Being able to dictate a text can be very practical, especially when something prevents you from writing. Among the many solutions available, there is one, totally free, integrated with Google Docs. Voice typing in Google Docs is the most affordable and efficient. To access it, it’s very simple:

Steps to use Voice typing in Google Docs

Open a Google Docs document from Chrome. This is important because speech recognition is not available if you open your Google Docs document in another browser. You can access Google Docs simply by searching in Google :

 or via Google services in the upper left corner of the Chrome window:


You know that?
It is also possible to open a new document by typing “” in the Chrome address bar.

Choose “Start a new document“. Once the document is open, select the “Tools” tab and then “Voice Typing“. It is also possible to access it via the shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + S“.
If necessary, activate your microphone in the Windows settings, and once it is recognized, you can proceed to dictation.


As you can see on this screenshot the speech recognition works pretty well, even if everything is not perfect. There are still some spelling mistakes and Google Docs can’t handle some features. For example if you say “comma” it recognizes the request; on the other hand if you ask it to close a sentence and go to the line it sometimes writes… “period to line”!

This feature is still very useful, especially for free software. All the more so since a very large number of languages are supported. All you have to do is test it!