What time is Loki episode 1 released on Disney Plus? Loki TV Disney Plus

Want to know what time Loki episode 1 will be released on Disney Plus? Well, do we have a treat (or should that be a trick?) for you.

The first episode in Loki’s six-episode series will launch exclusively on Disney’s streaming platform on Wednesday, June 9. That’s tomorrow, so we imagine your excitement levels for the latest Marvel TV show are reaching fever pitch level.

This is the first time that a Marvel TV series isn’t launching on a Friday, but that’s a good thing – it means we all get to enjoy the God of Mischief’s time traveling and multiverse-spanning adventures earlier than expected.

As for what we can expect from this latest MCU series, we find Loki (Tom Hiddleston) – the 2012 incarnation from the first Avengers movie – has been arrested by the Time Variance Authority (TVA). Why? Well, he stole the Tesseract (during the botched time heist events of Avengers: Endgame), which created an alternate timeline and spells danger for the MCU and Marvel Cinematic Multiverse (MCM).

Given that the TVA deletes anyone who messes with the so-called Sacred Timeline, Loki is in a huge spot of bother – until Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) steps in. Agree to help the TVA with a major problem of their own, and Loki might just live to survive another day. Will Loki be true to his word though? We’ll have to wait and see.

With that brief synopsis out of the way, let’s find out when Loki episode 1 arrives on Disney Plus. You’ll also find a release schedule for future episodes below, too.

When is Loki episode 1 released on Disney Plus?

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Loki episode 1 will land on Disney Plus on Wednesday, June 9 at 12AM PT/3AM ET/8AM BST.

This follows the same release time format as WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It does mean that those in the US Eastern time zone will have to stay up late if you want to catch it as soon as it arrives. UK fans, though, can check it out before they head to work, which will make for a nice early morning commute.

It’s also worth bearing in mind, if you aren’t able to watch Loki episode 1 straight away when it launches, that you should avoid social media. There will be spoilers for Loki episode 1 all over Twitter in the wake of its release. If that’s you, you should mute phrases like ‘Loki’ and ‘Loki episode 1’, or avoid Twitter entirely, until you’ve watched it.

Read on for a full release schedule for Loki on Disney Plus.

Loki on Disney Plus release schedule

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There are six episodes in Loki’s TV series. New instalments will arrive every Wednesday on Disney Plus until July 14, so bear this in mind when new weeks roll around. If it helps, bookmark this page so you know when a new episode will land.

  • Loki episode 1: June 9
  • Loki episode 2: June 16
  • Loki episode 3: June 23
  • Loki episode 4: June 30
  • Loki episode 5: July 7
  • Loki episode 6: July 14

Our spoiler-free review of Loki episodes 1 and 2 will be live at 9AM PT/12PM ET/5PM BST today, so make sure you check back for our thoughts on the trickster God’s first solo outing.

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