Nowadays, landline providers grant us to make free calls to mobile and landline phones. However, we have to call from a landline and we can’t call toll-free to an international number or from our cell phone. So we make free calls to real phone numbers, whether they are in our contacts or not, from smartphones, tablets, and also PCs, to all cell phones and landlines anywhere in the world.

How to make free calls?

Globfone is a free online service that allows us to make free calls and dial numbers, just as we do when calling from our landline or cell phone.

The free call works with any user, regardless of where they are, and without having to be in our contacts or use the same app.

What sets Globfone apart from the popular instant messaging apps is the fact that Globfone lets you call local and international landline and mobile numbers for free – something that apps don’t offer for free.

Moreover, Globfone doesn’t have any tariffs with additional fees or subscriptions. The calling service is absolutely free and you don’t even have to sign up.

So, since it is not a subscription-based service, the operating costs are offset by advertisements. Generally, they are not annoying, especially if you use an ad blocker.

Free calls from PC to mobile/landline

To start our first free call from a desktop PC or laptop, simply click here. On the page that opens, let’s first enter the name we want to call and click “Next“.


We select the country we want to call for free and simply enter the number. Then we click on “Call“. That’s it.


We can call any landline or cell phone, but also any landline phone for free.

You can call up to three numbers with a talk time of up to 14.5 minutes per hour per day (per 24 hours) and per IP for national and international landlines and to three mobile numbers with a call time of up to 4.5 minutes per hour and per IP.

In short, with the same IP we can call up to three landline or mobile numbers within 24 hours.

However, in both cases, if we use a good VPN that provides us with several different IPs, then we can increase the free calls at will. Of course, we can do the same with a free VPN, but with a very limited IP selection.

Just remember that we can call a certain landline or mobile number only three times in 24 hours, even if we change IP or don’t chat, and if we want to call several different numbers on the same day, we bypass the limitations by changing IP via VPN.

Also, at some point, our actual IP may prevent us from calling a number we call frequently, so we need to change it with the VPN to make the free call seamless.

Free calls from smartphone to mobile/landline

Free calls from cell phones and tablets are made in exactly the same way.

Simply click here in your mobile browser to open the Globfone page. We select the country we want to call for free and enter the number. Then we click on “Call“.

As mentioned earlier, we can call any landline or cell phone and any landline phone for free.

Also, it may happen that calls are rejected on PC and mobile. We just need to call again and we will get the desired result.

Finally, with a good VPN we can get around the restriction of three calls per IP to different numbers.