How to Slove No Stream Available Error On Kodi 2021

There is no doubt that Kodi is by far the best media center used by many people around the world to stream their favorite content in the highest possible quality, either from their local libraries or from the web via the amazing addons which, by the way, make the power of this tool.

However, there are times when we may have some difficulty streaming our favorite TV shows, movies, and sports.

If you are reading this post, it is because you have, at least once, face this”No Stream Available” error that sometimes appears even when using the top-performing add-ons.

This guide will look at all the reasons that can cause movie and series streams to fail in Kodi add-ons then explain the steps we need to walkthrough to resolve this issue.

This tutorial was realized on the latest Kodi version using The Oath video addon as an example to explain the different steps we are following. The process is quite similar to other addons.


No Stream Available even with the best add-ons

Old addons that have not been updated have already stopped looking for movie streams. They no longer receive the updates, and “No stream available” is a permanent occurrence in these add-ons.

Also, many of us may be aware that even a new and fast-paced movie add-on that works well today may begin to decline. This might be due to the fact that its designers abandoned it. This is exactly why we, in, keep updating our guides for you to immediately have the best alternatives when any problems appear in an add-on.

Nevertheless, the No Stream available error appears even in the top and updated add-ons. For example, in Exodus, The Crew, and even the Oath that is now one of the best addons for Kodi 19 which makes the difference by working flawlessly.

There are many users who encounter No Stream Available in these add-ons, even if the excellent Real-Debrid which provides great links up to 1080p – 4K is active.

We must remember that active addons are not responsible when there is No Stream Available error. They are just movie search engines and not providers. The list of movies and series they offer is provided by the API of a service such as Trakt, IMDB, Themoviedb, etc.

So, here are the steps we need to take if we suddenly encounter this error.


Check your Kodi version

One of the reasons behind the no streaming available error in updated video add-ons is because we are running an earlier version of Kodi. As you know, the latest version of Kodi at the moment is the Kodi 19 Matrix. Kodi 18 Leia is still a very alive version to work with. Many users still on Leia 18 due to the change of the addons compatibility with the Kodi Matrix version. So, we might say that for the moment Kodi 18 is not an old version that might cause problems.

We can check which version of Kodi we are running by following the steps below:

First Go to the Settings page by clicking the Gear Icon


Enter System Information


At the very bottom of this information page, you will find which version of Kodi you are using


Also, if we have downloaded Kodi from the Microsoft Store for Windows or the Play Store for Android-based devices including Android TVs and Android boxes, the new software versions are updated automatically.

Otherwise, we can just use a web browser and head up to this special page of Kodi to see all the available versions for all compatible platforms. This page is your destination if you want to downgrade Kodi to Leia 18 version if you are not happy with Kodi 19. Addons compatibility issues forced many users to make that choice.


Check ResolveURL

Every time we click on a movie, Kodi in the background tries to retrieve and render all the information about the streams (URLs or links) found by the add-on.

Thus, one of the main reasons that no streaming available is that Kodi is unable to read or resolve the URL and considers that the stream is not working.

Therefore, if we constantly encounter No Stream Available in the updated add-on we are using, we need to check if ResolveUrl is working.

From the add-ons tab, check the updates indicator to see if your addons including ResolveURL are up-to-date.


Usually, with the installation of the add-ons that we are already running, the ResolveURL is also installed.


 In some cases, the ResolveURL is integrated within the video addon like The Oath.

Also, we already have it active if we have Real-Debrid. So, all we have to do is see if it was for any strange reason disabled, by following the steps below:

From the addon’s main menu, go to Tools


Scroll down and enter ResolveURL Settings


Check if this function is Enabled.


Also, sometimes RD streams may not appear in the addon we use. In this case, if we are using a VPN, it may be the specific IP that we have at the moment. All we do is change the server in the VPN.

If the problem persists even though we do not have a VPN, then we just need to re-authorize our account. We can do this through the ResolveURL settings in the add-on itself. The last part of the Oath addon installation guide shows you how to authorize RD.


Check if an Antivirus is blocking the streams

Most of us have an antivirus or firewall installed on our devices.

Naturally, security programs have the sole purpose of protecting our systems from cyber threats. However, they can sometimes be overprotective and prevent Kodi from working properly.

This way, we can temporarily disable them to see if “No Stream Available” is due to the security software we use.


Maintain providers

Another action we need to take if there is no stream available in the updated add-on is to get a little involved with the providers. Just go to Tools from the main menu, then The Oath Settings.


On the left side menu find Providers


At this point, we temporarily turn them all off.


We wait for a few seconds and then turn them all on again.


Note, we often have to delete the cache frequently. Especially after each update of the add-on. Click Clear cash option



Check the Internet connection

The speed of our internet connection may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, if Kodi runs on a Wi-Fi device that is not cable or Fiber, then this may be why there is no stream available.

In this case, it is necessary to connect our device via Ethernet to the router. This way the search for add-ons will not be prone to reduced connection speeds and high latency.


Extend the providers’ timeout

If the provider is working properly, it will not take more than 20 seconds to find the streams. However, some bad providers take much longer than usual to find a link.

The result is that they prevent the transition to the next provider and the add-on tells us that there is no stream available.

So, if we have a slow internet connection, we need to extend the time limit of the providers. We can go up to 60 seconds. In a fast connection, the ideal limit is between 20-30 seconds.

This modification is possible through the Settings page >>> Playback as we see in the picture below.


Protect your streaming with a VPN

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may also block these streams for Kodi add-ons.

The only way to handle this is to setup a VPN on your device, which will encrypt your Internet connection, making it impossible for your ISP to record or monitor these streaming sources.


Reset Kodi to Default Settings

Sometimes a new beginning in Kodi is the mother of all solutions. Thus, a fresh start will not only permanently eliminate the No Stream Available error in the updated and top movie add-ons but will make the software even faster. See how to reset Kodi default settings

It is enough to install only 2-3 of the top movie add-ons. From then on, we must avoid “inflating” Kodi with unnecessary add-ons and repos.

These were some of the remedies you may resort to in case the No stream available error keeps popping up on your screen.

If you have experienced this problem and know some other tips to solve it, you can share in the comments box so that everybody else knows


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