How To Install Wutu Kodi Addon [Movies & TV Shows]

This guide with screenshots explains how to install Wutu Kodi addon to stream a huge catalog of movies and series.

The process was performed on Kodi 19 Matrix, the latest version available to date, and should work fine on older versions such as Kodi 18 Leia.

The steps described in this post apply to all devices and platforms that support Kodi such as Android, Android TV, Fire TV, Linux, Windows, and more.

If you are new to Kodi, this ultimate guide will help you get started and set up the media center correctly.

Also, although it is not necessary, it is highly recommended to update Kodi to the latest version. Updates are always useful because they fix problems and make improvements.

About Wutu Kodi Addon

Wutu Kodi addon  is a new Kodi video addon that allows you to stream an extensive catalog Movies and TV Shows with the best audio and video quality. Hosted in the Ezra repository, this add-on is fully compatible with the latest Kodi version 19 Matrix.

Wutu kodi addon’s main screen is very simple to navigate. It contains sections for:

  • Discover Movies
  • Discover TV Shows
  • My Movies
  • My TV SHows
  • Search
  • Tools
  • Premium Services
  • Change Log

Within the Movies and TV Shows sections, the content is organized in subcategories like Genre, Year, Most popular… and more, to help you easily navigate and decide what to watch.

Similarly to most Kodi addonsWutu kodi addon does not host any content. It uses web scrapers to fetch links from around the web and introduce them in a beautifully designed UI

Wutu kodi addon is a premium video source for kodi that requires a Debrid subscription to work. It supports many premium services that you can integrate such as, Real Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, and others.

With these services, you will get quality links and you will be able to stream content at the highest speed that your connection supports for a buffer free streaming experience.

However, of these two services, Real Debrid is more recommended. The good part about premium links is that they give certain guarantees and avoid the hard work of having to test the links until you find the right one.

All these amazing features make of Wutu kodi addon one of the best kodi addons. All you have to manage is a smooth internet connection and get Wutu addon installed on your media center, which I will show you in details in this guide.

NOTE: Wutu Kodi addon offers video content in English for most films, however, you can download subtitles. We show you how this works in with OpenSubtitles addon.

How to install Wutu Kodi addon?

This section will guide you through the necessary steps to install Wutu addon on Kodi. The process is quite simple and consists of three main steps:

  • Enable installation from unknown sources
  • Install the hosting repository
  • Install Wutu Kodi addon

Enable installation from unknown sources.

Keep in mind that the most interesting Kodi addons exist in third-party repositories. This means that before installing a third-party addon, you should allow Kodi to install from unknown sources. This option is disabled by default for security reasons.

Install the hosting repository

With the unknown sources option enabled, Kodi is now ready to install any addon or repository, regardless of its source.

Wutu Kodi addon is hosted in The Ezra Repository and provides high-quality content with regular updates

  • The source URL:

Our next step will be to install the repository. For this, a media source needs to be added. We have already explained in our corresponding guide how to do this. Otherwise, follow the instructions below:

  • Launch Kodi and from the home screen, click on the gear icon to access the settings.
  • Enter the File Manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Double click on “< None >”.
  • In the URL bar, type the URL of the media source and press OK : ”
  • Enter a name for this source so you can easily recognize it later, and press OK. In this case we put “Ezra“.
  • Again, click OK to confirm
  • Now, from the settings page, enter the Add-ons browserOpen box icon“.
  • Select “Install from a Zip file“.
  • Click OK to bypass the installation warning
  • Find the name of the source you just added in the previous step and click on it.
  • Select “” and click on it.

Wait a few seconds until a popup message appears in the upper right corner telling you that the Repository is installed.

Install Wutu Kodi addon

After successfully installing Ezra repository, we need to install Wutu Kodi addon:

  • Again, on the settings page, go to the Add-ons browser and select Install from a repository
  • Select Ezra Repository
  • Then, Video Add-ons
  • Find the “Wutu addon and click on it.
  • Click on Install
  • Click OK to install the additional addons needed for Wutu addon work smoothly.
  • In a few seconds, a popup message will inform you that addon is installed.

And that’s all for the installation of Wutu Kodi addon

To access your newly installed addon, return to the Kodi home screen. In the main menu on the left, scroll down and find the Add-ons option, under the Video Add-ons category, you should find Wutu addon

Setup Real-Debrid within Wutu Kodi Addon

The Wutu addon is a premium addon that requires a Debrid subscription to be able to use its content. This addon supports premium services such as Real-Debrid, All-Debrid, and Premiumize.

However, among all these services, Real-Debrid is the most recommended.

Real-Debrid is an online service that allows you to link your Kodi addon with your real-debrid account. The service is paid and offers unlimited access to multiple file hosts and can greatly improve the quality and quantity of available sources.

Before starting, make sure you have created a Real Debrid account, in case you don’t already have one. Then, start Wutu addon  from the Kodi Addons section, within the Video Addons section.

  • In The Wutu main menu, click Tools.
  • Enter the My Accounts: Settings option
  • Under the Debrid Accounts tabSelect Authorize under Real-Debrid option
  • Next, you will see a message showing an authorization code.
  • You must enter the given code in your Real Debrid account to authorize The Wutu access. To do this, go to this URL, enter the code displayed on Kodi and click Continue.
  • In case you have not accessed your Real Debrid account, you will be asked to enter your access credentials.
  • You may want to give a name to this new entry to easily identify it later
  • If everything goes well, you will see a confirmation message on Kodi indicating that the authentication in Real Debrid was successful.

And with this, you will have already configured Real Debrid in The Wutu addon.

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