Download Funimation Mod APK [Unlocked 2022]

This article will introduce Funimation Mod APK, an Anime streaming app that has gained popularity thanks to its capabilities and useful functionality combined. Moreover, the application is very convenient, it can be used anytime and anywhere to ensure that users will always enjoy episodes of their favorite cartoons.

What is Funimation MOD APK?

Funimation Premium Mod APK  is the best solution for watching the largest collection of English-dubbed anime and hundreds of subtitled shows from Japan for free on your Android mobiles and Android TV devices as well like Fire TV, or Mi TV box.


Funimation premium free is one of the best anime streaming and simulcast apps that allows you to stream all the anime you want on your phone, anytime, anywhere, with HD quality and with subtitles.

Besides, Funimation APK has a very extensive catalog of anime that includes not only the classic anime like Full Metal Alchemist or Death Note, but also the most recent as Fruits Basket, Black Cover or Attack on Titan. in some cases, You’ll be able to see them even through Simulcast! Don’t miss any of your favorite anime episodes ever again – with this extraordinary app, you’ll always have them in your pocket!

This Anime streaming App provides tons of Movies and Series including the latest releases, Classics, popular, and trending. It is a free resource and there is no option to register or sign up. So, you can access the content directly.

Funimation Mod APK features:

– Extensive catalog of anime to watch

One of the features that sets Funimation App apart from other anime streaming apps is that it has an extraordinarily extensive catalog of anime to watch.


Starting with classic anime like Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop or Naruto, to more recent ones like One Punch Man, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure or Vinland Saga. Whatever anime you want to watch, you will surely find it on Funimation, so you can forget about those endless hours of searching the internet for anime on the one hand and subtitles on the other. Now you will have it all at your fingertips!

– Simulcast broadcasts of the latest episodes

Funimation Free also simulcasts most of the latest anime episodes released in Japan. Still don’t know what a simulcast is? A simulcast is a live retransmission via the Internet or other media of a program or event that is originally broadcast on television, so you can watch it simultaneously from different platforms. This way, even if you are in some other part of the world, you will be able to watch your favorite anime in real time as soon as it is broadcasted in Japan. How does that sound?

– Subtitles and dubbing

If you don’t speak Japanese -that is, if you don’t speak it yet-, don’t worry, because you will be able to watch all Funimation anime with subtitles or dubbing.


Even the most recent episodes have dubbing and subtitles, often done before they are broadcast, because Funimation is a streaming service that has the approval of the main anime producers in Japan. And, of course, you will be able to enjoy the classic dubs of Dragon Ball and the rest of the anime you grew up with in your childhood.

– Download for offline viewing


Funimation has an option to download the anime you want and store them on your smartphone for later viewing – don’t worry about your internet connection! Simply download your favorite anime in advance, store them on your device or SD card and, when you’re on your flight or in that place with so little coverage, hit play and enjoy your chapters as if nothing had happened. You’ll be able to take your anime with you everywhere!

– Simple interface / HD / Ad-free

Funimation’s interface is very simple and easy to use, so don’t worry, you won’t have any problem using this app! Besides, this app does not use ads, so you will be able to watch all your anime without being interrupted by any ads, forget about those constant ads on YouTube videos!

In this app you will only have anime and more anime in HD. Yes, in HD! All the anime in this application are in high definition so you can watch them in the best quality on your smartphone or any device you want to connect to your phone. Get ready to enjoy your favorite anime to the fullest!

Download Funimation MOD APK latest version

Funimation app is compatible with all devices that use Android as their operating system, including Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, smartphones, tablets, and Android TV boxes.

The modified version of Funimation APK will allow you to watch all the movies and anime series you want without having to pay any fees or see any ads, click on the link to download the file on your smartphone and start watching the anime you love the most!