Samsung offers peeks at the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Watch 4 in a promo video

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samsung galaxy z fold 3 and watch 4 teaser


  • Samsung has offered brief views of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in a promo clip.
  • Both line up with earlier rumors, including the Z Fold 3’s new camera array.
  • The company might introduce both devices at an Unpacked event on August 11.

It’s only a brief appearance (at about the 56-second mark), but it speaks volumes about both gadgets. Both the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Watch 4 Classic line up with previous rumors, including the foldable phone’s slimmer rear camera array and the wearable’s polished design.

You don’t get a look at the software on either the Z Fold 3 or the Watch 4 Classic, although the smartwatch is expected to use the One UI Watch skin on top of Wear OS.

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Don’t get your hopes up for a complete reveal, or any pleasant surprises. The Z Fold 3 peek doesn’t confirm or deny the under-display selfie camera, while the Watch 4 screen never turns on. And like it or not, the display crease you saw in the Z Fold 2 and earlier Samsung foldables is still present — the company hasn’t overcome that technological limitation just yet.

It’s not certain if this is an intentional tease on Samsung’s part. The company no doubt wants plenty of hype for its next Unpacked event, rumored to take place on August 11, but this might have been an inadvertent preview. Tech employees routinely “dogfood” pre-release products to catch potential problems, and Samsung might have inadvertently caught them on camera. Either way, there’s little doubt as to what Samsung has in store — it’s just a question of when the company is ready to share full details.

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