Xiaomi Mi NoteBook 2021 price in India, specs, and latest news Mi Notebook 14

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Xiaomi will be unveiling its next-gen premium laptops series in India soon. At the annual smarter living event on August 26, Xiaomi will launch the Mi NoteBook 2021 laptops along with the Mi Band 6, Mi TV 5X, and more IoT products

While the company is launching multiple products, this time around, the focus will be on the new laptops. The Mi NoteBook 2021 will be a premium laptop, unlike the Mi NoteBook 14 series which covered the Rs 35,000 to Rs 60,000 segment. With RedmiBook laptops covering the sub Rs 50,000 segment, the Mi NoteBook 2021 will now move to a more premium segment.

Going by the teasers on the social media platforms, it looks like the Mi NoteBook 2021 series will be priced above Rs 60,000 一 which will be a new segment for Xiaomi in India. As of now, we know the laptop will be coming with a premium build, design and also sport a high-end display. 

As for performance, the Mi NoteBook 2021 will come with Intel processors and compared to last year’s flagship, the Mi NoteBook 14 Horizon Edition, we are already seeing a lot of upgrades and it should be an exciting addition to the laptop segment in India that will also compete against the Realme Book Slim. 

Here is what we know so far about the new Mi NoteBook series. 

Cut to the chase:

  • What is it?  Mi’s new premium laptop in India
  • When is it launching? August 26
  • How much does it cost? Rs 70,000 (expected)

Xiaomi Mi NoteBook release date and price

The Mi NoteBook 2021 will be launched in India on August 26 along with a bunch of products at the Smarter Living 2022 event. We are expecting at least two laptops in the 2021 lineup. Since we do not know the exact name of the laptops, we are referring to the Mi NoteBook 2021.  

As for the pricing, the Mi NoteBook 2021 is expected to be priced around Rs 70,000 considering all the specs and features that the company has been teasing over the last few days. Apart from the flagship model, we could also see a more affordable laptop. Once launched, the Mi NoteBook 2021 will be available on Amazon, Mi.com, and Mi stores across India. 

(Image credit: Mi India)

Xiaomi Mi NoteBook display and design

Starting off the list with one of the biggest improvements we are going to witness on the new laptop. The Mi NoteBook 2021 is confirmed to come with a higher resolution display with 6.4million pixels, 16:10 aspect ratio, 100% sRGB colour gamut space, and even a high refresh rate. While the company has not confirmed the exact resolution or the screen size, we are expecting a 2K display on a 14-inch or a 15.6-inch display. As for the refresh rate, we might witness a 90Hz display on the Mi NoteBook 2021. 

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In terms of design, the Mi NoteBook 2021 is said to come with a unibody design with a metallic finish. The company says the laptop will be built with Aerospace-grade Series 6 aluminium alloy which should also bring down the weight 一 we can expect the laptop to weigh under 1.5 Kgs.

Xiaomi Mi NoteBook specs and features

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In the performance department, Mi India has already confirmed the Mi NoteBook 2021 will be using Intel Core processors and in a Twitter poll, the 11th gen TigerLake H35 CPU was also confirmed. We do not have any information on the RAM and storage part yet, but this time around we are also expecting to add more RAM and give consumers more options, unlike the Mi NoteBook 14 series which came with only an 8GB RAM option. 

Furthermore, as for the ports, the Mi NoteBook 2021 will come with a Thunderbolt 4port(Type-C) which can be used to connect to an external device. The other two major inclusions come in the form of a backlit keyboard and integrated webcam 一 both of which were not on the last-gen laptops. The Mi NoteBook 2021 will bring three-level backlit keyboards which should make it easier to work after sunset. Lastly, the laptop will also bring a fingerprint scanner and Windows Hello support 一 adding an extra layer of security. 

Xiaomi Mi NoteBook 2021: What we want to see

16GB RAM option

Last year’s Mi NoteBook 14 series was limited to just 8GB RAM across all variants and it was also a soldered slot. This time around, with the Mi NoteBook 2021, we’d like to see Xiaomi offer a 16GB RAM option for power users. 

Competitive pricing 

With laptop prices going up for multiple reasons in the past few months, we’d like to see Xiaomi aggressive pricing in the laptop segment like they do with their smartphones. 

SD card slot

With most people and content creators using the laptop on the go, it would be ideal for them to transfer the content from camera to laptop with the inclusion SD card slot. 

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