‘Various sources’ say Galaxy Watch 4 could have 7-day battery life

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  • The rumor mill is saying the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 might have up to seven days of battery life.
  • If true, the watch would best pretty much every existing Wear OS smartwatch by a significant margin.
  • However, it’s very possible this timeframe could only be achieved through a minimal “battery saver” mode.

One of the biggest complaints when it comes to Google’s current version of Wear OS is battery life. Most Wear OS watches can eke out a day of life before they need to be charged. If you use it for a lot of workouts, music streaming, or sleep tracking, it’s likely you won’t even get that full day.

Now, that’s a lot of battery life for pretty much any wearable. That would best all Wear OS watches, most fitness-based watches such as the Fitbit Sense, and even the Apple Watch. That’s why we’re pretty skeptical of this claim.

Although it certainly is likely Wear OS 3.0 watches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will have better battery life than current models, seven days is a big jump. It’s possible that this number reflects the use of some sort of battery-saver mode, rather than the basic out-of-the-box mode. For example, Mobvoi’s line of TicWatches come with an Essential Mode that sips on the battery. If you only used that, you could get weeks of battery life. However, saying the watch gets weeks of battery is not totally true, since you’d need to have nearly all other features turned off.

Still, we can’t rule out the possibility that this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 rumor is true and applies to the default configuration. If that’s how things pan out, Wear OS 3.0 watches could be game-changers for the entire industry.

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