How to Install IPTV on GSE SMART IPTV Application for Android and IOS?


GSE SMART IPTV is a complete user-defined advanced IPTV solution for live and non-live TV/streaming.

With powerful built-in player that supports most formats including RTMP all options. Smarter and smarter M3U playlist analyzer

Supports M3U playlist formats, JSON formats, database playlist formats, etc.

This article will guide you through the installation instructions for your IPTV subscription on your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV ( 4th generation) device & Android Box or Smart phone. This tutorial is based on a free application called “GSE SMART IPTV” available for free download from Play Store & Apple store.

GSE SMART IPTV PRO does not supply or include any media or content except some sample dummy link with Sintel. It does have no affiliation with any third-part provider what so ever. Users must provide their own content.

This GSE SMART IPTV application allows you to play various kinds of IPTV. You can play an IPTV m3u URL, m3u file from local storage or use your login details for Xtream Codes API (Which you can find here for free).

OK, let us see how to do all that:

Download and Install GSE SMART IPTV App      

To be able to take full advantage of this awesome app, you need first to download and install it on your device. The App is available for Android and IOS.

gse smart iptv download

Configure your IPTV on GSE SMART IPTV Application

Once downloaded and installed open the application and grant the necessary permission.

gse smart iptv installation

After granting the required permissions you will be lead to the remote playlists page. Click on the red + button to add your m3u URL.

gse smart iptv configuration

Choose Add M3U URL

free m3u list gse smart iptv

Name your list and paste you M3U URL and click on Add.

gse smart iptv free iptv

In the next page will appear the playlist you have just added. The top right menu offers you extra option to edit or delete your playlist.

free tv gse smart iptv

Click on the playlistto access the channels groups.

gse smart iptv channel list

Select any channel group and enjoy your content.

gse smart iptv free movies

Use Xtream Codes API on GSE SMART IPTV

Click on the top left menu and select Xtream-Codes API.

xtream codes gse smart iptv

In the Xtream-Codes API page, click on the red + button

xtream iptv gse smart iptv

Name your list and Enter your login details then choose Add to access the channels list.

xtream user and pass gse smart iptv

Use M3U File from device local storage

Click on the top left menu and select Android Local Media

m3u file gse smart iptv

Choose Play local file

local file gse smart iptv

Go to your internal Download file

download iptv gse smart iptv

Select your M3U file

add iptv gse smart iptv

Your list of channels appears on the next page.

watch free tv online gse smart iptv

Congrats, now you know how to run you IPTV M3U URL / FILE or Xtream Codes API on the GSE SMART IPTV Application. If you face any difficulty or yu jnow about any other Iptv player you can share in the comments box.

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