How To Install OpenWizard Addon On Kodi [Maintenance]

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This guide will walk you through the installation process of OpenWizard addon on kodi in order to support the maintenance tool that we use to fix and optimize Kodi cache

The OpenWizard addon is a Kodi tool for the maintenance and administration of your Kodi installation. With this add-on you can easily empty your Kodi cache , delete temporary files or remove cached images such as posters and thumbnails. The add-on also offers a very useful function with which you can automatically generate the AdvancedSettings.xml file . 

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Though the OpenWizard addon doesn’t offer any entertainment content, it is still a very interesting utility to install on kodi media center. With this addon, you can maintain your kodi health and avoid some performance issues such as kodi buffering issues, No stream available errors on some addons, or even make a back up to your kodi data before resetting it to default settings if need be.

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How to install OpenWizard addon on Kodi

In this comprehensive guide, we explain how to install OpenWizard Kodi addon. It was realized on Kodi 19.3 Matrix, the latest stable version of Kodi, and applies to all compatible devices including Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Mi TV Stick,  Android & IOS, Mac, Android TV, Android Boxes, etc…

  • Name: OpenWizard– OpenWizard Repository
  • Source
  • Compatibility: Kodi 18.9 Leia and 19.0 Matri

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Enable installation from unknown sources

The most interesting Kodi Addons are included in unofficial repositoriesOpenWizard addon can be found in the OpenWizard Repository which is a third-party source. So, the first thing you have to do is enable installation from unknown sources. If not already done, just follow these steps

Launch Kodi and click on the “System Settings” Icon.


On the next page, click on “System Settings” as shown in the image below.


In the “Add-ons” tab of the left panel, make sure that the ” Unknown sources ” option is activated.


The option is disabled by default for privacy and security reasons, but you must enable it before you can install add-ons from outside the official Kodi repository.

Upon this warning window, click Yes


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Install OpenWizard Repository

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to Install the OpenWizard Repository.

To do so, follow these steps:

Launch Kodi and click on the “System Settings” Icon.


From the available options, select «File manager»


Then select «Add source»


Double click «<None


Enter this link:   in the box as your media source.

Make sure to type this exactly as provided. Click OK


Your repo needs a name, type ” openwizard“ in the box below, then press “Ok“.


Again press OK


Return to the System Settings home screen, and click the Add-ons Package Installer


Select “Install from zip file


A short notification will popup to warn you that add-ons installed from zip ( excluding served repositories) will not be auto-update and must be manually updated. Click Yes to proceed.


Now find the repository you named “openwizard



Wait for the top right to popup OpenWizard Repo installed.


And this has been all regarding the repository installation. It is a valid process for any third-party repository.

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Install OpenWizard addon on Kodi

Now that you have the OpenWizard Repo on your system, you need to install OpenWizard Addon.

Go to Install from repository


Select OpenWizard Repository


Then Program add-ons


Select OpenWizard


Click Install

Confirm the required dependencies with “OK”. These additional addons must be installed for the add-on to work properly.


Wait until the notification appears that the Kodi addon was installed successfully 


Now go back to the Kodi home screen, find the Add-ons tab on the left side menu, OpenWizard Addon should appear under the Program add-ons category. 

This has been all regarding the installation of OpenWizard addon for maintenance on Kodi 19 Matrix. Enjoy

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Once launched, the OpenWizard addon lays out all the available categories

Clear Kodi cache and temporary files

The OpenWizard Kodi Addon is an addon for the maintenance of your Kodi installation. With the addon you can primarily clear your cache and other temporary data. 

Keep in mind that while you stream video content, the data is loaded into a so-called “cache”, quasi a buffer. If you lose your internet connection during a stream, the stream will continue to run for a few seconds as Kodi retrieves the data from the cache.

What many people do not know: The cache can be changed and expanded under Kodi. However, any incorrect configuration can be harmful, because:

  • A too large cache burdens the performance of your media player hardware and
  • A too small cache causes reloading jerks and dropouts in the stream.

The functions for deleting the Kodi cache and other temporary files can be found under the menu item “OpenWizard Maintenance“.

Then open the “OpenWizard Cleaning Tools“.

In this submenu you can select which temporary files should be deleted. The most important points are as follows:

Total Clean Up: All files listed below will be deleted
Clear Cache: The cache of Kodi is emptied
Clear Resolver Function caches: The various URLResolver caches are emptied (not usually necessary!)
Clear Packages: Cached installation files from Kodi addons will be deleted
Clear Thumbnails: The images stored in the corresponding Kodi database for video content (posters, fanarts, etc.) are deleted.
Clear Crash Logs: The Kodi log files are removed

After each entry it is written in bold how much memory will be released by deleting the corresponding files.

Adjust cache size automatically

If you stream video content over the Internet, the data is preloaded into a so-called buffer and then played. The behavior of the buffer or cache can be adjusted. For example, you can specify how big the buffer should be or how it is read out. These settings are saved in a so-called “AdvancedSettings.xml” file.

With the OpenWizard Kodi Addon you can generate this file automatically in a few clicks.

Open the OpenWizard Kodi Addon and click on “OpenWizard Maintenance“.

Then select “Open Wizard System Tweaks / Fixes“.

Click on “Advanced Settings“.

Then click on “Cache & Network Presets“.

The Kodi cache settings depend on the amount of memory on your player. If you are using hardware that has less than 2 GB of RAM, click on “Low-RAM Device Preset“. If you are using a device that has more than 2 GB of RAM, click on “High-End Device Preset“.


Then click Install


To find out how much memory your system has, look in Kodi under Settings -> System Information -> Hardware -> Total Memory. There you will find the value in megabytes (MB).

For the changes to the cache to take effect, you need to restart Kodi.

If you want to reset the settings of the Kodi cache, click on “Default Network & Cache Settings“.

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