How To Choose The Best Smart TV With Android TV


In a previous article, we have exhaustively explained the differences that exist between Android TV, Smart TV, and Google TV. This article is for those of you who seem inclined to purchase a Smart TV but with Android TV OS. We will tell you what to keep in mind and how to choose the right TV set to make the best of your Android TV.

It is very possible that you use the Android operating system on the Smartphone or tablet, and you probably noticed how flexible, customizable, and rich in features it is. You probably want to have the same experience on your Smart TV, or maybe better. Yes, this is very possible with a Smart TV with Android TV OS.

Android TV OS allows you to expand the possibilities of your TV. You can access the Play Store right from your TV and download a great number of applications the same way and the same easiness you usually do on a Smartphone. You can browse the net, stream movies and TV shows, turn your TV into a game console, manage files, and so many other things. Ah… installing applications from third-party sources is also possible.

This is something important and vital compared to other models with a different operating system.

What does Android TV bring to my TV?

Well, if you use other devices with Android or any other Google product you will be able to create a harmonious Ecosystem and achieve uniformity. All it takes is using the same Google account on all your products and applications to make them accessible cross-device. This means that you can keep the same settings and preferences of certain applications for all devices. You can even keep the same content for Streaming apps like Stremio. This uniformity allows more control on your Android TV from your mobile via the Android TV Remote Control or Google Assistant.


Another great virtue offered by Android TV is that the number of existing applications is vast, higher than what other options currently on the market offer. Being an open-source OS, the Play Store for Android TV is getting richer and richer as developers of all sorts of apps are adapting their products to the Android TV system. Thus, whatever application you might think of is available in the play store if not, you will find them in APK format in other stores.

Things to consider when buying a Smart TV

I can’t stop talking about the Android TV OS, because I’m a big fan of it and I hugely enjoy it.

System software version

The first and the most important thing to look at when buying a Smart TV with Android TV is

the version of the software system. Android TV OS has now reached version 9. So, this is the latest version available that guarantees good quality in terms of video quality and even the User Interface. Updated systems are always a blessing with the corrections they bring and the bugs they fix.  Therefore, we believe that this is basic otherwise, the experience will not be as good as possible.


Another very important aspect to value is the connectivity offered since Internet access is essential to get the most out of Android TV. Thus, apart from offering Wi-Fi to obtain the greatest possible freedom, it is not a bad idea to have an Ethernet port in case the speed of the wireless option is not the best possible. It is also recommended that your Android TV has a Bluetooth option since, among other things, it allows you to connect a game controller or connect soundbars if desired. Chromecast is also very important as a way to connect your Smartphone to your TV. Connectivity ports are hugely important, HDMI AND USB ports are not to lose sight of to make sure that all possibilities are covered

Image quality

Regarding image quality, although the ideal is 4K, the minimum required in these times is the Full HD. 4K content is now very available. Most streaming applications like Netflix and Prime Video offer content in 4K quality. Live sports channels also offer games and events in 4K quality. In simple words, I no longer see the 4K as part of the future, it is part of the present.

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