StbEmu Pro is a set-top box (STB for short) emulator that allows watching live TV over the Internet (IPTV). The StbEmu Pro APK offers many useful features. In this guide, we explain how to install the Android app.

StbEmu Pro Android App Features

StbEmu Pro is a set-top box emulator that can be used to stream IPTV. The app simulates a receiver and requires corresponding access data and a MAC address. If you have an IPTV receiver (e.g. MAG 254), you enter the MAC address in the software so that the receiver functions can be emulated. If you do not have a receiver, you can also find MAC addresses on the Internet.


In addition to classic live TV with EPG, the app also supports media libraries, radio stations, favorites and different profiles so that multiple portals can be used. StbEmu Pro is primarily aimed at technically savvy users, since there is a wealth of different settings.

Besides the MAC address, a URL to a portal must also be stored in the settings. The relationship between MAC and portal is always 1-to-1, which means that a portal can only be used with a valid MAC address. If the access is valid, the contents are loaded.

StbEmu Pro is only intended for playing video content and does not offer access to live TV and similar content by default. If you want to try out the app, you need an address to a portal and a correspondingly valid MAC address. Also, StbEmu Pro does not support M3U files!

Download and install StbEmu Pro APK

The StbEmu Pro Android app is compatible with all devices that use Android as their operating system, including Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, smartphones, tablets, and Android TV boxes.

Amazon Fire TV and Android TV users use the Downloader app to install the StbEmu Pro APK. We show you how to install and setup StbEmu APK an any Android TV device

If you want to use StbEmu portal codes on Kodi media center, we show how to install the right addon and how to setup the codes easily.

StbEmu Pro can be found in the Google Play Store, where it can be downloaded directly. However, apps of this type sometimes have unwanted services active in the background, including ads and analysis codes. Therefore, you can also find a modified version of the Android app under the download links a bit further down.

The modified StbEmu Pro APK has the following changes:

  • Payment features unlocked
  • Advertising removed
  • Analysis services disabled

The modified StbEmu Pro APK can be downloaded from the following link: