How To Install Kodi on MacOS

In this guide we are going to see how you can install Kodi on MacOS. This way You will be able to use Kodi on MacOS as a native application and taste all the advantages that this entails. 

THe steps describe below were realized on Kodi 19 Matrix the latest stable version and should apply to older versions such as Kodi 18 leia.

Kodi has versions for the vast majority of existing operating systems. Every day Kodi developers work to make Kodi run on more devices.

Kodi 19 requires that you have macOS version 10.13 or higher installed. If you meet this requirement, you will not have any problems with the installation.

However, before we start with this guide, let’s see the requirements that your Mac device must meet, apart from the operating system.

Kodi Requirements

Kodi is a very lightweight application that will not require a modern processor or graphics card. In fact, if your computer is capable of running MacOS 10.13 smoothly, you should not have any problems running Kodi. Speaking of specific data, these are the requirements that your computer must meet:

  • CPU – Kodi works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Any processor that comes with a Mac, no matter how old, will be compatible with Kodi, unless it’s closer to two decades old.
  • GPU : Kodi requires you to have a graphics card installed that supports hardware video decoding and OpenGL 2.0. Any graphics card you can find today supports these features, no matter how old it is. In addition, Apple usually includes a more than decent graphics in all its devices, since they are often used for graphic or video editing tasks.
  • Hard Drive – Kodi is a space-saving application as it will not require more than 150MB of space on your hard drive. However, you will need a lot of space if you are going to import files to your local library. If you already have a collection of files on your computer, you can configure Kodi to use it.
  • Operating system : As long as you have MacOS 10.13 or higher installed, it will be enough.

And this is all you will need. Let us now see how to install Kodi on MacOS.

Install Kodi on MacOS

There is only one way to install Kodi on MacOS. You will need to download Kodi’s DMG file and launch the installer. You must follow these steps:

  • The first thing you will have to do is download the Kodi DMG file from the official Kodi page .
  • Scroll down the page and click on MacOS .
  • A pop-up will open containing a link with the text “Installer (64bit)” . Clicking this button will download the DMG file. The file that you will download will be the one corresponding to the latest version of Kodi. As you can see, you can also download pre-release versions and builds in development, although the latter are usually unstable, so they are not recommended.
  • The DMG file will download to your system. It occupies around 64MB. When it is completely downloaded go to the download directory of your system. You can access it from the MacOS Dock.
  • When you click on the downloaded file you will see a blue window with the Kodi logo in the background. Drag the Kodi icon to the Applications folder to install Kodi. After a few moments, Kodi will be installed.
  • To access Kodi, you will need to access the macOS Applications directory. You can access this directory from Finder by clicking Applications in the left sidebar of the desktop.
  • To open Kodi , double-click its icon. 
  • As it is an application provided by third parties, you may not be able to open it. In this case, press the COMMAND key and right-click on the Kodi icon. Select Open and the app should open. In case it does not open, go to System Preferences from the left menu of the top taskbar of the desktop, which is the one with the Apple apple. From this menu, click General and then Security & Privacy . In the lower section you will be able to select the origin of the downloaded applications that will be supported. Select any source, which is the bottom option.

And that’s all. Kodi will already be installed on your system.

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