Save 63% on a OFM ESS gaming chair, and more gaming chair deals

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While having a powerful PC might be what first comes to mind when thinking about the ideal gaming setup, there are a lot more things that contribute to a great gaming experience. One of the many is your chair.

Although often overlooked, your gaming chair is essential for comfortability, especially when you have long gaming sessions with friends or trying to beat that one last level. In fact, gaming chairs have become so well-renown for their comfort that many people purchase one for their home or for their office so that they maximize their comfort while at work.

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Since there is no one-size-fits-all style for chairs, we rounded up some of the best deals on a variety of different styles and functions so that you find the perfect gaming chair deals for your wants and needs.

Featured deal: Save 63% on an OFM ESS collection gaming chair

OFM ESS Gaming Chair Deal
While there are plenty of great deals on mid-tier gaming chairs below, this one from OFM really catches the eye. It brings the style, build quality, and materials that you would expect out of a high-quality chair, but brings the affordability that you would expect out of a budget buy — being priced at just $85 ($147 off).

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Although some people may look past specific features of a chair, small details matter when you’re playing a game where every second counts. That’s why OFM provides high-quality comfort without sacrificing performance with their race car style chair design, ergonomic 360 degrees of swivel, and leather-mesh hybrid upholstery. In addition, the simplistic, sleek design makes it a perfect office chair that doesn’t stand out too much in a workspace.

All in all, the OFM ESS gaming chair covers all of the basics you need at a stellar price point. This pricing is currently only available for the blue variant, however, there are plenty other of great color options to choose from. Click on the widget below to check out the deal or keep scrolling for more offers.

Best gaming chair deals

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best gaming chair deals as new sales launch.

Racing style gaming chairs

Homall Racing Gaming Chair

Racing-style gaming chairs are becoming increasingly popular due to their sleek, modern design that also brings great functionality and comfort. They typically are built with leather upholstery and have solid ergonomic features.

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Here are some of the best deals for racing style gaming chairs that we found:

Reclining and massage gaming chairs

XVolsport Gaming Chair

If you want to take your comfort to the next level, reclining and massage gaming chairs might be the perfect fit for you. Many of these gaming chairs have footrests or massage-supporting features which really add to your gaming or office experience. These chairs do tend to be pricier due to their additional features but they can be well worth the price tag.

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If next-level comfort sounds right for you, check out some of these deals below:

Mesh and cushion gaming chairs

Dowinx Gaming Chair

Leather chairs aren’t for everyone. In fact, leather chairs can be less comfortable than their mesh and cushion counterparts for some people. Mesh and cushion chairs also bring a lot of great benefits such as being more lightweight, having a smaller form factor, and more.

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If you’re interested in picking up an alternative to leather gaming chairs, check out some of the best deals we could find:

That wraps up our list of the best gaming chair deals, but other accessories might help you compete. Here are a few more lists to dig into:

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