as its data activity grows.