This guide will show you how to install the Downloader App on Amazon Fire TV and Android devices. A powerful and handy software that allows you not only to browse the internet easily but also to download and install APKs in few clicks.

Downloader App for Fire TV and Android is a very useful application to install apps from the internet. APKs and other files can be downloaded directly from the application by entering the appropriate URLs. A browser is also integrated so that you can also search websites.

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Downloader App key features

Downloader App makes it possible to download files from the Internet. Typically, the application is used to download and install APK files. APK files are used to install Android apps that are not available on the Google Play Store or other official channels.

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The Downloader app offers the following functions:

  • APKs and other files can be downloaded directly from the web by entering the appropriate URL.
  • If the download is an APK file, the installation starts immediately.
  • An integrated browser is also available to call up websites and start downloads via links.
  • All downloaded APKs are listed under the “Files” section and can be deleted immediately if required.
  • Favorites can be created, eg for frequently visited websites and Internet addresses.

Make sure that the installation of apps from unknown sources is allowed. We describe how to activate this function in our corresponding guide on Amazon Fire TV devices. On Android smartphones, tablets, and TV boxes, on the other hand, this point is activated in the security settings and is limited to individual apps.

Install Downloader App on Amazon Fire TV

The Downloader app can be installed directly from the interface of Amazon Fire TV devices. You don’t need to download or move any additional files.

TIP: Alternatively, the app can also be installed directly from the corresponding product page of the application on Amazon. Log in to your Amazon account in a browser, open the product page, select your Fire TV device on the right-hand side and click on “Deliver“.

Follow these steps to install the app from the Fire TV device interface:

1# Navigate to the Home screen and press on FIND.

2# Click on Search and type the first letters of the word “Downloader” as a search term and select the corresponding search result


3# Click on the suggestion ” Downloader app “ when it appears.

4# Click on the Downloader Icon.


5# Tap on Download.


6# Open the app and press on the Allow button.


7# A quick guide will then open, explaining the various menu items and functions.


8# Use the Downloader search tab on the downloader home page, you can enter a valid URL directly in the search box, which will be automatically opened or downloaded in the browser.

9# The Download will start and you will have to wait till it finish downloading.

Download and install Downloader APK

Downloader app is not available in the Google Play Store for Android smartphones, tablets, and most Android TV boxes. Instead, a so-called APK file must be downloaded and installed. APKs are installation files for Android apps and are mostly used for apps that you cannot obtain through official channels like the Play Store.

  • Open an internet browser like Google Chrome on your Android device.
  • Enter the address ““.
  • The APK for the Downloader app will be downloaded automatically.
  • Run the APK file to install the Downloader app.
  • You may need to allow apps from unknown sources to be installed from within the browser.
  • We recommend deleting the downloaded APK file after installation to save storage space. This is possible, for example, in Android’s file manager.

Installing the Downloader app on Nvidia Shield TV

On Nvidia Shield TV devices, you can find and install the Downloader app directly in the Google Play Store.

  • Open the Google Play Store via the user interface of the Nvidia Shield TV.
  • Search for the term “Downloader“.
  • Select the appropriate search result. The icon of the app has a white arrow on an orange background.
  • Select the “Install” item. You may need to grant some access to the app, which is necessary and cannot be circumvented.
  • The Downloader can then be opened from the main menu under the “Apps” area.