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College can be one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. But moving up to the next level of learning can come with challenges, which is why having the best tech is a must.

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The right technology can make taking notes in class, researching on the web, and writing essays easier, faster, and far less stressful. The same tech can add to the fun when it’s time for a gaming break, to connect on social media, or share music and videos with friends.

Note to budget-minded students: these tech devices are available through UNiDAYS, the free student-only shopping app that can also be found on Facebook and Instagram. UNiDAYS cuts at least 10% off the asking price of goods made by over 150 big brands, including major tech manufacturers. 

Better yet, UNiDAYS is giving away $500 Apple gift cards to three lucky members to make tech buying even easier. Click on the link above for more details.

In a recent UNiDAYS survey, 5,000 students voted for their favorite kinds of devices (laptops and smartphones aside) that help them study, have fun, and unwind. Based on their feedback, here are five college tech recommendations.

Students on tablets

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Tablets: The compact solution for class and relaxation

Based on UNiDAYS’ survey of 5,000 students, iPads and tablets were among the top five devices that respondents wished they had purchased during Freshman year. Coincidentally, 80% of UNiDAYS members have bought tablets to study with, while 56% bought them to relax with as well.

It’s easy to see why. Tablets pack the computing power of larger, heavier laptops in a slim, lightweight package. This makes them perfect for students as they go from class to class, or from class to other places to socialize. Relax, and sleep.

The iPad Pro is ideal for note-taking, writing, and even graphic design, due to its high resolution touchscreen and second generation Apple Pencil wireless stylus. UNiDAYS is offering the iPad Pro with a $50 discount for members, plus a pair of AirPods to aid private listening. 

Printers: A must-have for proof-reading and profs who still want paper 

According to the UK’s Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), a third of students regretted not buying a printer for college. 

It’s easy to see why: Proof-reading using paper somehow manages to catch mistakes that can be missed after 10 solid hours of screen time. 

As well, some professors still demand essays be submitted in printed form. Finding someone else with a printer can be a nightmare two hours before an essay is due at 9 am Monday morning. It is wise to have your own.

For price and performance, the HP DeskJet 2710 all-in-one printer is a good student choice. UNiDAYS provides up to a 50% discount on selected HP products. 

Monitors: The multi-purpose solution for writing, gaming, and videos 

A large screen monitor can be a very useful tool for students. It can support multiple video windows for organizing materials and websites while writing essays. This same monitor can then host big screen enjoyment for gaming or watching videos.

HP desktop monitors are known for their display quality and minimal footprint. UNiDAYS sells a range of them, with an up to 50% discount on selected HP products. 

Three guys joking with each other while holding a portable Bluetooth speaker

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 Bluetooth speakers: Big sounds come from small boxes 

In the last millennium, college students had to haul massive speakers, heavy amplifiers, and easily-damaged turntables to college, along with heavy milk crates packed full of 12″ LP records. In 2021, modern students can achieve the same concert-quality music playback from Bluetooth speakers wirelessly connected to smartphones and tablets: no milk crates required.

Of course, not all smart speakers are made equal. This is why UNiDAYS recommends Sonos Bluetooth speakers from B&H Photo-Video to its members. They are available with discounts up to 50% off just for students. 

Headphones: The perfect escape into a private world of listening 

There’s a lot of people living and learning in the same space at college. This is why owning a good set of headphones is a must, whether for private listening at full volume or just escaping the outside world for a while.

Ausounds headphones from B&H Photo-Video deliver full-range audio while blocking out the noise of everyday life, in stylish form factors that are sleek and comfortable to wear. UNiDAYS sells Ausounds to members with student offers up to 50% off..

Together, these five pieces of tech can make college life more successful and enjoyable for students. So can UNiDAYS’ $500 Apple gift card giveaway for three lucky members!

“96% of students surveyed agree that having decent tech helps them get their coursework done, while 89% rely on this tech to keep in touch with family and friends,” said UNiDAYS CEO Josh Rathour. 

“At UNiDAYS, we are proud to help make the college experience more affordable and fun in any way we can.”

Source: TechRadar

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