This guide will walk you through the best Popcorn Time alternatives for you to be able to watch Movies & TV Shows online for free.

Popcorn Time, the once-popular platform that made it easy to stream Movies and TV Shows, is dead, again. The platform aimed to provide a seamless viewing experience, much like Netflix.

Bloomberg reports that the group behind Popcorn Time announced its end in an email which stated they’re shutting it down. The root cause was a mundane one, the site shutting down due to a lack of user interest.

Popcorn Time, the once-popular app that made watching pirated movies and television shows almost as easy as using Netflix, shut down. Bloomberg

Does the closure apply to all versions?

After all, just as the Pirate Bay has “died” dozens of times, but still exists in some version today, various versions of Popcorn Time are still active today.

In fact, a few days after the closure announcement, another version of the platform was updated on GitHub.

This is because the platform is essentially a BitTorrent client that integrates video playback. In short, some versions of Popcorn Time can be configured to work with any torrent tracker.

Therefore, unless all torrents and all magnets on the Internet are eliminated, Popcorn Time and similar movie apps will continue to exist.

The only thing that is unclear is whether some developers intend to take the source code of Popcorn Time in order to revive the platform.

However, this is relatively difficult to happen due to diminished user interest. Either way, may we live to remember it.

In fact, the recent developments have confirmed all the uncertainties that have been hovering the future of the once glorious Popcorn Time. Fortunately, there are several ways and sources with which you can watch Movies & TV Shows online for free and with the best quality possible.

The best Popcorn Time alternatives

When talking about Popcorn Time alternatives, Kodi is the first name that comes to mind. There’s no doubt that Kodi is the best way to watch all the world’s Movies and TV Shows online for free. With the help of Add-ons, you can take full advantage of all the features that kodi has to offer. It is the most popular media center in the world with a huge user base.

Kodi is currently the most popular content manager. It allows you to play virtually any type of multimedia content and from a large number of sources. In addition, it has an interface that combines simplicity and functionality.

You only have to go around certain Internet forums to realize the large number of people who use it to watch series, movies, TV shows and, of course, the best soccer and major sporting events.

However, when you want to watch Movies for free on the Internet, Some of you may not feel like messing around with various downloads and settings, as is necessary with Kodi. All you want is to press “Play” and start the watching.



Stremio is undoubtedly one of the best apps for watching Movies for free online and with subtitles. In fact, as time goes by, it performs better and better. Many consider it to be Kodi’s rival now, because of the excellent add-ons it incorporates. Based on P2P torrenting technology, Stremio is definitely te best popcorn Time replacement.

What is Stremio?

Stremio is a program or application for playing and finding multimedia content both locally and over the Internet. It is available for Windows, Android (also for Android TV), MacOS, iOS and Linux.

It stands out for offering numerous options for playback, location, planning and organization of content, since its main function is to centralize in a single application the management of all the content you consume via streaming.

What can you do with Stremio?

To begin with, Stremio works as a streaming content player. In addition, it allows you to search by different categories, such as genre, rating, current affairs and much more. It also notifies you when something new appears so that you are up to date with new premieres and releases.

Stremio offers you recommendations based on your preferences and tastes. It also allows you to organize your video library in a quick and easy way. And best of all, it organizes content according to the date you added it.

With Stremio, you can also continue watching the series, movies or videos you left half-watched. And you can even continue watching it on another device.

How does the Stremio application work?

The operation of Stremio is quite simple. The content is mainly organized in three tabs or panels. In addition, it also has a practical search engine.

  • Board: In this panel are the recommendations (more or less personalized) and the content that you leave half-watched. Thus, you can resume playback directly from this tab.
  • Discover: Through this tab, you can access all the content classified into categories, such as movies, series, YouTube and television, among others.
  • Library: From here you can access your personal library. Here, you can add the content you want to follow or have more at hand.
  • Search: Its name says it all. In this tab is where the famous magnifying glass with which you can search for series, movies and any other content based on title, author, name of the actors and much more.

Otherwise, to watch any content, what you have to do is choose the corresponding add-on to play it in streaming or locally.

There are free and paid add-ons, such as those for Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video official platforms.

What are Stremio add-ons?

Add-ons are extensions to the Stremio application. They can be official and, therefore, developed by the Stremio team itself or by platforms, such as YouTube or Netflix; or unofficial, which are those developed by the community itself or independent developers.

It is through add-ons that you can watch streaming content, as well as access certain functions of the Stremio app. Thus, they allow you to watch YouTube videos, upload subtitles, or connect to platforms like Twitch or similar.

Stremio application design

With Stremio, you can forget about the typical austere and poorly finished designs of many applications to watch streaming content with the mobile.

Stremio’s interface presents a simple, intuitive and, this last one is important, clean and well-finished design. In addition, it has no ads, banners or pop-ups while you navigate through the menus.

Advantages of Stremio

Stremio offers a multitude of advantages. Logically, many of them can be found in other players or multimedia managers. However, Stremio also includes some that you will hardly see in any other similar application. Or at least, not all of them in a single app.

  • Allows you to centralize the playback of multimedia content in a single application.
  • It offers a viewing of series and movies in high-definition format, even Full HD
  • It generates alerts when new content appears, just like the Netflix app or similar. So you never miss anything new.
  • It helps you plan and organize the content you have yet to watch.
  • It is compatible with a multitude of operating systems for both televisions and computers as well as mobile devices.
  • It is superbly optimized to consume few system resources. In addition, it takes up little space in the device’s memory.
  • It is very easy to use. Its interface is very simple and accessible.
  • It is a very secure application.
  • It allows you to group different subscription platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, and free channels in the same application.
  • It is compatible with Chromecast. Thus, you will be able to do mirroning and watch your favorite movies on a big screen.
  • It is a free application.

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Rokkr App


Rokkr is a movie and series streaming app that allows you to enjoy the best content of the moment in a single app, without having to subscribe to each new streaming service that is released every month.

With this app, you simply have everything at your fingertips! Want to watch the best Disney movies? Here they are. Would you rather watch your favorite Netflix series? It’s in this app. Would you like to give the latest HBO premiere a try? Rokkr is the answer you’ve been looking for to watch all the best of your favorite streaming services!

But wait, because there’s still more! Rokkr has also incorporated a complete catalog of live TV channels from around the world. Not only will you be able to enjoy your favorite soap operas or watch movies from other countries, but you will also have access to live broadcasts of events such as soccer matches, tennis tournaments, concerts and everything else you can imagine – it’s your key to all the TV stations!

Rokkr App features

HD Streaming. We were saying that this app gives you access to the best streams from the best online platforms, including Disney+, HBO, Prime Video, Hulu or Netflix, among many others. Does it really have that content? Yes. Well, but… Does it have them in HD? Yes, it does! With this app you will be able to enjoy the best movies and series in streaming and in HD quality, so you do not miss anything from your usual Netflix subscription.

Streaming option. In addition, you are going to be able to retransmit your content to your Smart TV or to the HDMI dongle of your traditional TV -i.e., your Firestick or your Chromecast-. This means that you no longer have to limit yourself to watching your favorite movies on your smartphone screen, because now you can stream them directly to your TV screen!

Offline download. With this app you also have the ability to download your favorite content to watch offline, so simply download what you want to see a day before the trip or your weekend in the mountains. Then, even if you don’t have a signal, you’ll be able to play your content directly from your phone, it’s that easy!

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Cinema HD APK


With this app you will be able to recover the sensations you had when Popcorn Time first appeared, and even its interface is very similar! Thanks to Cinema HD, You’ll be able to see again all the best movies and series that are now spread between Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Disney Plus Apk, Watched Apk Prime Video and many other streaming platforms.

You have them all together again in one app to forget about all the hassle of having a myriad of streaming services packed with exclusives.

Cinema HD is characterized not only by having some of the best series and movies you can watch streaming today, but also by offering HD content with which you will be able to watch your movies and series with the best quality.

This is ideal for those who have tablets or phones with very good screen, but also for those who have a Smart TV, since this app can be linked to the TV to see your best content on it without the slightest problem, and without paying anything. it is a dream come true!

Cinema HD features

The best movies and series in streaming. With this app you will have access to the best movies and series streaming, no matter what the original platformsis. You will not care if your favorite movies and series are on Netflix, HBO or Disney+, because you will be able to see them in the same way in Cinema HD, for free and with the best quality.
Simple and familiar interface. You will find it very easy to handle this app because its interface is practically the same as Netflix. You just have to search for the movies you are interested in watching, review a little synopsis to see if they are to your liking, and press play when you want to start watching them. It’s that simple!

HD quality. All Cinema HD movies and series are, as the name suggests, in HD. This way you will be able to watch them with the best quality on any screen, even if it is the screen of a Smart TV or a tablet with very good resolution. Do not miss any detail of your favorite movies thanks to this ideal app for moviegoers!
Personalized suggestions. Finally, this app will show you a whole series of suggestions as you watch movies and series, so you will always have recommendations according to your tastes in movies and series. You will always be able to watch the movies and series you like the most!

You can check out our list of the best streaming APKs that you can install on any of your Android or Android TV device to stream free Movies and TV Shows.

The suggestions listed in the coming paragraphs are not Apps to download and Install. They are websites that offer Movies and TV Shows to stream directly from your web browser.

You don’t need to do anything technical to access these sites, and you don’t even have to subscribe or register to watch the videos. You can expect smooth streaming and full HD quality.

Go Movies


GoMovies is the most popular torrent site. This torrent site does the third-party release of the latest movies. But GoMovies was banned many times for piracy issues still they came back with a new domain name. GoMovies has also known as a movie piracy site, which uploads pirated content.

GoMovies is a torrent website it has been working for many years. People use this pirated content for entertainment & many other things. This site is listed as the top 10 popular torrent download sites. But this has faced some piracy issues. It has been also blocked by many foreign countries. It’s a great alternative to Iomovies hope you will get a much better result using it.

Visit Website

Popcorn Flix


This site is operated by Screen Media Ventures. Popcorn Flix allows you to stream and download movies from your repository of hundreds of movies. This site is very easy to use and requires no registration.

You can search for the favorite movies that you want to show or browse through their categories. These include romance, adventure, horror, science fiction, war, documentaries, and more. Movies featured include Zodiac, Tactical Force, Day Light, One Way, One Far Cry Song, and others. You can sort these movies by most popular or by title. There is also
a “Most Popular and New Arrivals” link in the menu. You can use these buttons to find out what other people are watching or what they have added to their website.

This site uses ads but not very boring. You will need to turn off your ad blocker before you watch or download movies on this site. Access to this site is limited to a few areas due to copyright issues. You may need a VPN service to access this site.

Visit Website



This is a website where you can expect the movie to come right after the first release. They provide the cam version to the latest movies but stream the HD version as soon as the movie is available online.

You can watch your favorite movie by browsing or doing a search. This site also features top-rated TV series, including Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes, House of Cards, and many more. You can also create your free account on this website to stay informed and get movie recommendations.

Visit Website



SolarMovie is a free movie website where you can watch Movies, TV Shows, and Videos online without any payment or registration. SolarMovie website provides good quality videos in HD format. You can watch and download movies for free (all genres like Romance, Musical, Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Adventure, Mystery, Comedy, Mythological, War, Biographies, Documentaries, etc.,). If you are a person who visits SolarMovie SC website on regular basis to watch movies online then you have to look for alternatives to SolarMovie id because some ISPs have banned this website and also there is a possibility that this website may be down. It can be used in countries like India, China, France, Hong Kong.

Visit Website

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Final thoughts

With many users losing interest in the popular Popcorn Time, Kodi media center remain a go-to option for watching free MOvies and TV Shows online. For many, Kodi is the king of home cinema. But others find it unnecessarily confusing. In that case, numerous streaming are available to choose from ranging from Applications to download and install to full set websites that offer entertainment directly on the web browser.

Hope this guide was helpful for you to decide about the best alternative to Popcorn Time. If you are using any other streaming platform that you want to recommend, please use the comment box so that everybody knows